Icy Boil

a tear to my rest

wait JUST a blank cursed minute!

bahaha! Smart ONE.

rushed  breezes touching

all the bells toning “I’m done!”

the morning checklists

towards the dreaming

peach fritter tantalizing

…and a bag for eager.


Lane Southern Orchards 

Address: 50 Lane Rd, Fort Valley, GA 31030
the middle shows a s and s. k. (with an “a” smashed into the lazy s.) base branch middle tree and where right branch  the lower crosses the first tree for the k.  now i do have a pal with initials i happen to be thinking of as i purposefully was walking that way to the orchard looking for shapes not quite wholly “there” too..  heh.  so, s.k.  hello you were thought of .
Life only a frown?
grow up. group. and get down!
make the you. resound
across the orchard lawn
i see you reaching for the sky
each goal gain before long.
before big spring’s bloom
coffee calls fritter swimmin’
despite the sky’s gloom

girl atop donkey
stand for SOMEthing…humors hint
nope, I won’t waste my money.

talk to me Tostada!
lucky numbered plate with chicken!
por favor, De Nada.

God’s one Word Memo
“NOoooo(oh)” a lll the way home said Wind
the question? UNKNOWN.

heh, editing time comes and i haven’t anything to add or change at the moment so 🙂 that was my day.  tourist trap out of season for a fairly good peach fritter and then home to get murdered at yahtzee and then to work.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “Icy Boil”

Huh I’m lost this time. But I like the phrase, “…for booze bed and breakfast bliss.” I want to think of a post that also incorporates that but I doubt I will. Wind is speaking at me also. Here is Mostly Sunny So. Ca. ~~dru~~

oh lol, ocean front property in arizona is an old country tune. if you mean i don’t care any more for you? if you buy that then I have some oceanfront property in arizona…blah blah 😉 george straight or something like that. anyways i had me a mid o’s chance to internet it to the HILT… i found me this and that on how down to the spacing of the trees to plan a dwarf appletree orchard which would b x trees per acre and upon m10 ish root stock a dwarf growing not much over 8019 tall which is still massively painful to fall from but non lethal and not unmanageable from a person ME wo hates heights more and more with age/balance loss 😀 so, knowing each tree is 1 and two thirds bushells and 10 percent of the produce is juice for fermentation you’ve about a gallon a tree of fruit per. if I wished to make fifty five gallons of spirits i need only know that roughly five percent of the liquid available remember one gallon a tree 😉 is booze so concentrating this to sixty percent which is a 3 pass distillation ish, you then blend below auto ignition on hot days for cheaper transport/insurance ;0 you have booze. applejack. if you’re about to travel with a lover to a bed and breakfast you can likely give a sha poo poo if it’s a pretty place it dang well better be and there better be romance romance equals booze and overpriced beauty and trickets etc I was cliche then.. still am and losing badly at it but that’s a different novel of a comment. spiritually har har speaking. so i worked out with ohio tax law the liquor tax and maximum production expected and? found out that i had to be a bed and breakfast to support the staff needed to run an orchard with that many trees. and make some money! dang it. and then i worked out the beer versus brandy law points and then the hotell law costs and finally a proper commercial kitchen and basics of icost /waste/ labor to produce and serve x number required to crap there too and finally noted the only thing that profitably sold on an orchard was apple pies/over priced tourist trap jam and candy. i could have cried. the dream of a booze farm died. and the notion of an island in oklahoma did too.. by the way not on i fourty but central north oklahoma it’s damn pretty. just so you know. not flat but scenic some. and after all the basic of math which i can’t share or i’ll be late to work and life forever as i can’t find all that info anymore it’s pulled. and for a decade too lol i went to this peach orchard today and saw all the homes brick and average land divisions and expectations of lifestyles as i was into that too home creation and in a different than booze farm booze bed and breakfast lol way and it occured to me dead. much of the value is etherial not something i can control which is my little spiritual problem of late i can’t control and i want atop that so as you might expect i care and it’s going ever so WELL…down the toilet swirling that is lately and thus i should be CONFIDENT~~! lol…. of that i will not control the outcome and i can hope and lala should too for what, i wont “win” this round. I didn’t say i wont gain the person but everything about htis situation says it’s not going to end pretty one way or another….shh if you read this already that it’s “over”it is i just don’t wnat it to be. the only thing is what’s next which is of c ourse unknown nothing however before shall add only change. 😉 so. to summate, you get booze bed and breakfast, more poems to add to this post not half done and the why of them is i must take what the wind says and move to what works or chase the evil of more punishing no til i learn it is no and will remain that way. life’s always that kind of choice. accept ornot your choice but it’s this way anyways…kinda like watching trump win.

Since I’ve been leaving comments for the past month and they’ve not been disappearing…I’ll try this again.

Looks like a beautiful place! And peach fritters?! YUM! 🙂

Great haikus! And writing!

I haikued on my site tonight.
HUGS!!! 🙂

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