Today is the day!

snagging appointment line pause

then the adventuring.


online illustrator program that is free!

I have a cutesy idea I was getting so gung ho about then started into the minutiae of it and it caved in on my like a sand cave/tomb.  here is a salvage early of same said not as a viable business with label but a cutesy gift or special day announcement.  Commemorative wedding hot sauce?  i know that could work but I’m reminded of The New (now OLD) Red Green Show where Harold asks the experts what women want and the jerks come up with no socket sets and world peace….and a new vcr.


I must shower. I’m paused from pieing til the home is inspected which means if they’re early I’m golden and leave if not I’m hosed waiting all morning and would need a ride or risk a 3/4 afternoon start waste of my whole day to begin my day at dinner.

but shower tick tock. 😀 make a bed first 😀 gotten get but

Plant Symbolism – A Guide To The Spiritual Meaning Of Plants – Q through Z

peach vanilla comes to mind but it could blackberry whatever I can get my hands on. 😀

peach mango mmeringue pie for visual point of MMMM

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

10 replies on “Pre-Pie”

Several years ago now; my niece ACTUALLY bought hot sauce and slap a commemorative label on it for her wedding, a label she designed, and they were on our tables at her Mexican food reception in a small resort town on the mid California coast. I used up the last of the sauce two years ago and every time I seasoned with it, I thought of them.
Good Idea. ~~dru~~

I haven’t used a proper stand alone editor or office suite or such not in years, I can utilize a chrome book/equivilant of a watch to internet now. 😉 hopefully you can make use. 🙂

thanks, I was hoping to avoid looking a desperate love-spurned fool hence the fence sitting on it some. 😉 but eager is part of the base words making vinager -sharpness! YOUTH! which is so so funny how it’s old vinegar…old old booze. people are funny with meanings 😉 i might be hinting a “sourness 😉 ” but that would just be my current “luck” 😉 so the home inspection’s over, the pharmacy still after six days couldn’t fill my prescriptions so lunch and still a wait hahaha a stop off for a stamp which is an age filling out money orders or god forbid they cash and jip ya. shopping and the realization i normally warm vinager with whatever in on a stove but it isn’t mainly my home or that kind of freedom here so I have been delayed on pie for it to steep in a bag. peaches black berry and as i’m not near a bean source I’ll have to use an extract at the end for the vanilla. so far i have a flavor of forever within protection of youth with sharpness to steal the essences of lust and love…or that’s roughly what rice vinegar with an apple essence sugar with peaches and blackberries mean I fell over dead laughing when i utilized unknowingly a funny to chase my spurner which she hasn’t bought into nor for a time will boo which was to remember the ww2 story of george hemholz was it battle of the bulge he’s outgunned and surrounded and in comes germans demanding a formal surrender… so when he’s alerted to what’s up he responded famously with “nuts!” he knew he was licked everyone else thought he said they were crazy – the mericans fought and won the story made a splash of much needed winning news. so as y prize spurner is currently otherwise not about, I know she likes pistachios about the best… so i sent the story with just that pistachios saying I hadn’t given up so to speak 😉 laugh now pistachio’s symbolism is? breaker of love’s hexes/spells. wouldn’t you fucking know it? bahahahahaha. try to be a smart feller and look a putz symbolically 😉 blankity curses… join me later. schlitz. it’s the seventh I’ve remain employed 30 days./month. I don’t lift them often as i wish to say and show i tried some anyways despite being pigheaded and stubborn. you know I have to be 😉 laughs I’m writing you? 😉 just so you have cause to send me christmas coal now I’m not trying to be more than slight odious 🙂 smiles.

Hahaha! I just knew someone would spoil my ignorance. I heard the answer within the divination hintings of listening – and got God’s memo, “NOoooo(oh)” all the way home said wind. to Questions Unknown. – there you are with the words! bahahahahaha. have a hug hazel0eyed one. (yes, if they’re coming alone.)

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