Sweatin’ n ‘Vettin’

The Morning Chai darkens

the waters dyeing in spices

my smile is glowing

’bout thirty-eight trav’ling

DOG dashes!  mission Momma’s lap.

wind finds wet, I go BRR!

{I laugh at thirty-eight as in I always say “SPECIAL!” { .38 Special is both a firearm and BAND with a cheater’s tune, “A Heart Needs a Second Chance} with it in my head, but literally exit thirty eight ish I can’t quite reliably read them and yes I live on the border symmetrically at “1” and was roughly 90 ish (Miles/Minutes) to reel off.. oh if it had only been ninety-nine bottles or miles of beer!}


I went to a Korean Spa last evening for some sweating.  I enjoyed my dumplings gently fried although I probably shouldn’t have as I’m not allowed beef and pork and it was one of those maybe. 😉  I had to get chicken wings to top that which claimed mild, hot and spicy and thus I would hope in typical American this means go one level hotter than you normally would and get just about right on the spiciness….which differs from New Mexico America where it the other way around they go one notch higher than the words where mild is medium hot is excruciating and if they say to avoid it? woo ey.  I enjoyed how the rooms were peaceful near library quiet for relaxing and how the patrons still! talk too much.  I enjoyed the saunas, steam room, hot tub but not the cold tub, walking upstairs to the smoking area feeling like I’m five walking the wrong way at the mall.  the gym is here as well but why lie, you know why I went that way 😉  I did however manage to knock my last puff straight into the toilet with my lighter just before so I was stuck exploring then returning for a bit of cash so I could ask politely for one prepared for no, costs or yes here and thus my thanks.  do you know how troublesome it is for me? to ask? for anything? ug.  and picture menus… I’m blind! oi!  yes there was American subtitles and someone else read them for me. and yes again it was a gold plated bitch to walk into a crowded room with people sprawled all over in the gloom to find my spot to so spraw too.  yes, it was Korean so on the rug in pretty rooms – I liked the salt crystal room the most as it was the warmest.  where is this mall of heaven?  Atlanta’s JeJu.  it has a virtual tour.  you wont feel the size correctly here but might float some and here’s a link coming

you can click the “home” link at the top right to get the splash…scroll down and you’ll have the option of walking the entire way through the facility.


{the was a slipping of hands off position to type so it was cussing for you bleeped by me as i forget already what I meant to say} I have months while whatever is is before I may see either a fly back towards or that  maybe not.  I have some goals that also are months in the making.  But most of all, I have to NOT wait.  NOW! is my time to live – to not do so only wastes time.  So I vetted (how idea vetted as in checked out /explored) while I sweated all the little things I could afford or had wanted to do to fill in the wait to bigger dreams.  I have from the previous blog a lucky look up of white chicken chili – thank you righteousbruin!  I went to the H-Mart before leaving Atlanta on a mission to find a different vinegar than the usual white distilled or apple cider with a side of red wine balsamic if I’m lucky.  I found a liter of brown rice vinegar.  Rice vinegar is the stuff of heinz with their tomatoes which is why their ketchup is so sweetly distinctive.  their kind of tomatoes and a strange use of vinegar /s.  I haven’t smelled it and will shortly collecting my cold now chai oops.  which will reheat a la nuclear wave easily and cashew milk so I get a little caloric intake to go with ooo! i spotted bread in this house! woot! I can make some toast! mmmmm.  Or, I’m next day off out for fruit for that vinegar and flour to make a pie crust or if i’m smart a pie crust already made as I can. do it I have done it, but i live in a world where it’s not cheaper to do that myself  spending 3 cents in time to save one cent off the cost…I am a product of my. Time where it isn’t a lifestyle  of forgetting me in my choices… Previously it’d have been you just live that way or starve but such isnt’ the modern world persay.  There is choice.  This adds to the mission to make a meatloaf/ball in foods I can have beef pork are out and fowl not foul fowl isn’t.  So, turkey bacon is going to end up somewhere in a meatball I just know it!  I hope I find something schwarma like for chicken as I would like to offer the new approach called it’s necessary for me but you might like it as you know i would hate to live boring.  I have movies to catch books to read.  i have in short a life to fill.  It wont be ‘tomorrow’ just yet before I know the bills pay off and the savings to restart spending and yet not lose this effort now are a bit away.  Soon enough the months go by and relationships return if they’re meant to or are waved to their sweet by and by as they were but a short scene for a time…i .e. I’ll see if the wedding occurs – if I get my friend back or better than that occurs..

And, remind me to eat some beats or iron rich things.  I show a lifetime history of just enough  which was for Colorado and now Georgia, what?  I don’t make enough blood actually.  I never have and mines bigger than it should be in microscopic terms.  While I can’t fix the latter I can gobble so beets and iron foods so as to pretend I’m contributing to the overall health.  I would be but lol.  Or, I would be trying as that would not help my cause chasing anemia.  I don’t need another trouble. 😀  but after 3 months four away from colorado’s altitude, I don’t produce the same amount of blood for there and thus for here interestingly i finally show low on red and whites/etc  it’s NOT abnormal, but i forgot there were details of place I’d see change.

Such was sweatin and vettin’ the ideas for now.  the fleeting ideas came too and I may get to them.  But the point is not at expense of the goals.  I wait enough in life for those.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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