The box flashes into being saying  “signature” with buttons for clear/cancel or OK!/Done depending on who sold the goods.    I Contract a variety of things…big dang deal.  lucky me, too.  Today’s ‘Lifestyles Of The Ain’t likely to be Famous’ are:

a ‘potty’ pail.

Complete with such things as similar to what i utilize at my job to try to earn an extra buck.  I know this is thoroughly unexciting sounding stuff.  I do.  But think just for a minute on your neglected symbol isms, please.  I can’t just clean it when it needs cleaning.  I can’t tell.  I’m woefully lacking in the ability to set a free form rolling schedule of alternating tasks as most do NOT excite me and therefor are forgotten.  But I can. within reason achieve swift or at least steady routine.    Want visitors, have a guaranteed clean commode.  It could be appreciated.   it could be one more factor putting people at ease.  there is of course no guarantee of this, but  it is safe to say looks count.  Even this Blind guy can see that one.  but note this means while I can utilize a variety of methods, I tend to do the same things over and over, so it’s a brush for the swishing of the toilet itself, tp to  utilize a fresh flushed cleaner for wiping all down flushing again rise / dry wipe flush…lotsa steps, yes?   true but a: it’s once a day and i can check performance of the plumbing…and if you feel the need to hold on, even that’s clean enough to do so. only you are the soiler.  😉    there is a spray bottle of cleaner.  why, because such is what i use and it both works and leaves the quintessential freshly cleaned you know it in an instant scent.  a pail because the cleaner and it’s jug too must also hold a scrubber for the shower and perhaps if needed something to fill a bunch of cleaner for a power house scrub clean on the soiliest of occasions.  there is air freshener as well odor’s linger and one wishes to mask some damage hopefully….please…  I mean I’m proud in potty-land achievements too, I am a male roar! but how many ug’s does a person need to clue in that this is not the toot your own horn TIME.  I say this because it is NOT my first plunger or scrubbies or brushes buckets cleaners whatever… it’s not.  it is however the first time I modeled how i get paid back into my life.  it is the first time i came home after purchasing the goods and actually utilized them.  Just like I must more often too at work, work it.   will I win a water conservation award, no.  will I win a proper way to do things effectively award? no.  will it as it is right now be check-ably done?  yes.


of course (my hair is curly….as I wipe my hand across my bald head like Sam  in Casablanca… the song, knock on wood ) I bought some lemon curd, fig jam, two candy bars cigarettes and two tubs tins of teas. all good things in a manner of speaking.  But you can see what has me flushed with excitement.  I am finally connecting what works for? ME the signatory of them.  Yes, when you can’t bleeping tell if the job needs doing nor if you did it right, you must adapt.  This is just an example of trying to not just do that but own it proudly as if I can’t do it for myself – what matter is it?  not as much.  who’s important?  testing one one one me me me.  attention lady cats please skip the usual ew, sorry if there is a queue!

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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