Strawberry Alarm Clock

Why yes!  I have just become an allussion to psychedilic rock of the 60’s.  I will now perform for you my next trick., Coffee.

Taking Cashew milk, Strawberry preserves – you know the kind, a thmble jar from the holiday gift box?, Truvia baking with a touch of brown sugar, another glass of water, oh yeah and coffee! can not be forgetting that! and combining them in an ALARMING as normal but early way to make morning.

The Sweetened cashew milk is de strawberry bitted and “microfoamed” in the steam wand of a cheap esspesso-LIKE *not actually hahaha* machine.  it is an actual but inexpensive thus improper pretender to the thrown of espresso machines.  and it’s switched to brew and that’s poured o’er top.

As i’ve Mentioned, it’s Decaff pretend tire tasting Folger’s decaffeinated green tub coffee with that molasses  hence tire undertone… it is good with brown sugar and jelly just barely hinting strawberry coffee.  yes, good.  it’s warm and pleasing.  it now remains to read over this and realize the abuse of words to say this much.

strawberry…a term for a minor cut while shaving for beauty.  alarm…alert alert! I’m as positive at least til a few more sips are sipped as red ink.  which for children of todays age is still not the color to see on their homework.  for anyone well older than me when you still could write checks, it was a color 😉  and Innadoddadivida is a song from the strawberry alarm clock woefully dated in it’s use of a show also woefully dated, Home Improvement with Tim Allen as Tim Taylor of Tool Time fame- wherein a campy way the parents frighten the children with their groovy party ways from way back when.    Make no mistake, right now it’s a party – ME!  A chili morning warmed with coffee  as the adventure anew unfolds.

when share and create

become countered with  where’s mine

there is an impasse.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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