pandering Ponderings

I walked out ..just after midnight…in pretty nightmare before christmas fuzzy pajamas to wonder if the tree was for a second an echo of lightning.

I stomped home after 3 hours doing most of a training module I can not sleep tonight so wont easily be up to knock out tomorrow 😉 after the words we’ll see to it you get paid mentioned in training yet  here i am and its up to your manager.  … this was after the bus driver asks if i’m getting off at the base and i say yes and where…for him to gun past it at full speed and charge me an additional fair to return the on stop.  I showed documentation of disability by the way…. part of how you get a discount fare.  what a discount!

the odor of some days is not unlike that feel when you discover your clothes got kitty bombed.  you know you love the stinker, it beats the alternative 😉  you know bad days versus no days at all.  so i’m walking to my blood draw which are back to fasting labs which means  3 miles hiked  on skipped breakfast as what food til lunch?  logistics.  now please note the fine salmon in creamy chili parmesian sauce with wilted baby spinach to return to!

II hoped and i hoped but sometimes love just ain’t enough along with a round of aaron neville the day before at work every body plays the fool sometimes.  its odd somedays to realize you do hear the ‘voices”

I realized i deja vu a lot.  it’s nice to know I repeat life more than one does that taco bell.  which reminds me,  do you know how decadent it is athat last night hitting the TB for a value box not remembering i stopped eating beef and pork ?  oh god was that divinely forbotten. 😀

I wonder if i’ll ever see the me others see.


I took pictures for the first time in ages.  i wa making chicken filling for upcoming sopes.  I was resetting to normal wishing to share a little of my normal loves to get one last silence- you know when you just know.  like it was thunder and lightening tornadoey for some and the town i wanted to move to got hit up with the suckers pretty good…ahhhi seem to have encountered a lot of bummer hitting all at once in bunches.  but i listened to that country song rain’s tears from the floor of heaven…oi.  angry fit down here!  😉  to mean it was a soaking   and a day of cards  but i didn’t actually win at cards which is puzzling… I just got booted from a hoped love and i am losing worse at cards now than even then so that paradox goes lucky in love unlucky at cards.  i mean i start out winning and just get SMEARED with fortune reversals.


i wonder.  i ponder.  I’m sure i pander to the wildest things to say.  to be that fresh air like downwind from the pet chow company…fetid? 😉  i wonder.  I’m told most paradoxically of all that my love never is to return yet we’ll date again in august. house afire  yet no traveling with that bff, hmn.    I guess even the magic 8 ball doesn’t want to lose the business 😉

I found chinese fortune cooke makers to abalone shell trinket jewelry to desirable hot sauce all things in the vein of but not actually flowers,  and as i’m an aged fool oh you deja vu, I wonder if i should be silly and leave the flowers saved for algernon, if you remember you homework from highschool. 😉  I still wonder. but i forget more again so it shant be too long. what? was that again?  oo a chance to repeat it all again…HISTORY.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “pandering Ponderings”

just “high strung” so to speak or a touch less sane than most people think i should be. the training is anti terrorism training and is somewhat in depth as in it’s longer than any other presented material being about one third of overall material. 🙂 if you’ll risk a poisoning i’ll cook lol you’ll learn fast i wasn’t lying in that it takes me quite some time to do the tasks steps but 🙂 i can manage them all you have to do is charm me into tourism 😉

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