mud sand, water, straw, FASTER!

This picture frame is a test of whether  the fifty calibre bullet will go through bullet proof glass.  this exact  point is a compromised  fram with a test rond of a nine milimeter bullet in the lower right portion of the picture shown above followed by the big boy slug .  you can see if the bullet wins.  I of course care but it’s not exactly what i was after.  I’m not gun happy.  however- to get what i wanted involves writing about something i know little about and that is being gun happy.  I want to know the impact force of a softball size hail stone at terminal velocity and how it can repeat if destroy the joint at least not leak through that day.  why?  that’s because what value is a roof if it can put up with a little wether?    and it never hurts to remind people not all things are available first search but this isn’t an uncommon question so learning how to ask questions is also worthy of noting.

so as you can see  math beyond what i know is required.    what BULListics!  if you’ll pardon the pun on ballistics, the study.  here’s where you also see something of why one should attempt a minor bit of scholastic rigors too,  a simple search of a big big boom boom gun…technical sounding terminology that … impressive for a monkey!… is varying from more than 20% in the first two listings; of first a fifty calibre  round/bullet exerting first sixty five thousand pounds per square in or fifty four thousand pounds per square inch – which could be a misread of the questions asked as in: how much is required to stop the round versus how much actual force is FROM the round….or diferent testing proceedure and ammunition…two variance up front worth knowing about but this isn’t a soft ball sized hunk of ice hurling from the skies – but  why punch the information starting it’s flow because i have to get educated and hell a roof stoping a sniper is also a fair bit of value to know too 😉

next, charts and materials have to enter into this – which bullet proof glass?  it isn’t like there is just one kind just as there isn’t one gun nor one ammunition type for the gun, there isn’t just one form of bullet proof glass.  I found this amusing in that i’m a trekkie – the discussion of info includes a substance “transparent aluminum” so to speak and that’s straight out of Star Trek Four: The Voyage Home!  Transparent Aluminum, That’s the ticket, Laddie… Do you want it or shall i punch up Clear?  the space boys were of course making a whale tank to help their story hold water – so to tongue and cheek… besting the then current best technology by a factor of six!    but again. materials.  transparent aluminum in this case is a clear substance and mostly aluminum.. it’s chemically? aluminum oxynitride.   good material thus 1.66 inches thick will stop. fifty caliber ammo, maybe not all of it but commonly used forms of same said. – the why of that is in the deceleration- if something isn hard enough it wont let anything through but obviously pressures build and thus more material is needed for armor.  aluminum oxynitride at one cubic inch weighs 2.56 oz thus isn’t seemingly much but 144 inches is not the  1 square foot window – a small  small window! but it’s but 242 cubic inches of that material to make a small window stop a fancy gun.  and that’s 242 x 2.56 /16 or a 1 square foot window pane 1.66 inches thick which is listed as the stopping oomph for a fifty caliber round  which you see by the video above is packing quite a wallop! …but that line from Scotty is in star trek six: the undiscovered country. 😉  and such a bit of material would weigh nearly 39 pounds.  thus if you think some smarty out there didn’t think up how thick  bullet proof glass has to be to withstand a small arms shot or good crow barring at the jewelry store…think again.  and believe me their cases are effing heavy hunks to move!

for the mathy thing on force.  no, it does not make perfect sense, I’m not good at this math.  but I may upon further rereading have an epiphany.

Click to access hailsize.pdf

this is a better table of info and test strategy than my previous night’s inquiry but doesn’t list my specific grab and go specification of  softball sized hail impact directly but how one MAY arrive there  and as usual utilizes different math units than bulls so isn’t initially the same information either 😛 😛  so there is ways past asking some hillbillies over for a snort of the white lightning and a good ol shoot ’em up with a jug to the first one to put a bullet through my roof with one shot fired and no ability to tag others or utilize devices  or freak chance/circumstance to have others shoot for you and or soft en up the luck with a few sneaky dynamite-ings first…or similar.

a general link to general materials of “bullet Proof Glass”

and a simple reminder that

so that it is PLAINLY understood whether you investigate any of the words or skim, you just don’t need the maximum punch or stopping power available or more horsepower as ti and slobber after.  but careful, if you promise bullet proof, you don’t want the first smart ass bringing a literal canon to your party and winning bets because he thought you the sucker fool for easy money!    if you promise bullet proof, one should mean it 😉

but a simple conversion of info is in order of ft/lbs instead of other terms and thus a singular type of fifty caliber ammo exerts eighteen thousand ft pounds so therefor it is 80 times more than a 4 and a half p inch chunk of ice hurling from the heavens.  yikes! (that’s a 30ft chunk of ice dagger traveling  at the roof tile at 120 MPH kinds of OOMPH)

so next one doesn’t have to have just ONE thing stopping the fun here- it can be  a system of things just as a roof rarely is just shingles!  but it very much has to withstand a LOT as in not turn into shattered dust first ping as such would mean roof leaking.  but such is a tall tall order.

what shatters, the hypothetical roof tile- in this case expecting to withstand without leaking  softball sized hail fromheaven hurled long enough for the roof to be replaced another time- i.e. when the roofers become ambulance chasers after the storm of the century due as they often are yearly these days 😉  made hopefully of cheap conrete but fancy tech so as to manage.

how might that be managed?  silk.  so smooth and desirable as clothing or bed clothing but in reality fair cheap and strong a fiber.  this same silk like protein stuff is cemented with silicates all pretty inside seashells  and thus I’m sure i’m not likely to cheaply make a sexy thin anyways roof to withstand a fifty cal sniper party surprisingly showing up unwanted but I sure can stop some wicked huge hail! and basic small arms type things!

and this is how sea shells silk strength cement and hopefully sure cheap meet to occupy me.

if you wonder if i pulled this out of my arse- i did but the other day i did look up abalone and how that iridescence is achieved – which isn’t wholly known by the way but partially, and just like the famed myth colossus of Rhodes was ivory which had to be soaked  in a magic sauce to become pliable to make a huge statue as elephant tusks just didn’t come in that size that year…or any of them,  there are ways to keep prizing the secrets out of the earth on the cheap.

and of course the listed stuff, aluminum oxynitride.

yes, smugly told you scientifically without the obvious  hints that while you can backyard up 1650C furnaces, and of course  press then heat treat  …diamond making press available from china now   haha okay not that much squish, but still, hint, no, you can’t easily or otherwise make this at home 😉  but you can at least mimick it with  aluminum foil and cans ;)!  so no there is no back up to having this avaialbe just anywhere- so 🙂 think a moment not avialble just anywhere means valuable so how to get  sheet press and bone chine and beyond kilm for super tileing?  hmn hmn hmn and i said NO horsepower uppings… hahahahaha, what the eff, why not?  i can dream  or, 😉 is the effing idea simply “sunk?” 😉  okay, geek smartass  😛  bite me and of course

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “mud sand, water, straw, FASTER!”

yaaaay! you got there for the whole gem line just for you 🙂 which is yet more bull-istics 😉 but it sounds nice as bullistics goes 😀 hug. I found the link i wanted btw a math matic conversion close enough to the impact comparisons and the fun reason why its a bit of stuff and nonsense the comparison 😉 but i wont jnip you the ug of having to read more and link chase too- it’s in comments on???? the other site. i.e. the whole 2 punishments is proof i’m tennacious enough to dig. i found how to fairly accurately get to the answer and duplicate it. and test it 😉 which forces me to hunt down paper as i suppose it’s coming due soon to draw home ideas out. I had fun having to do that with a greek temple project in second college’s art history of ancient through to gothic. I wish my picture piles didn’t die or i’d share that too.

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