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There is something seedy *cd in making up microwave bacon.  It’s easily crispable and also burnable just like in the pan but only faster….yet once you make a batch you tend not to change the magic button pushings of the recipe that works.  I am restricted from consuming beef and or pork products not because I became Religious twice…but because if i wish to limit impending troubles further exacerbated I get to make a choice of listen or don’t listen to my given advice.  I have thus nuked my turkey bacon as I’m lazy and didn’t thus fry it.  I got to eat it swiftly and I’m happy.

Godshall’s turkey bacon is not the mechanically separated turkey or a mst….must.  it’s real bits of turkey.  this is on par with saint dalfore’s brand tea telling me they screen their tea leaves from powder to fannings meaning their tea is superior to tea dust.  I like saint dalfore tea as i also tend to like Godshall’s turkey bacon- which is almost more of a ham to me than a bacon.

Is one product truly superior?


The advantage of turkey bacon which to me is this as it’s cooked, it can be fully cooked  and yet til it cools  it wont harden “crisp” very well.  this means similar cook times products can be bacon wrapped easier and thus this is a more fun product to me.  do YOU care?  I honestly don’t know.  I have an hour to kill without smoking cigarettes all hour or eating all hour so it’s sit in front of a blinking cursor time for me and blather about bacon.  there are worse religions to be booted from, the religion of bacon in favor of bacon substitutes… and make no mistake, turkey bacons are a substitute and i wouldn’t eat them if they hadn’t their own merit.  they aren’t the same.  I just get a kick out of it though.  I can sorta still enjoy living and yet honor some restrictions so as to honor me.  I should paint in my mind the day the doctor said i’d died as there’d be no more bacon or Krystal’s burgers as I was to eliminate beef and pork… I’d been ex communicated from the church of tastes good.  Beef and pork are NOT my friends.


So there you go bacon…  in this case fake bacon.  But what’s this cd stuff and countdowns?  Oh, just a chance to introduce something else somewhat seedy too.


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15 responses to “CountDown

  1. oldepunk

    I’m sorry you can’t eat bacon. That is a bummer, but there are some pretty decent turkey bacon products out there. Neuskies if you can find it is particularly good

  2. There’s the anti-aging school of thought that goes for the tryptophan in turkey. You inspire me to dust off my ginger recipes and look up turmerac ones and have more turkey.

  3. kaylar

    Ha! who knew there was so much to know! or you’ve inspired me as well; neat! (-;

    • 🙂 heheh, the fun part is texture, I like all my life bacon with crisp and a meaty bite which makes me in the minority for bacon not a shade away from burnt dust crisp. but then agai i also prefered canadian bacon anyways. it’s not full circle really, life just kinda back to the same fickle happy as of a kid going mmm.

  4. I laugh so I will not cry…I ate a whole pound of bacon, all on my very own, between New Year’s Eve and the Beginning of the Commercial New Year’s Day. “HE Who will not Obey” doesn’t eat bacon anymore as it goes against his re-found religion. More for me from my New Year’s Supper.

  5. I love turkey bacon, and I’m grateful for the turkeys that share their bacon with us. 😀 I’d choose turkey over beef or pork any day of the week! Also, fish. I love fish and seafood. But, I don’t know of any fish who have bacon to share! 😛
    SpongeBob is an amazing singer! 😀 But, oh, the violence at the end…with the drum! 😮
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • I admit as many times as i watch that over time, i missed that 😉 oh well, not observant. 😀 I find it odd i get to turkey pastrami/bacon that kind of stuff even luncheon meats but i really don’t like smoked turkey loaf ala institution food, it its to the point it gags me. but then again I did time at one 😉 heh. after all the jokes about shady pines on golden girls. the entire waiting for god series bbc etc why are nursing homes so dismal? the bar service SUCKS.. I can’t remember the rest of the other nine anymore but 😀

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