Cinnamon Coffee and Other People’s Laundry

four hours later

I just woke up!……face to palm time.

the laundry’s going.


O sirvoved tje forst mogjt pm tje mew gig.  I’m seeing i’ve roughly a five hour day.  around here it’s odd, the mandatory lunch by “federal” law seems to be six hours and more and thus most shifts are? under six hours oh oops.  I was told it was four and a half or? it’s added to keep folk’s in compliance.  Granted I’m coming from Medical areas to hit food service now a gas station.    catching on that it’s new to me and my experience?

I’m awake remembering, ” you did a lot and do especially well with customers!”  I did not do a lot and I’d better be good with interactions, I ran groups for years…. someone kick me for thinking I’m all that right in the face of not being all that.    But Thank you for the kindly lie.

I seem to have a shift set of Sunday and Monday’s five thirty pm to close – which those nights are Ten Thirty or just before.  Wednesday through Fridays are an additional offering of noon to five.  Thus Tuesday and Saturdays are MINE.  I live just a fraction over One Mile from my home to this store. and thus this is thirty five minutes ish to walk.  I’m allowed one break of fifteen minutes here different that the food service side of base jobs in that it’s not a clock off break – however all purchases are full price and must have a signed reciept so as to show fair cash handling  attentions.


My detail of joy to check is the Chobani single serve yogurt is expiring, not expired, expired today.  I sure do fucking hope I get to see that detail later.  such a bullshit life to care the milk so to speak isn’t expired on the shelf.  one little detail.


I will struggle to ffind both a better process/routine to achieve keeping this job too.  I’m also dead robot at the end of it.  for this season it’s currently Winter 30’s out and thus cold.  which is 20 grees warmer than my Original Colorado in this here Georgia and yet it’s about the same.  brr.  Feeling a big sissy.


if you count details this pays roughly minimum wage but luckily it’s a real hassle to change my pay grade from food service down to this job or the ladies in h.r. are feeling generous twice.  remember, this is my second assignment in just over a month there.  I physically can’t work food service as i have eye trouble that gives me nose trouble – no leaking in food service!  😉    I am glad i pointed out on application, I am legally disabled as in prone to find myself a poor match for simplistic jobs and thus with a minimum of legal chance to keep employment.  remember it’s also others being just damn nice. 😉


so.  steps  to goal done next one, next one 200 shifts  with any luck one day at a time.  this is actually a rather big mountain – I’m tired 3 hours in and sissy or not I couldn’t form words correctly when i was half way home and at that pace a half hour to go….half way if that.  I had to have help finishing mopping leaving or we’d not leave swiftly or even on time..  or, just enough of a challenge for me exist here.  why 200 shifts?  come on it’s about that long to cover all my esxpenses/debts twice which is about the point i can reasonably hope I ppay ONE set fully off 😉 or get truly ahead?  nahy break even and paid straight.  it’s a goal like many stated steps to obtain it.


I do have to hope I don’t grey out on b.p. meds that sucked so i got up early so I’d have this problem later in my shift today 😉 or maybe a shot to do better.  now to change the laundry.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “Cinnamon Coffee and Other People’s Laundry”

Great haiku!

O sirvoved tje forst mogjt pm tje mew gig.

Cinnamon coffee is better than other people’s laundry! Any day! I say, “Let people wash their own underpants!” 😛

You make me smile. Laugh. Be inspired. “One day at a time” is cliched…but, it works. Keep taking steps, keep stepping forward, one day at a time, J-Man!

HUGS for a Nude Year! Er…I meant “New” year!!! 😀 😛

that bring up a butcher’s seen…another hanged behind auld lang sune 😛 I enjoyed my day off nap tween chores and a movie. ” “sing” tomorrow’s back to it 😉 :)I suppose I shall have to be brave and daring with the decaffe latte on day open 😉 and i had little choice but to swim through som laundry in the way of me getting to mine. think about the joy though, i look at a clean made bed of soft silky sheet after five lashes tween two days… ahh, I have? a week prepared including fresh socks.

Yes I did. it’s funny to watch movies and see the slow progression of 40-30 year old tunes coming into vogue with the shift of time- a decade ago it was all in love with the sixties and such now it’s the powerhouse seventies revue coming. kinda like the haha of you know you’re past it when listening to 20 some years ago on the grocery store sound system knowing all the words like it was yesterday.

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