purple soup

Purple soup. bumped the bowl so saianara pretty. red cabbage consomme with scallops, shallots, carrot and capers as I couldn’t get hold of salicornia (sea bean) and water chestnut for the radish i actually couldn’t find. also not nearly that picture either but I did try something new.


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

18 replies on “purple soup” if you are like me and do not own a souis vide sysem and a vaccuum sealer. boil in bags. six for shipping and you can cost from there, first go is annoying. cheese cloth works but you can use a fruit basket wire mesh strainer 3 bucks at a “dollar” type store to just as effective results/straining. thus if you want it less graining, filter again but this time through coffee filter. cabbage is inexpensive chestnuts can inexpensive scallops not so but there you are. has more on the recipe if i didn’t post it here.

I’ll have to check all that out and give it a try when I am feeling kitchen adventurous. I am now following your other blog. It seems I failed to before. peace to you

according to middleschool science – I can make that same purple cabbage soup red with vinegar blue with baking soda and inedible with stronger alkalines…but that’s as a dye, not a soup. if I make a green soup it’s split pea. but for now I’m dead, just home. I need a shower as i dont need a beer. I’m flagging.

I’m alive- i suggest against that particular phrasing too as I think it can be uncomfortably literal all too soon.
– yes i’m refreshed napped and showered again. πŸ˜€ good morning in search of decaff hugs πŸ˜€

it has a way of calling the Culture as i understand it….shhhh….. I know i do not…. of japan. why Japanese culture in a purple soup/ it’s light with each ingredient there on purpose not fighting nor brash or bold save the seafood tastes seafood and you can taste it as if it were the star within a cluster of stars. I know from my personal point of view i’d skip attempting to seafood the next soup primarily because i grew up landlocked in colorado usa and thus got less seafood less often and thus it’s not my particular favorite. I mean don’t get me wrong, I might be the “go home fat boy, eat all our food!” the southerner at the buffet πŸ˜‰ so to speak. I like shrimp. but such isn’t a wide array of seafood expertise/taste… i’d make a lousy frenchman. but the point to Japan and that culture line is – take their miso soup. good stuff. it’s meant to be refined and delicate – the last time i made it it was robust! and flavorful… the I read i’m a heavy treading american …this isn’t a complimentary statement. πŸ˜€ so- if you purple soup packit gourmet is where i found the boil in bags as I don’t own a souis vide system and vaccuum sealer i didn’t bother to try to seal mine closed, i wasn’t boiling the cabbage so I simply just carefully placed my open bags into the pot and walked away for an hour to return to strain my soup. from there you can hunt down salicornia saffron raddish and sprouts all pretty like the inspiration photo or go earthy with what I could get which was bias cut carrot shallot scallop and water chestnuts…with capers for that salt pop that the salicornia would have brought I hope never had it. I fried the onion and such in a pan trying and bumping my bowl so my carrots went swimming and ate up. I’d prefer to try this as with pickled beats and carrot onion or as a almost fancy pants borscdt. next.

aha! then perhaps you’ll endure an older recipe of sweat and sour NOTHING. Americanized Chinese is quite simply something fried battered and some pretty vegetables in a delightfully for americans heavy sauce. this is a bit of simply fry bread bits and those local veg with same said sauce but lacking meats. or nothing! πŸ˜‰ the sauce a sweet and sour but not the typical pineapple based or “Plum sauce with red food coloring, either or some make it red some golden – but a tamarind array of both a soup base for the sour and a sugar pop of tmarind to sweet in sauce veggies for flavor and aromas. over deep fried puffs of bread and vegetables so that the dish crackles when sauce hits all of it just hot and right.

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