Unto Seventy and Seven Times

I sit thinking on the ready for the universe questions of life love my choices and blah.  i’m recently seeing trusting people to their words is proving for me who takes you literally at them, a complete disaster for me, conversely ting to let it be and maintain has done zilch to stop it seems a wealth of health issues – who knows maybe i miss the balance in this.  or maybe just maybe i didn’t and this WAS a good outcome given the entirety of facts i’m really never privvy to – no one is at the time.  what fun would understanding be if we didn’t grow in it?

anyways, below is some hefty medica jargon from the holistic side or metaphysical side of life.  it isn’t b.s.-  just as vibrational energy may have been mis interpreted in the 90’s for x oil energies to x state of human energy means to raise or lower  body energies we apply x oil – which as you will see is fading as a kneejerk supposition… but reflexology once entirely debunked is integral to the modern education of a massage therapist…or if you read me naughty, a great way to enjoy foreplay.


I move and just as i’m set to return anywhere my card is lost to make purchases hard – i learn i trusted the independance space of another who is choosing someone who is going to cling with her as she really wanted. I learned i am half the person i was and the old method of living and proceeding is closed but as i’m not dead others are open.  I learn the acceptance of what is and  what i want collide and thus i have a spiritual goose-egg going

speaking of which

game of the goose  OCA a Spanish game with dice and a board

then voodoo  it’s all interestingly my complaint-  my einsteinium complaint of god playing dice with the universe.

if ever you were interested in what sells in voodoo – the following is a nice and tidy link and pic to describe holistic knowledge of the

Spiritual Meaning Of Disease


Acne: Refusing to like and accept yourself as you are

Addictions: Lack of self-love and avoiding to face your own fears

Aids: Guilt related to sex and/or sexuality

Alcoholism: Inability to accept yourself and/or your circumstances

Allergies: You or someone else is getting in between you and your own self power

Alzheimers Disease: Refusing to living in your own shoes

Anorexia: Afraid of being rejected and lack of self-love

Anxiety: Refusing to live in the present

Arthritis: Lack of self-love and self-acceptance

Back Pain (Upper): Yearning for understanding

Back Pain (Middle): Overpowered by guilt

Back Pain (Lower): Financially instable

Baldness: Lack of trust in life and wanting to feel in control of every single aspect of your life

Blackheads: Anger outbursts

Blood Pressure (Low): Embracing a negative attitude to life

Blood Pressure (High): Accumulation of emotional problems

Bone Problems: Rebellion towards authority

Bowel Irregularities: Not wanting to let go and/or feeling stuck in a particular situation

Breast Problems (Left): Refusing to taking care and loving yourself

Breast Problems (Right): Over-protection and inability to love someone

Breathing Issues: Feeling unable to handle life

Bronchitis: Bad family environment

Bruises: A punishing attitude to oneself

Bulimia: Hating oneself

Burns: Unbearable anger

Cancer: Extreme hurt and/or grief possibly related to past experienced issues

Cholesterol: Inability to experiencing joy in life

Circulation (Blood): Feeling stuck and/or lacking ideas and positive emotions

Colds: Unable to handle too many things and/or issues

Cough: Feeling a deep need to make a point

Depression: Feeling hopeless

Diabetes: Yearning for something which is no more in your life

Diarrhea: Running away from someone and/or something

Dizziness: Being ungrounded and/or lack of focus

Ear Issues: Unwilling to hear

Elbow Issues: Not wanting to accept recent changes

Eye Cataracts:  Unable to look eagerly towards the future

Eye Issues in Children: Closing their eyes to current family problems

Fainting: Not wanting to cope with current situation

Feet Issues: Not wanting to move forward

Feminine Issues: Conflict with feminine aspects of yourself

Fever: Anger

Fibroids: Feminine ego being hurt by partner

Finger Issues (Thumb): Feeling controlled and/or always worrying

Finger Issues (Index): Going against authority and/or guardian/parent

Flu: Too much negativityGas: Hidden concernsGrey Hair: Stress

Gum Issues: Unable to make one’s mind on important life issues

Hand Issues: Unable to handle things  that should be dealt with

Headache: Criticising oneself

Heart Attack: Focusing on material aspects in life while enjoying nothing in the process

Heartburn: Being devoured by fear and feeling unable to go with life’s flow

Heart Issues: Dealing with life issues through anger

Hemorrhoids: Not wanting to move on

Hip Issues: Feeling unable to take important decisions

Impotence: Anger bottled up towards a past partner and/or harnessing sexual guilt

Indigestion: Anxiety related to a recent/current/upcoming event

Infection: Anger and/or irritation about a particular situation

Jaundice: Feeling or being prejudiced

Kidney Issues: Bottled-up anger that hasn’t been dealt with

Knee Issues: Unable to be flexible with own ideas

Leg Issues: Not wanting to move forward

Leukemia: Lack of excitement in life

Liver Issues: Resisting change

Lung Issues: Fearing life and feeling unworthy

Menopausal Issues: Feeling unwanted

Migraine: Fears related to sex and/or letting someone into your life all the while feeling pressured by someone

Nausea: Rejecting something

Neck Issues: Refusing to see another’s point of view

Overweight: Needing emotional support and protection due to insecurity

Pain: Guilt

PMS: Rejecting feminine aspects within yourself

Prostate Issues: Sexual guilt and/or pressure

Seizures: Wanting to run away from life

Shoulder Issues: Carrying other’s issues onto you

Sinus: Feeling irritable towards someone in particular

Skin Issues: Feeling threatened by someone

Slip Disk: Feeling lack of support from those around you

Sore Throat: Inability to express your true feelings about something/someone

Snoring: Feeling unable to move on from old patterns

Stomach Issues: Feeling malnourished

Stroke: Not being allowed to deal with own emotions

Teeth Issues: Unable to think through important decisions

Thyroid Issues: Feeling humiliated and/or repressed

Tumors: Drowning in remorse

Ulcers: Feeling you are not good enough

Urinary Issues: Anger usually towards someone of the opposite sex

Varicose Veins: Being in a hateful/uncomfortable situation

I list this as it’s interesting to feel part of the world in the voodoo sense of having something practical if bullshit to say mean explore and thus alter and perhaps reverse..  I want you to see my next bit of fun,  too.

such is a picture above of both the hands and feet reflexology chart where by accupressure is meant to alter the or connect and communicate with ou or people to care.

next is the myth of vibrational frequencies of the world to  take say rose oil which is 320hz real. science! along with the 52 hz of some substances such … blah frankensense is 58 – the human body about sixty and disease ridden if lower… lets up our energies!!!!
text sorry too long to copy paste but this voodoo is out of favor now in practice but the concept shall not die.  spiritually speaking we’ll be upping our energies well into 2-3 more generations as nostalgia brings back the sixties again and again as fads return just as the hippies did from German culture then to American culture of the sixties from the German 30’s
I list these all because next oil:
cinnamon lowers blood sugar, so does fell but better actually one of the best fel-
oddly enough mint is wretched for high blood pressure
curious, this is long, but it isn’t really- do you see the issue with voodoo?  it’s simple as it gets- it works but how well?  same with doctors, they work but how well?  rubber denial is how is there hope despite the truth bleak?
it is?
have a hug.



By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

15 replies on “Unto Seventy and Seven Times”

alas, this post is a hash of a hash of an email thought of a hash of what i meant after to your post/comment on dreams a post coming… this one reads as i hate of disbelieve oils work, not true, they do! obviously for me and my situation of 34 years into major diseases well progressed, I’m not likely going to gain instant results… I would also need time to “heal” even if i hit that magic” which sadly western meds lifestyle choices all of that…luck…. I have not. however, thanks for saying that. I do love pointing out that one aspect of what i was offering 20 years back was outright challenged and debunked… yet even i know it’s core message will live long after me/this generation whatever… upping energy levels is good to up one’s get up and live. true. however just because rose oil is fabulously energetic at 320 hz, doesn’t instantly suggest if i tok rose oil i’d raise my general average body energy levels which for humans is roughly sixty hz any at all…. however, that said, given our happiness drives us often to be healthy and simply being happier as in to”smell the roses, if you’ll tollerate the cliche, is likely to improve us even if the oil itself is the reason but not the mechanism 😉 or at least the take this ergo that one. same thing with reflexology- it’s very obvious that we all are connected but … not everyone corresponds instantly the chart…just the same way my moon is in my mercury astrologically so to speak doesn’t mean there isn’t joy looking heavenward, but that the truth out in space is what we make of it yet also simple some gases otherwise out there ;)… pretty hot gases with colors and stuff. — but, heh i like the line of reflexology being great foreplay. forgive me it amuses me. and as to dreams… uh, I’ll get to that. i made a coffee 🙂 otherwise, I think I noted i have a spell of consideration underway to change happiness and continue adventures afresh. I can just as easily be negative/sad. i’m thanking YOU partially anyways for a hug and a smile for my day.

LOL voodoo. okay! hopefully you and mr bruin too remember how I apply that word. – i refer to stephen fry travels in america currently on netflix or very specifally that episode – wherein voodoo i believe is discussed – as offering of explaination- not necessarily the negative connotation of it being of it’s weird and / or evil foreign thinking…. it’s not foreign to me I’ve sold it. I just do worry it may not always explain or cure…nor does every decision work out as planned. but – again my experiences and info lead me to wonder about the meaning of frustration as I am not every path. I do however see it work often oils reflexology and metaphysical understandings spiritual – I just wonder that i misunderstand the mechanism of why and how. case in point- sean connery in what is now a dead old movie, medicine man – I have found the cure for cancer in what is a movie worth watching 😉 before i spoil it but needless to say it has a twist.

Indeed, the word needs to be referenced if used differently than common understanding. I thought you were throwing all of it into one basket and then stomping on it. (-;

nah. I like it. i wish it worked better for me but it does. work. all of it and 😉 of course what’s wrong with a bit of joyous foreplay or crassness thinking reflexology 😀 reflex…heheheheh crass. hee hee 😀

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