Trial run for new things made goes as follows:  that’s not so bad.  not bad at all.


Butternut squash soup with caramelized onions and blue corn muffins.

(Picture) I don’t own a cord to a camera device at this instant I can find so out of luck there.

The blending devices save the old school masher were absent as they have handles and went on the road as quicky cups.  I mashed and the put it through a screen mesh strainer.  It’s very odd how sweet it came out with just a dash of pumpkin pie spice as I had no separate nutmeg i could find.  Otherwise, believe it or not, it’s the same recipe from online as most get.  I got mine creamier than the restaurant outing one I had on the way here from the tapas house in KC, MO (USA).  but, you should be aware this is both my opinion hich happens to have no witnesses and I could be LYING 😉 oooo.

I put an egg and baking powder to the cornmeal I had so thus made a muffin of it it rose slight 🙂  It balled so well I’m impressed, and besides, I didn’t expect plush muffins first go winging it and without wheat flour or better attention to techniques.  I’m glad they’re not bricks good enough.

The house is vacuumed, dishes minus the pot of soup and my bowl both hand washable to leave the empty sink, the dog’s pottied to my default schedule of tween 3-4, I woke to sis and hubs madly dashing away to Florida’s beaches …trust me it’s good they did or I may not have made my soup.  I needed a foil to test whether I put any attention whatever into the tasks/products. – screen mashing by hand…check; scratch baking discovery, letting the onions take all 20-30 minutes to cook down and brown?…caramelize…whatever.  making sure to gently lid off reduce the liquid for a soup not water?  I’d say i’m paying partial attention.

I wonder what ‘s “cool?”

I know I’m not nothing

just yet anyways.

I can magazine

skipping casserole for wows

like, you know, excite?

I’m not your burden

well most days – I should speak true

and so I’m  a sack

brick weighted, kittens squirming

to ADVENTURES…splash.


Or, despite a fine outcome  – hey, it’s more than edible, I’d serve it., I still need more therapy than that day of soup.  cool refers to my lil romance had a more than she could hope for weekend…hint put another name to it and thus cool is not pitching a cow fit tantrum i lost out again  for a kindly Christmas toss just when I’m dry or i wont last that long so says nasty number thanks Christmas doc viz happy new casket hope provisions them and the job left first schedule and none other will replace it or never mind losing that’s obvious and happens but twice is irritating  as in for it to be a bad experience unredeemingly for others…yuck.  and despite this all being tidily bunched? I see my debit card did a magic act and disappeared canceled no charges  3 miles to nearest bank don’t drive may not help as credit unions are notorious for saying you have service someplace you do not.  and I might win a pity game at any of the house diversions.  dominoes spades, Catan, Yahtzee whatever mcLost.  you’d think I’d catch a break and win a few games not wining in romance at the moment ?  nope.  but how do you play it cool?  I guess all I got is a soup trial.

Oh, cold cut combos you know “why don’t you just leave me alone to the only thing that makes me happy this cold cut combo ”  Adam Sandler as Happy Gilmore in movie of same name.  beef and pork aren’t my friends with low biologic functions so there when my favorite foods too 😉  chicken sausages aren’t worth talking about so far as I’ve ever had anyways.

want some soup?  it’s blue corn muffins  and orange soup on purpose.  Bronco colors if you like Denver’s NFL team not contending this post season 😛  Go Broncos…as in on vacation there’s next year 😉

Now to consider quitting smoking.  –  It’s possible to be ‘cool” and not smoke or drink, RIGHT?”  …makes a face….  cussy new year.


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 replies on “Trial”

I don’t want to swap any of your children for my remaining ciggies… but 😉 I am game for reminding you i like even potholders, Knits-Fantastic_Person. 🙂 I managed also not to forget the trash to the curb thing too unlike last week 😀

Your default team, the Falcons, may or may not be a consolation prize, this year. Like all other teams, they have to get past, first the Packers, then the Patriots. I do treasure blue corn muffins, though.

It IS possible to not smoke and and not drink and be cool! 🙂 Just look at The Marlboro Man! Oh, wait…he’s not a good example! 😛 But, how about Charlie Sheen! Uh…wait…er…not a good example! 😮

Nevermind! 😀

Anyone who makes soup and muffins on a winter day IS cool! 🙂

Cool-HUGS!!! 🙂

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