A Hexin’ we Will Go

Take two of the following things

a Pelmeni pan/form.

*note the very hexagonal form 😛  HEX

And, now a game called Catan;

*note the hexagonal motif here as well.

Now, I have to ask you  is this a Rush tune, Roll The Bones or Road Of bones?, after the Pelmeni’s origins?

or, (extremely long intro)

If you are Clueless to Pelmeni?

If you are Clueless to Road of Bones

If you are Clueless to Catan

If you Can not understand the deep hex note point here:  I’m the oldest player thus by biblical joke – the first shall be last, go first…this is quite the HEX – there is not one game I’ve came in above dead last 😀  CUSS!

Anyways, I hope you leave here thinking delicious dumplings andenjoyable diversions…or to be fair, CAH TAN should c sound as SAH TAN *SATAN  such evil luck it is. 😛  up for a beer *yes, still dry, dag nabbit- so make mine oh no frill or thrills O’Doull’s  😛 *  and let’s shovel up a bowl of Pelmenis and you go first at SATAN. 😛  A Hexin’ We will go…in you best Christmas is DEAD warbles now!!  Ahexin’ We Will Go, A Hexin’ We Will GO -I’ll rob everything you need lucky seven whoopie!  A hexin’ We Will GO. 😛


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

11 replies on “A Hexin’ we Will Go”

I have never played Catan. I’ve not even heard of it before now. I’d like to learn that Japanese or Chinese game with the tiles that they used to have on all computers. From what I understand, it can be played very slowly, over several months’ time.

I went to a game shop to get a game for #1son and daughter in law. Catan is one of the games they wanted. I never go in game shops anymore. I haven’t in years. I don’t really play these types of games. But everyone was so nice and helpful and so many of the games looked interesting I wished I knew a little group of friends who would be interested in getting together for a game night every so often. May the new year being you much happiness. peace & smiles

code ma’am, get colored cutout of say ME life sized and all scrumptious or say that south dakotan fellow? and we’ll holler through the communicative waves our moves and all the while you can sip tea and consume the good stuff. anyways, hug and happy new year tidings right on back.

😀 if you remember “A Bug’s Life” Disney – the funny end credits take-outs has one of the Matron Ants bumping into a Cut Out to which she usual oo! I’m sorry…. ooo! put that in my CAR! 😀 I figured i’d Recycle 😉 – 😀 but all those offers of snacks? want some? aw your not really totally here all mine! 😀 😉 figured you’d enjoy the humor of that look and the chance to hear if there were some whining about it since surely by now you know some of the things you’re invented quasi company could be – lol I know I adore sugar – look at alll this yummy candy oops you’re not here can’t have NUTTIN 😛

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