Jazz – Closet

I start the day with aerosol cream for an improper coffee.  I Find anything BUT what I started looking for.  I may or may not be the wiser for the day, but here is something musical to go with the dark chocolate and cherries coffee atop aerosol cream…

Aerosol Cream, Darn that Dream.


Placeholder for Dave McKenna – Darn That Dream.

C Jam Blues – Oscar Peterson arrives – you’re welcome to look that up for yourself… but lingering in the key of C / see, you’ll get O.P. demo=ing on D.C’s (dick Cavett)

Placeholder  Oscar Peterson, Piano lesson Dick  Cavett show

now, by way of counterpoint, smooth jazz.  there’s nothing wrong with a slowwww jammmm which is “jazzy” not necessarily being actual jazz or maybe it is – for the time being, this is fun with music not foot attack by dropped dictionary.

Placeholder for Peter Kater, Rooftops

I was after something train-y as in railroad train but having failed initially to find it we’ll just have to move forward not into something snappy from the above sappy smooth jazz but stepping…as in waltz

placeholder for George Winston Give me your hand / la Valse

Valse / Waltz in case you were thinking i always misspell everything – which i do sometimes on purpose… such is dissonance  and we shall ravel.. in it.

dissonance in this case means not the mishmash of sounds so much as the concept of cultural Jazz here being entirely French and predating a bunch of American offerings.  if some of the tones seem Debussy-esque, please note they fell out as friends as one can expect when one helps Debussy’s ex wife get an income to survive on after he left her for another 😉  or jazz pokes a head up through the lusciousness of pre jazz other sounds more classical.

but speaking of again technical dissonance – stylistically, a rag…ragtime is NOT fast…EVER.  but  if you’ll remember Oscar Peterson – technically gifted and practiced was good and sneaky dad decided to play for his gifted boy, the following – Art Tatum’s Tiger Rag – which should illustrate that like the genre rag, this rag or rap on  music is up.  Oscar obviously returned to playing piano after being shown some are just damned good too – but remember, he quit school to pursue music at 14 …consider what that means then or now, one best be damn good 😉  but, watch that you’ll be seeing some 32nd notes the underlined three times ink stuff. – an abomination in ragtime – such technical precision.

Placeholder for Art Tatum, Tiger Rag (With Sheet Music)


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

10 replies on “Jazz – Closet”

JAZZ!!! Where would the world be without jazz? Where would I be without jazz? It is my favorite music & I do have my favorite composers, as we all do. Many don’t like Herb Hancock. But… give me a glass of wine, a cigarette (I used to smoke) & a joint thick with smoke & I’m taken back to memories of a better time. Or, maybe that’s just the way I remember it because I was SO much younger then. Jazz is ‘music’ to my ears & I certainly enjoyed this blog. It was JUST MY STYLE… ❤

I have been quite amazed by the number of people I’ve seen smoking in my little town. As for bars? Well… don’t know if they have a jukebox, but I’ll betcha they have a range of cowboys that might even be wearing a gun. This place is amazing &, somehow, I’m not sure Jazz is the music of choice in this little neighborhood. But I will certainly
find out & let you know. 😉

YAY! Love your choices in jazzy jazz! I especially love Peter and George! I am lovin’ this music tonight…a cold winter night + this beautiful music evokes good emotions and has me all warm and cozy! 🙂
Thanks, J-Man!
Candy-CaneHUGS!!! 🙂

Wow; that Oscar dude. So glad to know about him (& now missing Dick Cavett :/ I actually have a Peter Kater/R.Carlos Nakai CD. I seem to always have some George Winston. Enjoying December album, on cassette, mind you. I had not heard the one you offered here. Digging the jazzy Bolero; i’ll give it a ’10’. 😉 With a rag, like that, who needs coffee, Tatum?In my thrift-ing, always trying to pick up inexpensive but good music, I lucked upon Ken Burns Jazz cd, to further my education. As you do, jazzy Star-man. (-;

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