Whoops.  One rule toast.  Timely is not.  Here’s a story though.

let’s call it…. Prat-writing.  Prat, can refer to say a pratfall or a prat as in silly ass in Brittish or perhaps just a lil sarcasm to the Dutch roots of the word to mean clever…when it just may not be anything close to clever.  I Startied Work.

My day must begin at fall out late- I had to obtain a card to have my own access on base.  I arrived to the place the last served before lunch cutoff.  Please understand this is lucky and I’m thrilled.  but…yeah, that about the word butt.  ever feel like one? it’s all great until you are the last in line and its past time …you’re about to leave with a try again.  no matter what your moment is hosed in that you wisely brought the duds to go to work and have to kill 2 hours again as there isn’t enough time now.  However, you’d have been a butt if you forced your way in cue above Grandmom who could barely walk  who technically was 2 people behind you in line to her arrival position.  this is the likeliest reason i can think of i was served not sent away – try again.    now, please understand the place is 30 days backed up in appointments …imagine a dmv wait like this.  this is precisely what i was after, an i.d. card.  you probably don’t know it is the only point left to attempting to work- freer entry and exit from where i live which is a military base wherein i am not the serving soldier-but a tag-a=loong.  I already know i picked a tough job that may not have any reward at all to it.

Lunch was bland.  a tad watery versus saucy.  it is sadly on par with all the rest of the chinese offerings around here and a value.   “good”

Highlights before you think i am angling only for a cliff to ropeless repel from are- i got the perfume to add to a nice art deco like or refurbished actual perfume bottle.  lights when i can await light to change the bulb again. and soda.  it really is a treat to have coke zero with the chocolate syrup as a chocolate coke – I can not manage the sugar version but this one most certainly bubbled up my spirits which is a fancy saying not meaning actual spirits.

I arrive early to work.  I am sorta polite but here’s the test can i contribute and?  today is a fine day to hear in actions?…..

no. not really.

a runny nose helps mean i cant prep food and this was determined by an annoying wasted attempt to do so..  this leaves me to dishes and then ancillary aids.


I beat feet to the systane bottle to help my irritable eyes not overflow my nose to no job- it sorta helps. lets hope it helps helps tomorrow or caput.  literally.

now before you go thinking the pig on rollerskates first day is all suicidally tragic, consider some points.  I am due back saturday 11a.  the place sold six items/orders in three hours of which i saw – thus tragic i may be but sales didn’t allow me more torture today :D.

did i mention the whole cart of dirty trays returned one foot from where they were to end up from all about the place to hit a crack and fly everywhere clakity ass that sure helped me look sauve!?  i did now.

The assanine cabby wouldn’t drive to pick me up where i was and made me walk across the entire lot to where they park….only took cash – made sure to emphasize this on a highway …and second bright move of the day was to have gotten said cash in advance for that very purpose.  the cab cost is about8-9 dollars each way and the job pays 8 an hour and my hours flux – so, not being a hero, high priced torture and conveyances and general gloom of sunshine are the current and very dry story points for you.

it’s ten slices peperoni atop the personal pan pizza.  the dough is indented the suce ladle about an eight cup or so of sauce to about  one 3/4 cup of grated cheese gently packed.  this is lovely to know as i was right about the sopes and spare homemade pizzas thing earlier and i should still get me that hamburger mold of silicon as that means make and bake. or. if i were canned tuna saturday, i have a pass and learned something.  i am hired so providing they don’t catch me behaving poorly just clumsy so far ill suited to  it – i’m in que  or already managed all the wins i ever needed to….save steady side money.

this story is meaning to remind you of how to be happy.

you may take this as a chance to laugh i had a glorious clattering of reality and you didn’t? you may take this to mean your job fit may be better than mine this instant.  You can take this to mean you are not alone in life as it can suck anywhere  har ahr.  You can take this to mean Hot shit, I suck at everything except getting fired immediately! whee@  more money for me! woot.

now to enjoy whatever i had for lunch poupourri my room.  hmph.


and.  😉 smile.  you’d be wrong to think i’ve had this to say as even a remote contender for a lousy  day.  smile because 😉 I can!  Welcome to my job, I will be pleased to help you…okay, perhaps not with food prep this actual day but i care that you’re here so hug.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

10 replies on “Prat-Writing” fare checker here says the fare really is $15.47. please remember i cant walk any area of the way to this job – one way is a highway and the other is a nasty set of blind curves at 40mph instant ticket/safety hazzard. now back to the thanks yous the rate i said is half off? kinda means a whole lot of folks even a …cabbie… was making it possible to help me. one more thank you to hang my head. work is precious anyways, so i get picked for anything? 3 chec k points? oi. thanks universe and church goingnice people! costs, ridiculous but people help me save yet make a living this way? thanks. shitty at the job but hey first day 😀 I mean such is the fun of listing all the people to thank when you know i have a teen heart too even more than double the worst of the counts later and would rather whine to the stars it’s sooo unfairrrrrr people are so nice to me not a star rather a hassle atop their day already? 😀 lol… humility. half a point blind boy sees this much?

Oh my word on the cost of a cab. That’s depressing but I guess it would be impossible to get a bus with the right schedule. I’m sure you always look suave ;-). I hope things go smoothly and this works out. I’ve never had a chocolate coke though I have heard of that. It doesn’t sound appealing. Way back in the ’70s I would order a vanilla coke at the drive in (while my friends ordered cherry) then later they would make that flavor. Peace and smiles

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