educational q-tips

I’m mid lesson one of two on coffee.  yes, how bleeding perfect to give mr memory another irritation to all lesson in stuff you’ll never remember EVER thereby making it instant bore you to death with trivia time.  poor you.  happy me.  I swear he said correcto honest and it’s corretta.  same thing different languages an espresso with a splash of liqueur.  but the q-tips must come out as my ears just don’t work like they used to… probably a convenient excuse about how i’m going to reword all your favorit song as if i’m stuck til infinity creating someone’s hell 😀  poor you.  happy me.

of course i’m dry at the moment as in no correttas or correctos for me and yes i want one after over a month minus them.  I start new job monday and have this as a diversion  along with a million other qtips to insert into my ears to see if I heard whoever likely important to me or living life had something to say….

I did thus sort out according to lesson but not deffinition:

a latte is still an esspresso i was under the impression is was coffee instead of espresso- flunk.

they differ in size and a latte would be “less frothy”  pisser I hate being wrong

I’m also a bit sad the steaming process is a bit of a joke turning milk to micro foam. however i have a better was of patting my brain on the back so to metaphorically speak when i find that i actually do froth my milk rather well within the tools i have.

hot milk as in not steam-foamed but just as warm milk is a component of a vaiety of drinks.

there are 57 cups of espresso per pound of coffee which differs from the 35-50 I see of a pound being around 3 12 pot pots  3 x 12 cup pots of coffee .  so while nothing is without usage, I need a better measurement on coffee as in this doesn’t make sense weak water coffee ou get less than espresso?  I’ll check but something doesn’t quite jive.


why coffee?  well, I figure I have to make better java.  I wont find reheating pizzahut a grandness of food adventure more likely  not because i hate food but fast food hardly is food.  I can’t easily spot the differences in done well or unacceptably and i never will be fast/ time is money skill is sqiftness… but, cash handling and rising to the challenge?  good.  next one in x months ish is a coffee house or taco bll with luck obviously you’ll see what it really is.  taco bell is speed flung food.. the action for folding a burrito is in fact the same as that of a spring/eggrol both of which are tasty things.  making money in food liking food makes it feel professional when it likely is laughable to others but oh well, not everyone will support all my b.s. 😀

I need a notebook as believe it or not this is a time when every word heard was instruction I am not used to such deliberateness.  I  paid probably better attention than most and swill retain this learning a long time as I’m typing it down used.  but I must do more me thinks.  this is dry reading as in 😀 instructional.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 replies on “educational q-tips”

And why oh why is there no Starman Bistro yet??? Dude. I so think imho, that with the right partner, you’d have a hot spot for sammiches, for those with no discernment and fancy food for the rest of us, bar in the back, bubb. (-; oxooooooooooooooooooo

let me admit i have zilch experience in commercial experience food. i can cook yes. but there are quite a lot of rules that do require proven experience deal with- I lack that experience at present- then we’ll see if cranberry kebabs are still in vogue enough to make a go of hot spottin ‘:D

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