a game within poems

the opening intro anyways… fade out


…and so we’ll spin the wheel what should happen.
will ya win smiles or a slapping.
spin spin spin – with your grin
lets see what you’ve to win
the wheel has stopped -what’s to happen?

I stand in the aisle
choosing tween 10 cents more or less
theirs…mine…which pile?
so I bought blue cheese dressing
soon enough salads caressing.

oh what an ar-tiste!   break out the lemons
our sarcasm ‘s increased with amateurish art noodling.
tell ’em audience with  cheers or boos
just what shall become of you
or is it silence you’ll be sendin?

let’s play again then
fake it til you make it yeah?
let’s play it again then.

wheel spinning sound f/x

.and so we’ll spin the wheel what should happen.
will ya win smiles or a slapping.
spin spin spin with your grin
lets see what you’ve to win
the wheel has stopped -what’s to happen?

oh hello, Jello
making mountains Aerosol
hair skin and nails!
no, it’s sugar you big twerp
who’d eat plain gelatine…burp

and again the sin
audience are you groanin?
the best art sells so to fertilizers
are you a critic are you the wiser?
course you are  says my grin.

wheel spinning f/x

.and so we’ll spin the wheel what should happen.
will ya win smiles or a slapping.
spin spin spin with your grin
lets see what you’ve to win
the wheel has stopped -what’s to happen?

meet you at check out
code for loose about the store
five minutes you shout….
we all know this is disaster
hurry up pay you’ll leave faster.

golden words into the bin
watch the crumbled papers circling
yep high  high art thought provokin!
code for what the hell is so and so smoking
is it silence for this chagrin?

next time we shall seek
the worst of the week
laugh with us or cry
poetry my oh my  oh my
celebrate art with a wink.


a bit of fun for what appears in words a few minutes or so… haven’t timed it.  but 😉 a silly bit of whether or not it’s going to be radio poem oh oh helllll no, save yourselves.



I am mid stream listening to leonard Cohen’s last interview.  Who?  it is a shame if you do not know.  It s a shame if all you play is Marco Polo in a pool parroting the phrase of discovering the unknown goal of China.  Leonard isn’t there- magic is.  it is magic when you are moved by a word or an experience.  I wouldn’t have been til another said woe, leonard Cohen.  I had just watched Shrek.  i had just played leonard nimoy aka Mr Spock singing Bilboa Baggins.  leonard was one more trip to the magic cafe.  sad to say it that way.  however, love for his magic endures.  my need to hold others dearer made sure he , leonard was in the shadows.  and now i must look once more to the shadows hoping the magic remains there just within memory.


I laugh as i hear he drops acid and imagines the audience turning into one big Jew.  wouldn’t you?  I am not Jewish.  the closest i come is liking a rye and luncheon meats and other delicatessen prizes.  or perhaps a bagel.  I have read Sholom alaikem.  I have red isaac beshevis singer.  I have red lisa goldstein’s the red magician.  I have watched Fiddler on the roof sawn apart by isaac stern solo introduction.  I have hoped ethnicity in food is a dreamy treasure pelmeni borscht salami on rye blintzes piled high and a religiousity of an iced tea. and the chastisements of expectation I couldn’t ever possibly be enough yet i’m a treasure in my mother’s eyes…what a dichotomy that.  I am no Jew.  I hail schlindler.  I am amazed at Israel and equally horrified.   and i get leonard cohen in my shadows – i am lucky. perhaps not to be quite of the group.  but at least within earshot of life.


perhaps groucho marx, maybe victor borge singin my sandler with the hope of my gin and tonic ah.  to feel a pride if you will, within simply being here as I am so serendaed. knowing this dance is at the end of not love but of life, Leonard’s but not of legacy.  Just as so many stand as testament to a time or possibilities.  okay I shand ask alice when she’s ten feet tall or leonard the audience as one jew he saw.  but i will leave with a story to paint the graveled edges of his voice as it can now only echo.  i can only thank so many for sharing him above so many was that wow for you as such i might never have heard or seen.  maybe you’ll not understand me, but I do feel what is around.  this is a shadow of that which is smoke ring making movie scenes.




if you EVER enter

anywhere is quite  chosen, no?

you have gone and played god.

Power if funny to many unaware

you give yours often taking silent stares

and yet you ask and recieve

each transaction is  a receipt

and yet feel conquering and other the litter over there.

be in love with yourself

you matter or not as chosen

laugh iif its one-sided

my dime is no dollar

but I’m not Atlas Earth holding

business wants its one, ten.

notice the joy of you found

your choice is yay so there found

feel special when you can.

maybe it’s corn dogs crispy

EW!- it’s liver & onions


it’s sad when you enter defeated

you don’t want ramen and feel cheated

all you see isi can’t afford

all there is is you labeled poor

conquer here with  dinner completed.

another round of toast

soldiers or lighthouses lighted

imagine the options.


walmart oh my cheap

villain stealing my glory

really? I think not.

Ithanks for my jobs there really

sometimes your not the right price.

I don’t clip coupon spend 20 cents to say fifteen

consequently I don’t get the grandest savings you’ve ever seen

but I enjoy my cost my saved time and my dinners

I feel sometimes a bigger winner winner

andknow my chosen haunts well that i’m visiting.


I found I explore food

cheap value stores for this ain’t good

I want what I need

not BOGO I can’t eat

or gourmet priced beyond my mood.





I chose to do my nanowrimo in poetic form principally because i’m lazy and a poem sure does eat up the space on a page.  or I wanted words to mean something more0and i take some care choosing them?  don’t buy too heavily into artistic talk 😉  love what ya get of corse.  I have a number of pages going so i’m a good boy on production time spent.  I have research going too so I might get fancy on you- if you’re lucky.

I have a voice just like anyone in general theory has and some skills also just like in general theory anyone may have.  of course this also means i have weaknesses too, but i’m not here for a swim in the cesspool of negativities.  you may see i have a shining example of a radio script and a performance of that script- which is fairly useful to any writer wanting their efforts to go somewhere money exists.  radio?  MONEY?? hahaha, no, i mean broadly that if you scriptwrite for television, film and stage you can make a far bigger living off the words than in free circulation of “books” or magazines… but everything has it’s tricks and what sells.  for instance, you’d look a ripe FOOL if you want to sell a movie script written in microsoft Word student edition when professionals from what i hear favor Final Draft Pro.    also, as much fun as i have for now rewriting songs and other silly bloggy things, borrowing copyrighted material for a professional use is tricky business as you must follow strict guidelines for you to be able to- do you wish to gamble on a few million of your dollars that the common practice of youtube ‘liscensure” would hold up in court?  yahoo doesn’t and thus for you to not show specific documentation otherwise will see you not be supported in your free speech or non-commercial usage of materials.  something as simple as a a lyric from your favorite song may be a few hundred dollars for a turn of a phrase to a few thousand- cash up front, not upon sales impact.  I i was watching a show from 1971 where the host’s monologue refers to a papers today on the subject of truth in packaging and advertising.  the show is dick cavett’s march 25,1971 show with groucho marx – i can not find any quick hits on new york times running anything of the kind.  i know this air date is a thursday and I now have to read a microfiche if available from the big library somewhere so I may discern whether this funniness can be attributed correctly and more importantly reused in a way.  I laughed my fool head off.  yes some poor soul is concern in montana that you are indeed eating a potato from idaho and have you noticed the new trend of women eschewing wearing a bra?  truth in packaging… I’m sure there’s a joke in there..smiles… I mean i laughed my fool head off.  I can’t find SHIT NOTHING to substantiate that supposed papers discussing the subject of us law – it’s an actu becan as law in 1966.  not 1971.  it is relevant in that we’ve pushed in state efforts for genetically modified food to be legally labeled and thus a lot of money for certfication to be non gmo / organic would be up for grabs and…the measure fails… shoot. Colorado 2014 I believe.- I live in Georgia now.  It is still a skill to research and do so despite this likely having zilch to do with my story ideas or that of a creditable explaination of why superfoods like blueberries just ain’t got it compared to a whitecastle hamburger you salad freaks. – which is nutritionally true from a very skewed point of view and not entirely my scientifically documented research obviously- whitecastle selling ’em by the sack a book by an indiana professor documenting the whitecastle story which is the first fast food place began in not so luxurious kansas city mosourri – but principally now as then an eastern usa regional thing save for alas vegas after the popularity of harold and kumar go to whitecastle – the movie.  well, in white castle’s history they did a thing on nutrition where you ate nothing but white castles and 30 days later would be measured for dietary safety and other factors and it turns out that you do far better on white castles than say a monodiet of say potatoes, rice, or my invention mention blueberries- this was quietly repeated and is still true but nationally we talk of health in an entirely different way and the company just isn’t into fighting trends like that.  you want a burger whitecastle is your place…they hope – i prefer krystal’s now that i’m in the deep south and there is and has been a taste of the white castle vs krystals and eff white castles obviously.  but while this all seems off topic dribbling, it isn’t – if you thought i don’t lace meaning into words and or take zero care wielding them.  hopefully you begin to see that i work hard not to be sued, look entirely idiotic all the time anyways and also care a bit about my little ditties.

will i have a choice work when my researches thin as they are come up useless? yep.  it’s a lot of work for nothing.  save the slimmest hope you’d realise i care deeply about that split pea soup line i’m working on.  I care about shifty and craft words so you can dance in three or five of them across a store.  I might campy radio it up not because radio sells- but because it doesn’t.  it’s worth knowing about though≥



(episode 268, the black husky – I had to utilize the find command option f on my mac’s browser “husky” – or scroll through list)

it’s all for naught without an example.  so, here is both a script and. a performance of that script underneath it.  I am considering directions to weave stories if I can suffer linearity and logic long enough to describe and tale-tell.  I am just about as far along in my usual process of writing as is a script of a radio show would be if I trim out and rewrite the good parts. or 31 pages of verse  could be 10 decent pages with a cohesive theme.  – I thus figured that as I’m after a book’s worth I might have some ideas of how to cast this stuff.  the last time I nanowrimo’ed I got the 50k of words.  the last time I saved my poems from an iteration of it had 243 pages printed out of stuff I through away at my first poetry workshop to create again fresh and new.    Heh, thus I should admit this forever work and wheels spinning might end up the same again of spent for little reward spent…but it IS. process.

You might just get some fun seeing i’m a determined one to have a proper set of neat things to share of my ideas that might inspire your ideas.  If you think I’m Mr Radio with a whirly-gig of aural effects and am secretly a vaudevillain/ uh, vaudevillian – well, NO.    it is fun to feel the words flow and hope there is somewhere somehow to present their flow though.

I am next curious to did up some piano rolls- duh, even if I ain’t Mr Vaudeville, radio is entertainment and radio usually had a theme of some kind…music… and we all know people expect to be paid for copyrighted things so piano rolls are hopefully public domain in many cases D::D

( )


I love the squeaky wheel of the old machine 😀  “oil…Oil!”

not “water water” or “roooooom service”… if you remember your Spaceballs….


Memory Games

Let’s see how much people have changed.
Year I was given: 1985
Age: 10
Now: 41
Relationship status: nope, not even in puberty for  blank blank sakes!
Now: doubtfully, but all hope hasn’t hit the griddle for the sizzle of reality.
Living in: Broomfield, CO
Now: Columbus, GA
Pets: 3 two Cats and a Gerbil
Now: 2 Great Danes
Was I happy?: fairly, on the backside of fourth grade – front side I hit the t-ball for the winning run, then broke an arm outside of that and lost the followup game  chance to hero again.
Now: very often, yes.
Kids: counting me? ONE
Kids nope, unless counting me.
Comment “x” and I’ll give you a year


“Quantum Foam,” in my home…

Michael Chriton’s timeline is both a fine movie filmed inCanada and aDelightful Book for the smudging of the nose with stories.  It opens with a fine scene, the book that is, with one singing a parody of john Denver’s C”country Road” “Country roads, Take me home, to the place i Belong, West Virginia, Mountain Momma, Take me Home, Country roads” becomes Quantum foam where never i roam..”  it’s disjointed to say the least of a performance and person and you will have to read the book to find out- Stick it Movies after the books that don’t get the whole book!

Quantum foam though is what i’m after as ma’am Kaylar decided i needed to know the universe is, yes that whole universe, is inside us all.  Now now, you can pick up that i would be avoiding saying aloud prison jokes and or otherwise misbehaviong as it is. a fine sentiment of psirituality.  and yes, sometimes i need something elevated to think on…  so Universe.  well, once upon a star which we all know stars are points of the past as they’re so far away and universey and whatnot- a basic star is a basic furnace of assembly.  so, with this in mind – past stories as stars in the sky and engines of assembly of our universe… I bought an Espresso Machine.

I can not afford a fancy one.  I bought a Mr Coffee which is about twenty percent the cost of the other offerings.  I haven’t turned it on nor even plugged it in.  I don’t intend to this moment either- it’s time for church, not the bar.  I mean that metaphorically of course.  I remember this as a pursuit perhaps some five years ago.  i had just moved into a new apartment which in reality was an old apartment after living with a friend to live with a different set of them as it turned out.  I had recently enough not succeeded in romance and yet found a new chase of a half decade to wander after.  this presents the thrill of possibility.  and of course your story.


I walked up the back stair of crumbled concrete held to with not so stout iron past the thrill of little pig little pig let me in or i’ll huff and puff and blow your house in… only this third pig’s home of brick wouldn’t allow that… i’m not so sure my apartment building wouldn’t crumble in a lil wolfish puff.  I know it was sound physically but the feel of this place was sketch was it’s best foot forward.  it deteriorated from there.  I walked up a stair where the light was out to a space my apartment where there was only  a little window to the dining room where every other place save the downstair’s mirror was full of windows mine lacked a second living room one.  it wasn’t as if you couldn’t fit bodily through the dining room one to break in therefore it was like safer… no, these places lacked that one window so you couldn’t see who was home in what luxury or it was  hidden just like the magic of mr miyagi’s back yard of paradise.  or in short this was a drug dealer’s paradise no one could see your complete movements nor who was coming and going.  the joke of this place was dojn’t feed the bears.  you know wildlife signage.   it applied to the people who would hope a convenience store was present for such chemical treats so close.  you can’t help remember that feeling of 70’s motels half a country away so sketch you felt you’d arrived in a novel instead of arriving home.  it just oozed shady and seedy here.

Didn’t matter that it was freshly painted not very poorly maintained everyone was employed and not everyone was on something or always you felt they were.  you judged this place faster than that new floosey after a fine frolic – never mind your marriage just new to town.  it may have been seedy but it wasn’t wholly without charm 😉


I internet after my new love and as you might imagine its a long time with the good ones to ruin it being ourselves.  I began to wonder how i would make her a reality.  i was stretched to the point there wasn’t any left.  I’m not rich.  i was then into my 3 straight year of near complete unemployment after a 2 weekend job as a political canvasser which was 3 years from the 3 weeks as a sign twirler for a newly redone condo building.  it wasn’t a great run of employment the 2000’s  I was into the 2010’s heh.  and i would face having to survive as an immigrant to I could either be married out and thus mildly capable of government assistance.  I wouldn’t have paid into their system and thus while not starving or nothing I would have to survive on my own and what country wants a new burden?  I think bitching and moaning about the get a job bunch would definitely include me

So, coffee machine ?  well I figured I’d go get a job slinging coffee or making sandwiches…didn’t matter wich…norrry pun… which.  sis and brother like anyone would wait like you would honestly til I showed up with the goods to go looking with a chance as in I had the uniform to start – they did and I did and they said quietly no hope.  I was bunged into a volunteer job at the old folks home next door til it turned into a job 2 years later.  I must have finally appeared a tad too rough.  damn it.  so I quickly lost the notion coffee for half a decade til now

I have nothing better to do.  i like coffee.  I especially like coffee with foamy milk or a latte.  not as keen on the woodier espressos but once in a while sure.  they milk nicely with tea and foaming milk for a dirty chai.  I adore those too.  so. i own a machine and the pages are there to treat it like church.  nothing food you’ll soon learn is or has much of anything to do with food – which should be good.  food service is mostly show up clean work dirty things and stay clean or don’t serve me!  and lacking service i would as you would LEAVE?  so. i sit reading and typing so i can think and if you read this you can not think heheheh. of how to achieve a proper coffee.  it’s obviously too late for the specific romances now.

so, I guess lacking a better explaination – i am to swizzle steam through milk til it doubles or triples in volume – not in one spot or it’ll burn and be chunky bits of gross.  I am to tamp my grounds and spin my dial the other way and whomp my grounds with more steam and thus obtain an espresso.  If I wait til machine cools i can pour more water in to what I steamed milk and steam water then pop off and wipe clean the milk wand…thus sanitizing according to machine directions-  I do not know if I’ll cup bowl the bleach water so i can feel at least truly sanitary.  every three months I’m to run the machine with straight vinegar both coffee and steamer wand if used then again cool down tween all featured uses and then run  water to rinse…cooling in between til you can not smell vinegar. or at least four times.  obviously this is HOURS of work written up.    what i don’t know is how the sugar gets into the coffee via milk foam or whatever.  you see i never could see how it got done nor got the job there to be trained at coffee shopping.

I know this seems silly to be so devout about coffee, i won’t either obtain work from it as i’m slow, or the gal, I had my time and chances – but lol if’s a bit funny to have deja vu – and soon enough coffee ala fancy mc fru fru.  now to go herod.  i know you biblical readers like you non biblical one ones aren’t likely to get it – i wash my hands of this 😉  you know typing instead of coffeeing.

well, reading.  cleanliness on the part people pay for in reality is the goal.  i did the dishes. and of course gazed at the black glase and steel.



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MYSTERY newer to me person!  but if you join up for NaNoWriMo, – odds are you’re in it for telling your own story 🙂  ….besides, i’m interested in what was to come of what was read in that there armchair.


The reasons go like so- first, maybe one of you will participate  😀  that’s fun.  Maybe all of you will feel that hoped-for pang of holiday yippee someone thought of me.  All of you also tell a story.  I’ve read them.  Why don’t I rack my brains for nominating my entire following?  I can’t read that much or fast!  and I don’t want this to be a PUNISHMENT 😀 for you or me.    (Besides, as he sits here cackling, you’re special!)





NOno, NaNo

No – No’s for NaNo – WriMo, not the guthey-Ranker product for unwanted body hair-removal.

mathematically, one has 30 days typing everyday roughly 1650words a day…nono nano number one – it might not come on schedule.  have some fun.  keep writing even if it’s hopeless to actually beat nano’s goal.

I wont.  I’m on pace for 1000 words a day and it takes every bit 8 straight hours per day to get that and i to this form’s ideas will lose steam to that pace soon enough – so obviously something different in directions will occur or I’ll plod on slower…

if you care to be confused, my days are updated throughout them with progress on

because, i need drafty notes.  i’ll worry about ignsignificant details like making sense  😉 later.  I need material so it’s word vomitting like …oh tasteless of me….a bulimic after a buffet.


And NOW, Nano

Like many a NanoWriMo hopeful, I sit to the blinking cursor of doom today.  I don’t feel inspired.  All the hot excitement has evaporated.  All that remains is chair time and a dim hope something from the mound of letters begun can grow a few shapes that can be chissled into something of a shape.  This IS O.K>  I have sat here before.  I know it is no curse.  Truth  is that emotions exist too, like disenchantment or malaises, and life goes on.  I want anwe / ennui.   I have s moments to weave words and know if enough exist I will revise them.  so, the link above shows the early idea that each set of sits is a post.  x number of algebraic looming doom is a baby step perhaps to a goal.  There are ways to attack the problem of hoping something emerges like sitting to help it do so.


as you might notice, i’m after a bit of  this as a functional bit of verse.   – it’s like fishing.  a lot of lines to pay out hopefully to hook a fish of an idea.  no gauruntees this will remain my modus operundi.  but good luck.  it’s begun.  I may or may not copy and paste to the actual nano to see what grows.    Why verse? it’s easier to try to say it in 30 ish at most words and f i like that set of them i can save them….and if not i’ve not wasted much.    – but it doesn’t get anywhere til i sit the moments typing.

so, another round then perhaps another and lunch.  the math of nano says it’s easy enough for me to write words but the ones i want are just as elusive as anyone else’s