Learning Curve

#shortstorysociety chat in 2 hours!

I will just have to have me a lil cuss up over hear in my corner having just had to suffer a bout of the “new” in life.  I cuss it as i’m finally slow enough it isn’t easy and thus being confused isn’t particularly easy  to sort out.  I will just have to hum some 70’s Gloria Gaynor- I will survive.

a couple in this chat are new to me or may visit. – Hello.

I still need a nap.  I should invest in a cane to beat people with…obviously it’s a nic SOUNDING sentiment but not a particularly wise idea.

most of my nano exists 2 so i didn’t have to have a hidden draft pile. there’s a poem or two as well.  you will find this version is older.  not necessarily better.

I’m middle-aged, blind legally, Living on base in Georgia courtesy for now of sis and her serving soul,and not about to pretend I’m like others.  not a strong point .

however, before dissolving into pools of emotional drivvel me or you, let’s cover some facts.  you’re far more likely to be your own meanest critic in life than anything you actually heard and i don’t care how many times you’ve heard crappiness it doesn’t have to even be a lie to be crappy.  you probably can very easily do it whatever it is.  there are those who drive seeing less than i- it might be a tough sell to obtain the presidency but if you want that job-some is out there… refer to current usa politics if you doubt me.  I’m likely to be liberal as i was saved by howard Stern from being a Limbaughian dittohead.  you would think I’d not have had this issue liking vidal but it took some serious power to keep me holy on hte subject of who supports my side in life- matter what jesus is sselling on the other side of those kind of aisles.

i cook once in a while to try not to forget how.  i don’t have to and in fact usually am not encouraged to do so. this is okay, it is yp to you and I to take our own lead in giving a crap about our interests and move towards them.

if you wish to run away screaming, feel free. but don’t forget the chirpiness of “have a nice day.”

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “Learning Curve”

There have been times when I am my own worst critic. The last such was in 2013, just before I met you at Winchell’s Donut Shop, in south Denver. Out of it came more self-awareness, and making the steps necessary to be far less annoying to others.

YES. We are our own worst critics. 😦
But, sometimes maybe we listen to others when they tell us about ourselves. 🙂 Maybe begin to believe in ourselves a bit more in positive ways. 🙂
You are smart, wise, kind, funny, fun, creative and so much more, J-Man! So keep moving forward with a smile! 🙂
We all learn and grow with life’s experiences. I like that. 🙂
HUGS, not plugs or pugs or slugs, just (((HUGS))) 😀

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