My morning began pretty much at the start of morning as in just after midnight – i didn’t let it all hang out – so sorry no one is i was claptoning it.

I was thus around for the doggy bad dream so she could have a petting and a cracker…then mercilously be tossed outside as otherwise she’d likely pee the couch…a not so pleasant recent development…yes of course it was a short tossing with a let back in.  i wonder what would bug a dog?

before i could mentally blink it is nearly four thirty starting this type up.  I have also made my own crappy cup of coffee – but i steamed the milk….and wiped it and splattered machine and counter station down and served an interesting morning joe up for the serving soldier off to gaurd the gate.    I’ve been at that since i bought it or a few weeks.  I did in 10 minutes  a C to B mnus job of foaming the milk.  I need to get a proper vessel for this and or learn to better eyeball 3 oz. milk  as i’ll never likely see better and haven’t any mechanical ability coming…. I think the better vessel is a better bet.  odd that it’s feels second nature though finally – it’s always odd when you practice something and finally get to display it.

I saw first thing this morning two things of spirual significance to me – an I am post during a not so typical moment … and an angel message saying i am love, not loved and adored.  odd that i’m not LOVED and adored, just adored but am love…but whatever.  it’s still a nice feeling – and any reading this might laugh at the proof of who am i to wonder after spelling so much when I rarely edit?  I even laughed at that yesterday as i had to type a script opening for myself – I am pleased i could but it’s hard to get the formatting just so only for wordpress to ignor it anyways.

it’s in the other blog.  and this is about time to stitch some pieces together – meaning i have to go bug someone 😀  pardon me a moment….save for a parting sorrow of a question,  what do you do to be the love you wish to return to you?  offhandedly/instinctual question here… you can NOT think of the Martha Stewart responses- unless you just Stepford Wives you life that way which means i’d cuss being jealous as hell as… I can’t froth a milk very well yet.  Laughingly jealous as hell, not destructively jealous… there is a joyous difference.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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aerosol cream can improve party time pictures of coffee school dropouts. 😀 I know how to drizzle and i think I can find a squeezy bottle at the stores still. — it also seems i hit a kindly response I didn’t expect- I noted the spelling and how that reads – love/loved without feeling jipped or hurt or infact anything other than o_O eyebrow at a specific difference… so, thank you. although i’m rather a bit unimaginative at being others. no, not funny voices.. I wouldn’t try after a radio script if i couldn’t make more than one tone come out my mouth, but I mean I really am only one person…ME so thanks for the hug feeling if you will of it seeming to sound as if I do and it doesn’t return…

Very fun
And the frothy milk sounds good
Side note – someone let our dog out and went to bed – I had to go let him in and he was distraught – the dog is a sweet fella and 20 plus minutes felt long to the old pooch.
Anyhow – good day to u

Just be you…you are loveable and lovely and a giver of love and appreciated by many people, etc.! Your TrueLove will find you!

They say dogs do dream. I wonder if it’s about other dogs, fire hydrants, chasing their tails, etc… ??? 😛

I hope your Thanksgiving week is full of fun! 🙂

HUGS!!! 🙂

Interesting hours and Angel message…. In so many ways you seen filled with love – or joy. More often than not you bring smiles. This is a very good thing. I hope you had a good thanksgiving. Peace and smiles

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