viking sunstone
alabaster jar

Starting and Ending with Stones, light and Dark no less! You’ve a pile of links labeled as Talisman’s – Would you Like a clue why? I suspect next month i have 4k in simple maybe stories to get after. maybe I will, maybe i wont. but what’s here is fun too
viking sunstone aka icelandic spare but as shown to determin the placement of the sun or thus determine somewhat that one’s on the right corse.
next we’ve a combination of a book and music twice – a seemingly old bit of music to a book supposedly with a tale far older yet is deliciously contemporary – next is bleedingly new music and a truly old book yet far more contemporary are both in that the book explores based on the best information of the science and tech of the times- and so to, the music…yet in a way as contemporary as it is both are simpler things less adorned in traditions. next we’ve an alabaster jar the thought shared a shattered soul finding glue here in how it may be biblically allegorical to say an alabaster jar is likely to hold something precious and to shatter that is to give preciously. or do you add innocence is held because alabaster is suspiciously western white the smbol of pure? tragic it is to take the Chinese color scheme of symbolism and find out it’s bad luck and ghosts! 😉 it is deliberately next to a moral tale from europe well steeped in traditions not necessarily unchristian but are not necessarily christian – stone soup- a reminder of the most important part in food is the service the giving- even if the ingredients of the soup are not yours to give. you give something- the stone. next is a ptolemaic map and a picture of st brigit of kildare – why? isn’t it obvious? heheheh science/ religion – interesting i juxtapose the time points as ptolemy predates the full christian religion -and yet during the middle times fter rome fell and the reinnaissance st brigid was a light of education and arts famed in a darker time without a push for education. however do not miss the art- she has an aura and that indicates theologic pressense and size and thus very much not of the later and obviously earlier science. science would later challenge god to exist complaining it lied, religion. funny how religion allowed science to survive..

themes. what is a trinket you hold dear what does it mean?
what’s old sometimes is new and the opposite true too
what is your compass? i don’t need a religious or atheistic diatribe or discourse even- a lighter meaningful principal is nice- but don’t cheat the meaning.. an allabaster jar is prescious- it needn’t be spikenard and allegory- but it should be good to invent or share.

liar’s moon is a specific titles book here as it is in the oral history tradition of a hot new academic thing that not everyone wrote- which was a denigration to cultures for a time as backwards…but this one offers a history in the truest ways of an oral tradition yes, you can lie to tell the truth and it’s no surprise it’s included with jazz/piano – heheh lies are fun, not the malicious misleadings but inventions fabrications which meet the definition of a technical lie.

I want to have thought it so later I have a chance at ideas. i highly doubt this is any use as a specific prompt but what the hell, i may not have acres of time to work from scratch for a holiday season. maybe i’ll dream of cointreau and solo piano music…obvious or not – i’m dry and likely will be til i wish to move- but I remember. you can’t necessarily want to forget that a bottle of dewars and old movies are fun but not as much fun as cointreau and casablanca specically – it’s literally that simple of s pecific things ordered in a way to be stylish. you can’t tell me you with or without adult beverage wanted to be stylish ever?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “Talisman”

hands over the wine before there’s another crime. 😀 I would point out the benny moten link sucked – it was originally meant to link to todays’times with a relative of the times past for Wendy Moten a early nineties singer from tennessee maintaining popularity in Japan and not listing her family background. how unhelpful so i’m left with solo piano that’s a real bait and switch. but, stones tunes and tomes, ma’am.

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