I am mid stream listening to leonard Cohen’s last interview.  Who?  it is a shame if you do not know.  It s a shame if all you play is Marco Polo in a pool parroting the phrase of discovering the unknown goal of China.  Leonard isn’t there- magic is.  it is magic when you are moved by a word or an experience.  I wouldn’t have been til another said woe, leonard Cohen.  I had just watched Shrek.  i had just played leonard nimoy aka Mr Spock singing Bilboa Baggins.  leonard was one more trip to the magic cafe.  sad to say it that way.  however, love for his magic endures.  my need to hold others dearer made sure he , leonard was in the shadows.  and now i must look once more to the shadows hoping the magic remains there just within memory.


I laugh as i hear he drops acid and imagines the audience turning into one big Jew.  wouldn’t you?  I am not Jewish.  the closest i come is liking a rye and luncheon meats and other delicatessen prizes.  or perhaps a bagel.  I have read Sholom alaikem.  I have red isaac beshevis singer.  I have red lisa goldstein’s the red magician.  I have watched Fiddler on the roof sawn apart by isaac stern solo introduction.  I have hoped ethnicity in food is a dreamy treasure pelmeni borscht salami on rye blintzes piled high and a religiousity of an iced tea. and the chastisements of expectation I couldn’t ever possibly be enough yet i’m a treasure in my mother’s eyes…what a dichotomy that.  I am no Jew.  I hail schlindler.  I am amazed at Israel and equally horrified.   and i get leonard cohen in my shadows – i am lucky. perhaps not to be quite of the group.  but at least within earshot of life.


perhaps groucho marx, maybe victor borge singin my sandler with the hope of my gin and tonic ah.  to feel a pride if you will, within simply being here as I am so serendaed. knowing this dance is at the end of not love but of life, Leonard’s but not of legacy.  Just as so many stand as testament to a time or possibilities.  okay I shand ask alice when she’s ten feet tall or leonard the audience as one jew he saw.  but i will leave with a story to paint the graveled edges of his voice as it can now only echo.  i can only thank so many for sharing him above so many was that wow for you as such i might never have heard or seen.  maybe you’ll not understand me, but I do feel what is around.  this is a shadow of that which is smoke ring making movie scenes.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “Celebration”

I love Victor Borge and I shall now go order a Marx Brothers movie because I haven’t watched them for a very long time. 🙂

Yes. Great post, J-Man!

I am SO sad over Mr Cohen’s death. 😦 His words and music are woven throughout my life. I am ever grateful for the joy and comfort he has brought to me. 🙂

Groucho often got away with saying some naughty things. I found a bunch of his old You Bet Your Life TV show episodes (I’d never seen them before) and I snort-laughed at all the innuendo and naught stuff he got away with saying! 😀 😛

HUGS and Happy Moan-Day! May all of your moaning be good 😉 moaning! 😀

PS…I blogged the other day on being a preposition! 🙂

we’ll have to look if I missed one- it was a rare moment I caught one of yours before the nnnnrt, uh, j’man you’ve a post waiting 😀 only fair now she visits you 😀 hee hee hugs, the has one on ya kind of hugs 😀

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