if you EVER enter

anywhere is quite  chosen, no?

you have gone and played god.

Power if funny to many unaware

you give yours often taking silent stares

and yet you ask and recieve

each transaction is  a receipt

and yet feel conquering and other the litter over there.

be in love with yourself

you matter or not as chosen

laugh iif its one-sided

my dime is no dollar

but I’m not Atlas Earth holding

business wants its one, ten.

notice the joy of you found

your choice is yay so there found

feel special when you can.

maybe it’s corn dogs crispy

EW!- it’s liver & onions


it’s sad when you enter defeated

you don’t want ramen and feel cheated

all you see isi can’t afford

all there is is you labeled poor

conquer here with  dinner completed.

another round of toast

soldiers or lighthouses lighted

imagine the options.


walmart oh my cheap

villain stealing my glory

really? I think not.

Ithanks for my jobs there really

sometimes your not the right price.

I don’t clip coupon spend 20 cents to say fifteen

consequently I don’t get the grandest savings you’ve ever seen

but I enjoy my cost my saved time and my dinners

I feel sometimes a bigger winner winner

andknow my chosen haunts well that i’m visiting.


I found I explore food

cheap value stores for this ain’t good

I want what I need

not BOGO I can’t eat

or gourmet priced beyond my mood.



By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

9 replies on “n16.10”

the master / raw file is 41 pages in fairly bank sized print.- I made a boo boo here above sharing today’s contribution to the masterfile on this not it’s normal blog for said – but what the heck, this is whats in play. if you nano still – keep after it-. I am. I have to cull the poems from the raw data next and with them get more formally a layout of them in …crap…a logical ordering to more dedicatedly see what i miss/need. you may get then a slightly more comprehensible plan and actual effort towards it. don’t expect such til next weekend. or my halfway point. this is about where the fun of my process begins. you should have then a puke draft, a first and or second working draft either in hand or with a realistic eta and from this something closer to a form I wish to fling out. until then, you have proof i put time on my bottom to put something to a page. . keep your nano alive. we’ve a 1/3 done tonight, I likely have about 1/3 of the initial needs down, but a ferrocious ammount of reprocessing to do yet. poems for instance aren’t a radio show- part of it, but not it. so my stroll needs more tread and a fashion check. or admissions of guilt i changed my mind and went a different way afterall. either way I’ve a third of my month gone and about a 1/3 of it done woot.

woot! (-; I had not thought of doing the nanowrimo in verse. t’would not be possible for me, given how i sweat over word, verse or otherwise. besides, now you’ve given me a new view of decembre, stairs to story a week. wow. what have i done. (-;

🙂 tonight chronicles of narnia oh five, last night breakfast at tiffanny’s, last man on the moon, emperor’s new groove and the best of enemies wfbuckleyjr/gore vidal in a moment perhaps a bit of neil degrasse tyson ‘s cosmos which is still ciency neat but no carl sagan neat. or if I can 😀 silk road cc/nhk for some 80’s epic travelogue 😀

BOGO food sometimes is not too bad… But then my food says a lot about me – cheap and easy! haha…. It just seemed an appropriate joke. You are busy, busy, busy writing away! peace to you

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