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(episode 268, the black husky – I had to utilize the find command option f on my mac’s browser “husky” – or scroll through list)

it’s all for naught without an example.  so, here is both a script and. a performance of that script underneath it.  I am considering directions to weave stories if I can suffer linearity and logic long enough to describe and tale-tell.  I am just about as far along in my usual process of writing as is a script of a radio show would be if I trim out and rewrite the good parts. or 31 pages of verse  could be 10 decent pages with a cohesive theme.  – I thus figured that as I’m after a book’s worth I might have some ideas of how to cast this stuff.  the last time I nanowrimo’ed I got the 50k of words.  the last time I saved my poems from an iteration of it had 243 pages printed out of stuff I through away at my first poetry workshop to create again fresh and new.    Heh, thus I should admit this forever work and wheels spinning might end up the same again of spent for little reward spent…but it IS. process.

You might just get some fun seeing i’m a determined one to have a proper set of neat things to share of my ideas that might inspire your ideas.  If you think I’m Mr Radio with a whirly-gig of aural effects and am secretly a vaudevillain/ uh, vaudevillian – well, NO.    it is fun to feel the words flow and hope there is somewhere somehow to present their flow though.

I am next curious to did up some piano rolls- duh, even if I ain’t Mr Vaudeville, radio is entertainment and radio usually had a theme of some kind…music… and we all know people expect to be paid for copyrighted things so piano rolls are hopefully public domain in many cases D::D

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I love the squeaky wheel of the old machine 😀  “oil…Oil!”

not “water water” or “roooooom service”… if you remember your Spaceballs….


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