“Quantum Foam,” in my home…

Michael Chriton’s timeline is both a fine movie filmed inCanada and aDelightful Book for the smudging of the nose with stories.  It opens with a fine scene, the book that is, with one singing a parody of john Denver’s C”country Road” “Country roads, Take me home, to the place i Belong, West Virginia, Mountain Momma, Take me Home, Country roads” becomes Quantum foam where never i roam..”  it’s disjointed to say the least of a performance and person and you will have to read the book to find out- Stick it Movies after the books that don’t get the whole book!

Quantum foam though is what i’m after as ma’am Kaylar decided i needed to know the universe is, yes that whole universe, is inside us all.  Now now, you can pick up that i would be avoiding saying aloud prison jokes and or otherwise misbehaviong as it is. a fine sentiment of psirituality.  and yes, sometimes i need something elevated to think on…  so Universe.  well, once upon a star which we all know stars are points of the past as they’re so far away and universey and whatnot- a basic star is a basic furnace of assembly.  so, with this in mind – past stories as stars in the sky and engines of assembly of our universe… I bought an Espresso Machine.

I can not afford a fancy one.  I bought a Mr Coffee which is about twenty percent the cost of the other offerings.  I haven’t turned it on nor even plugged it in.  I don’t intend to this moment either- it’s time for church, not the bar.  I mean that metaphorically of course.  I remember this as a pursuit perhaps some five years ago.  i had just moved into a new apartment which in reality was an old apartment after living with a friend to live with a different set of them as it turned out.  I had recently enough not succeeded in romance and yet found a new chase of a half decade to wander after.  this presents the thrill of possibility.  and of course your story.


I walked up the back stair of crumbled concrete held to with not so stout iron past the thrill of little pig little pig let me in or i’ll huff and puff and blow your house in… only this third pig’s home of brick wouldn’t allow that… i’m not so sure my apartment building wouldn’t crumble in a lil wolfish puff.  I know it was sound physically but the feel of this place was sketch was it’s best foot forward.  it deteriorated from there.  I walked up a stair where the light was out to a space my apartment where there was only  a little window to the dining room where every other place save the downstair’s mirror was full of windows mine lacked a second living room one.  it wasn’t as if you couldn’t fit bodily through the dining room one to break in therefore it was like safer… no, these places lacked that one window so you couldn’t see who was home in what luxury or it was  hidden just like the magic of mr miyagi’s back yard of paradise.  or in short this was a drug dealer’s paradise no one could see your complete movements nor who was coming and going.  the joke of this place was dojn’t feed the bears.  you know wildlife signage.   it applied to the people who would hope a convenience store was present for such chemical treats so close.  you can’t help remember that feeling of 70’s motels half a country away so sketch you felt you’d arrived in a novel instead of arriving home.  it just oozed shady and seedy here.

Didn’t matter that it was freshly painted not very poorly maintained everyone was employed and not everyone was on something or always you felt they were.  you judged this place faster than that new floosey after a fine frolic – never mind your marriage just new to town.  it may have been seedy but it wasn’t wholly without charm 😉


I internet after my new love and as you might imagine its a long time with the good ones to ruin it being ourselves.  I began to wonder how i would make her a reality.  i was stretched to the point there wasn’t any left.  I’m not rich.  i was then into my 3 straight year of near complete unemployment after a 2 weekend job as a political canvasser which was 3 years from the 3 weeks as a sign twirler for a newly redone condo building.  it wasn’t a great run of employment the 2000’s  I was into the 2010’s heh.  and i would face having to survive as an immigrant to I could either be married out and thus mildly capable of government assistance.  I wouldn’t have paid into their system and thus while not starving or nothing I would have to survive on my own and what country wants a new burden?  I think bitching and moaning about the get a job bunch would definitely include me

So, coffee machine ?  well I figured I’d go get a job slinging coffee or making sandwiches…didn’t matter wich…norrry pun… which.  sis and brother like anyone would wait like you would honestly til I showed up with the goods to go looking with a chance as in I had the uniform to start – they did and I did and they said quietly no hope.  I was bunged into a volunteer job at the old folks home next door til it turned into a job 2 years later.  I must have finally appeared a tad too rough.  damn it.  so I quickly lost the notion coffee for half a decade til now

I have nothing better to do.  i like coffee.  I especially like coffee with foamy milk or a latte.  not as keen on the woodier espressos but once in a while sure.  they milk nicely with tea and foaming milk for a dirty chai.  I adore those too.  so. i own a machine and the pages are there to treat it like church.  nothing food you’ll soon learn is or has much of anything to do with food – which should be good.  food service is mostly show up clean work dirty things and stay clean or don’t serve me!  and lacking service i would as you would LEAVE?  so. i sit reading and typing so i can think and if you read this you can not think heheheh. of how to achieve a proper coffee.  it’s obviously too late for the specific romances now.

so, I guess lacking a better explaination – i am to swizzle steam through milk til it doubles or triples in volume – not in one spot or it’ll burn and be chunky bits of gross.  I am to tamp my grounds and spin my dial the other way and whomp my grounds with more steam and thus obtain an espresso.  If I wait til machine cools i can pour more water in to what I steamed milk and steam water then pop off and wipe clean the milk wand…thus sanitizing according to machine directions-  I do not know if I’ll cup bowl the bleach water so i can feel at least truly sanitary.  every three months I’m to run the machine with straight vinegar both coffee and steamer wand if used then again cool down tween all featured uses and then run  water to rinse…cooling in between til you can not smell vinegar. or at least four times.  obviously this is HOURS of work written up.    what i don’t know is how the sugar gets into the coffee via milk foam or whatever.  you see i never could see how it got done nor got the job there to be trained at coffee shopping.

I know this seems silly to be so devout about coffee, i won’t either obtain work from it as i’m slow, or the gal, I had my time and chances – but lol if’s a bit funny to have deja vu – and soon enough coffee ala fancy mc fru fru.  now to go herod.  i know you biblical readers like you non biblical one ones aren’t likely to get it – i wash my hands of this 😉  you know typing instead of coffeeing.

well, reading.  cleanliness on the part people pay for in reality is the goal.  i did the dishes. and of course gazed at the black glase and steel.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on ““Quantum Foam,” in my home…”

if you are smart, you waited here for the near instant i wasn’t going to wait long for coffee church. 😀 yes it’s cleaned and ready for use so that kitchen god is hopefully appeased. mocha chino with truvia and choc syrup for that “moccha” and sweet and 2 percent as this is what i have. result? I damn near burnt the milk but did foam it. i gently tampped the grounds and had to scrap the container to uncake them and to be honest there is a silver taste not as in metalic but hope i can make more soon. the machine is slow imagine a normal perk machine speed and now imagine 2 cups espresso shot sized taking about as long to make as 2 cups of coffee and you’ll understand the deep rooted knowledge i may not have hit the first out of the park but oh lord am i in the GAME! at least.

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