Memory Games

Let’s see how much people have changed.
Year I was given: 1985
Age: 10
Now: 41
Relationship status: nope, not even in puberty for  blank blank sakes!
Now: doubtfully, but all hope hasn’t hit the griddle for the sizzle of reality.
Living in: Broomfield, CO
Now: Columbus, GA
Pets: 3 two Cats and a Gerbil
Now: 2 Great Danes
Was I happy?: fairly, on the backside of fourth grade – front side I hit the t-ball for the winning run, then broke an arm outside of that and lost the followup game  chance to hero again.
Now: very often, yes.
Kids: counting me? ONE
Kids nope, unless counting me.
Comment “x” and I’ll give you a year

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

10 replies on “Memory Games”

2001 is easy. 34 or 35. now. you know what i am. i said yesterday. married then and now. living in PA then and now (same house) pets: 3 cats, I think. then. 3 cats now. (not quite the same) happy? probably. definitely sleep deprived. kids: 2, one of them el bambino (hence the sleep deprived), now a kid and something like an adult. thanks for giving me a year i remember. 🙂

while you’ll get a C – you answered as did I- this is BORING. so lets lie and switch. you get 85 now – it wasn’t an accident i picked the year 01 for you – second treasure just in, but eighty five would be about how old your first treasure is NOW of you in 85. I was in a complete change of life as before camp i worked telephone customer service and after mainly with people directly in person and side jobs again with people intensity. obviously you might have had a relationship pets and junk BOO. buh buh boring! so let’s get grittier 😀 – what was the dreams attached to the facts?
2001 I was starting first season camp- i brought a camera and photographed fifteen hundred things- on being a set of daisies that got me an illigite aard for placement via later. i liked this one counselor and thought it a treat that while i didn’t win her heart- I did get to make her laugh genuinely being a truly sarcastic cuss. i lost at poker to the deaf boy…obviously reading visual cues but not hearing people lie is more helpful than lacking a clue of how they’re conniving me out of a weeks pay. i had just figured out the redemption when his ex of the summer shows up to spoil MY game for an argument. it was deja vu there as i was finally back after 18 years – not obviously 85 but 83 but close enough. I think i officially married my underwear that summer. i wasn’t faithful, I tossed them for the high crime of wearing out with use. obviously i dreamed of romance having moved out of state prior to camp for 3 weeks and my timely tax return escape to return. I know full well the pictures are gone that was 2-11’s birthday greeting, I know nothing changed as to the questions of relationship or children – but she laughed. damn it. my roommate bailed on her and i still lost. ;0 but did I? imagine the bliss of amnesia lane with peach teas.

I agree 2001 was a bit of a snore to the bystanders. 1985. I had to do some research, that being quite a bit longer ago. 1985 found me living in a dorm room 116 atherton hall to be exact, either with the very preppy townie or with the friend who got our room nicknamed the playpen. no pets. no kids (except myself). no significant other. not a lot of sleep, but a whole lot of fun.

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