And NOW, Nano

Like many a NanoWriMo hopeful, I sit to the blinking cursor of doom today.  I don’t feel inspired.  All the hot excitement has evaporated.  All that remains is chair time and a dim hope something from the mound of letters begun can grow a few shapes that can be chissled into something of a shape.  This IS O.K>  I have sat here before.  I know it is no curse.  Truth  is that emotions exist too, like disenchantment or malaises, and life goes on.  I want anwe / ennui.   I have s moments to weave words and know if enough exist I will revise them.  so, the link above shows the early idea that each set of sits is a post.  x number of algebraic looming doom is a baby step perhaps to a goal.  There are ways to attack the problem of hoping something emerges like sitting to help it do so.


as you might notice, i’m after a bit of  this as a functional bit of verse.   – it’s like fishing.  a lot of lines to pay out hopefully to hook a fish of an idea.  no gauruntees this will remain my modus operundi.  but good luck.  it’s begun.  I may or may not copy and paste to the actual nano to see what grows.    Why verse? it’s easier to try to say it in 30 ish at most words and f i like that set of them i can save them….and if not i’ve not wasted much.    – but it doesn’t get anywhere til i sit the moments typing.

so, another round then perhaps another and lunch.  the math of nano says it’s easy enough for me to write words but the ones i want are just as elusive as anyone else’s

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “And NOW, Nano”

Good luck! “Write drunk – edit sober”…. I’ve often thought of giving that a try but not in regards to NaNoWriMo. I don’t think I have a novel inside of me. Here is to hoping something comes forth that you are happy with. Peace and smiles.

Thank you smiling one. halfway through a crappy sestina try atm. 😀 I don’t get to write drunk unless I want a new home – it hasn’t escaped sis’ notice I left school at 218 and i’m under 150 or twenty less than last year this time. i’m not allowed naughty fun as I’m likely too good at it 😉 I’m not allowed permanizing my mischiefs.

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