The Taming of the Shrew, 1929; mary pickford, douglas fairbanks – to bring a zest of shakespeare to us

Clark Gable became bugs bunny from – “Ithappened one night.

Said movie, It Happened one Night. –  I’m pretty sure there is a doughnut scene in here where we’re treated to the proper philosphy of the dunking of a doughnut.

If anyone remembers the pop song, Rock The Casbah… Algiers with Charles Boyer  is the fiendish charmer pepe le moco wanted internationally but…only a girl’ll get ‘im

and a reminder to listen closely as charles is later mocked as pepe le Pew another in the acme of cartoons bugs bunny.  More interestingly, if you watch Casablanca, it was sold as a movie idea of mad excitement like…algies.

as this is film, lets move to radio?  oh come on, why not?

you can find on the left column search all shows.  in this you can alphetically seekyour history.  i like the Adventures of Philip Marlow – which for some silly reason is in the P’s and Omar the wizzard of persia- which is more of the algierian adventure versus a private eye show… Campbelle’s playhouse with orson wells the green goddess episode predates our entry into world war two whereas algiers also yet you must know such had already begun in Europe…  but the green goddess is a drama for radio  from a film which was from a play and the film ‘s hype had the star up to san francisco where he was served the dressing so named.  you may visit wikipedia now for dressings and learn that the thousand island dressing for the macdonald’s not so secret sauce was originally from new hapshire and marketed first as “Russian”  obviously that would change with russia leaving world war one and going soviet union on everyone.  or you may sort through the instances of stars stars stars that were the icons of our icons…jerry lewis was actually funny?  bet no one thought we’d get a george lucas studying film from jerry lewis?..but jerry did direct his films.  omar lacks two of the last episodes which you have to find from a similar old radio website- you can find it as a youtube but you’ll lose around five episodes left out.  It’s really fun to know when they get to syrah  it’s shiraz or syrah of wine fame?  yep, persia made wine. now they’re only famouse for trouble over there.


other notions fun are old games: pente was hot in the seventies/eighties and now pretty much unknown again.  unlike it’s predecessor, go/maku it is a grid game of stones but you do not seek territory but to have five in a row or capture  pairs of stones… or in a word opposite… of it’s inspirational source.


nine man’s morris is a game of antiquity also out of favor lately i can find free online games of this kongrgate is one i believe.  it’s amazing to know only things like backgammon from sennet survive through the ages…but our takes on say china invents dominoes but plays a rummy like game or matching game with them and we count points and beer it up or make feet. also has some old records like william howard taf a president of ours on the campaign…it’s interesting to hear for yourself the history… or perhaps you’l suffer post punk psychedelic israeli russian music from p.u.h…. heavy kettle or need of ear plugs to you even if i liked it


if one has a mind to it, seeing the old old movies has a bit of fun to it.  netflix for those of you who have acess to it has a history of film

while I’m nowhere near an expert or even a novice or afficianado, I was jazzed i have seen some of the films as you  will too if you pick say, a thief of bagdad with fairbanks, the rope tricks are a bit amusing…and get after your akira kurosawa.  i like a later one of his, madadayo as i like the teacher character- seven samurai is epic but little fortress is a bit like how we got say, star wars a new will feel why even if they look no where similar 😉


but netlix a history of film… yep, gone from their listings  sorry I should have been timely.



Making Time

“how can you make some time
when all you got is One Thin dime
an One thin dime wont even shine your shoes”
George Benson – On Broadway.

Despite the hint that this is all about the heartbreak of a wallet wide empty chasin’ love, it’s just not. I’m still on the Silly Silicone searches about photovoltaic cells – but this time the joy of durability testing – where you make time. you test time. x amount of sunlight, heat, rain, otherweather and impact. it’s just amazing how much one or somethin’ will see – just lying about.

turn up the lights. crank up the heat and shove into a freezer, bb gun or something sandblasting sorta it. mash it. Make that time.

Pressure and time, it’s either petroleum and or diamonds. aren’t you glad your throw away lifestyle is tested for time? Everyone thinks give me a seventy-two or sooner vehicle where all I had do was twiddle or oil it alive so simple. yet tetra ethyl lead…leaded gasoline lubricated the links and what-nots and would foul the fancier air cleaning stuff dead which also robbed every ounce of vroom to our zoom too at 8 mpg. yeah 8. who’d by a car that didn’t get 22 or more nowadays? who’d stand for the loud vroom when smooth as glass with just enough to pass sells em now?.. no not everyone. who wants to whip out a 120K tool to test an engine… whoops forgot the diagnostic station in my garage but i got a SCREWDRIVER! yet we know someone made the time to make our lives perform as we dream…but only so well for a fee for so ever long.

400 psi is the thickest of leather’s ability to withstand puncture. this isn’t enough against a cat’s claws or overgrown nails on big dog’s paws. yet it stands up better than fabric’s fifty? Someone made the time. (I have no easy table of evidence for this thought)

I can’t buy a five hundred dollar espresso machine called a dream thumpin out sixteen BARS…two octaves or Liberace Leaving us stunned as he’s flung his fingers across the keys.
sixteen bar? I know this fat instant the average pressure of atmosphere is at sea level about fourteen pounds…not bars…pounds. what is a bar? so sixteen bars oh god it sounds sexy in print but it it’s sixteen pounds oh golly gee what a ripper of hot water that’d be……it will rise 3 feet up a tube…. woo. (turns out a bar is an atmosphere or nearly, so i look the chump.  4.5  atmospheres is when co2  combines in water for those bubbles…just for a reference, 16 bars?  strong coffee….)

I left to get trash can liners for the kitchen trash only to come home to the other box moved 20 feet elsewhere. it was an hour ish adventure. it takes a few seconds to walk 20 feet. did I make the right time?

of that I’m not so obviously sure. but I did get out. I did engage in making time. I actually had but one thin dime in my change assessment of the pockets…nevermind the fact of a few papers presidential otherwise. an, 706.682.0370 is that all shifts are hiring. you know that only means midnight s and holidays…but I saw the sign too making time. I tried before and didn’t get one foot in the door via the apply at my exchange as i saw NO entries. none for any job anywhere nationwide. now I got a number. can I make the fingers make the time? will I process their military star card? we shall see. turn up the lights, crank up the heat, will i withstand the pressure of choice – will I make my time? as in turn it poof into dimes?


Grub and Grumbles
so you may guess what’s coming home with me…is it garlic bread and chianti or bean sprouts and soy sauce?

Iyou ever sour?
seeing it come together
just past deadlines

I filed for a transfer of my card fund minus a dollar fee to hit my bank account. it’s over six weeks since i worked for that bit of dough. the card’s worked once to not get me cash i needed in addition to the candy packet i bought but otherwise nevermind the travel notifications never has worked at atms or anywhere… each decline allows them a dollar fee for all declines ;0 sense a bad experience possible? obviously they mean it that it takes one to two business days to post paid for transfers. come on people, this stuff is computerized and automatic…. it’s not like there’s a poor person clicking buttons.

i found my ssa card where i left it and also have walked past the area labor ready columbus ga should be but forgive me blindness i didn’t see anything saying labor ready. it takes 35 minutes each way to walk from my house to the nearest bus stop each way and it is north side of town where the transfer center termination of the route and this labor ready is or 35 more minutes and the first bus arrives there at an hour past the point they open…nothing like looking timed to be a bus rider or hassle of reliable transportation to employers late to the day…which remember i have to walk still entirely in the dark as the sun comes up a bit after seven here. please also note I do ‘t get to vote as that deadline to properly reregister has past just in time for my stuff to magically appear.

i await a insurance card and doctor’s decision to accept me as a patient which predicates on my medications list being pain medication free and accurate. Im also obviously waiting to be paid for day labor lol in a form I can use. i’m waiting to figure out what i should do about dinner. I think as i have crap technique however desirable thai spring rolls are and possible too i have most of the ingredients and access likely to the last needfuls easy enough…that i suck at rolling burritos so i might just alfredo it, but there is hope as i’m sure tricky about suckering help…because i’m oil slick you see 😉 don’t buy this shite for a second. but i can be motivational to others at least. poor pathetic me could use your help 😉

I’m pretty sure i need a happy moment to counter this sourness of situation. some details suck.



I’m stale back from adventuring to the new town’s file for a doctor. it’s a weird thing to enter the place and be asked why i want a doctor. uh, I get medication this medication’s expiring so i want more?: i suspect you’ll wish to test me before giving me more of the stuff? Am i on Pain medication? no. and then you ask me again. twice? No. No. We’ll be in contact with you in a few days to let you know if your approved or not to see us. NOT what i’d call an uplifting experience- however neutral and guarded isn’t necessarily bad… I didn’t feel unwelcome. i went to the bus home only to be catching a different one as mine right on schedule was going the way i cant go.

As with all days of high adventure and remember this is an hour each way type thing to “adventure” out from my house not including the half hour walk to the bus stop each way. I had to hit up the closest non military grocery store which my network bank is next to so… I did 🙂 I couldn’t find the reason i walked in – curing salt. as this is the third major outting looking all around town for it, I’m going to have to overpay on amazon. what’s curing salt? have i switched from zombies to mummies? no. curing salt has nitrites and nitrates also salts obviously but not in the sodium chloride but chemistry class type- those its ites ate whatever are the pink in a great pastrami corned beef and hot dogs too. they are not really free for alls of consumption but i happen to hope to get trying things like pastrami and other items i’ve never cooked. I again didn’t find it but i did find beer, peach and apricot nectar to make it fruitier- not fancy beer just beer beer, hot sauce of the ordinary stock/house kind as in crystals i could have picked any of the typicals like toatio, texas petes, red hot, franks, louisianna or any basic likely cayenne and vinegar/salt thing I wanted hot sauce mm. what would oh crap forgot them pizza rolls be without hot sauce? I got some sliced ham hocks too odd to see them sliced as i only ever previously got them whole and lawd… they had quite the section of bits i rarely saw in such plenty. I look forward to making a crock of fava beans and a ham hock. hock and beans is good eating…. i hope. ever take someone’s word for things and hope you get a good result?

kinda like politics that. taking someone’s word for it and hoping to get a good result. which is somewhat hillarious in that i expect my government to keep a few secrets too or lie… to trust someone you expect to lie to keep their word…bahahahaha.

how’d I slide into politics? i really didn’t – but dinner is political, it always was… especially if one likes the old now quote we are all of us 3 meals away from revolution.-marx i believe it was, i leave it to you see how wrong i am. why let the facts ruin a good story? not a line to be associated with politics either but part of the food fun too. like i saw one year popeye’s red beans and rice was meat free then i see it’s pork derived. hahaha. kinda kinky christian to pork everything and say it’s meatless.

as i said, dinner is political
so my all beef bologna and salami sandwiches for ruler of my mouth this meal and maybe then another mmm.

I file a page on my information so it can be divined to me who I am lol. I await sandwiches and more beer 😀 I want to know the outcome of clinton trump twenty sixteen. I hope i got a doctor depends on if he can handle that i’m not in the bestest of shape. i look forward to lots of things i know in advance give me gas as you probably didn’t expect me to sum up this with. elections….gas, salami, gas, fava beans oh you know that’s gas, taliking about what’s to come divination or doctors…gas.. what a windbag, I am.



there was a fun costume party/pot luck Saturday and Saturday evening i wacross the state At stone Mountain. Today was a lazy bit of look abouting after shopping and then lunch.

I tried my best to put out some first shots at haiku describe only and all for you. I got some thinginking i was bored instead of describing a little fellow’s costume. Isaw no vegetable side that wasn’t camoflouged in starches save a vegetable tray. it was a fun moment. folling is swiped back from Facebook as i had only a dumb phone to tappy numbers to letters that up.

The big potluck fail
nothing colored green touched my plate
so nutrition wails.

a trash bag batman
fighting criminal boredom
just try out that frown.

‘I,’ rubber ducky
swear i’ll make bathtime such fun
thy looketh silly.

== (Picture source

Oh help you… Tour ist of the TRAP! We had time to ride the scenic loop train and be “honorary Stone Mountain park RAMGERS!…smile the enthusiasm for those 2 and below 😀 it was still fun. You’d think i’d like their laser show as i wanted to see one before leaving denver town but was denied! – however, uh, please understand it’s difficult to see at the best of times and this venue was mostly a wash- a few things i saw or about a fifth of it over some salt lick of masquerading as popcorn and my diet coke – snack and drink included with some tickets. I was almost shocked that they’d get through the show without making me gag at having to suffer charles daniels band’s the devil went down to georgia but it snuck in. the train lopes along about five miles an hour and makes a big noise at the walking path points as it must but what you’ll see intantly is that it’s a wide gauge track and the cars are 12 feet wide or so. it’s silly and i enjoyed it even if again you’d think i’d like it for the scenery but nope fail not my night there for seeing things. I was pleased though i spotted a gumball for a quarter which i thought a better bargain than that of 3.38 a soda pop bottle.

a side note was the first hotel didn’t have the room ready at fourish pm? then walked across the property and street to tell us that the dogs we had didn’t meet their policy limitations that we declared in advance- then said whoever would refund our money- as it was booked online and then promptly refused to refund a room we couldn’t check into – no cancellations issued refunds. sneaky? the booking people issued the refund 😉 nice of them. if you’ve hate in your heart, sleep in next to a stay in and an endoscopic center just outside of stone mountain about 13 miles away… and the booking agency. responsive customer service even if they didn’t choose as they did to refund us.and before you think it’s isolated – the new thing is to say pet friendly and then ssay you’re not or more fun that it’s up to the person on the ground to enforce a vague weight limit. 😉

we ended up at america’s best value inn. the breakfast was minimal but all were together. I woke at five blasted in the morning – to read how talks are scheduled to cover the legalities on how much a 1.7 billion dollar cost overrun on expanding capacity at a nuclear powerplant can be stuck to the customers…lol obviously all of it just which excuse of law will it be? i liked the funnies more – garfield found the good day under a slice of leftover pizza and b.c. pointed out the proudest dinoaur is soon enough discount gasoline. 😉

lunch was Korean bbq about my 2nd go around with korean. beef bulgogi. a soup at the bbq place… anothe5r FAIL? perhaps but I really liked my soup.

this is not the same place but eerily close to how mine loked. the pickled spicy bambbo shoots were about the best thing ever. i wouldn’t claim in two tries to be an expert on tastes but it tasted like rice wine vinegar, rice wine sweetened, jalepeno and bamboo shoots and you might have to gimme a gold star for knowing that much. there were a blizzard of other offerings radish this sirachaed thats and some sesame oil this and etc that. good stuff.

I got a good round of groceries at an H-mart atlanta like rice paper for spring rolls, sai fun noodles two kinds, i couldn’t get sprouts obviously as they’d not survive 3 hours or more to home hot car lol teas, scotch bonnet hot sauce a few cans of bamboo shoots/corn tin fish etc but the hit was a new to me papaya ginger ale. tasty thing…pity i’m diabetic and it’s alll sugar.

or i can make sushi the simpler maki, spring rolls as soon as i get cilantro and been sprouts as i have shrimp and noodles.

I noticed quite the emphasis on pro south lost the civil war south south sentiment in the laser show odd as if i’d forget what “dixie”s lyric’s mean. way down south in the land of cotton where old times there are not forgotten… i mean eek. but ra ra patriotic usa anyway to end. godie. . also holy cow do Atlantan’s drive worse than i can! I can’t even see and they suck. qt’s are big there and my new drink, peach mango unsweetened tea was very good. mmm in fact but tulsa oklahoma? but i suppose haha colorado wouldn’t get any further save for first celestial seasonings then xing tea. i mean why not i liked what i got.

i suppose i missed a question, the big black man asked me after where the ice machine was.. I was literally four feet from it to my right and didn’t see it but i doubt he meant that ice machine 😉 skinny and missing a tooth, cuh cuh cuh crack anyone? (if it works, my picture.)



that first and last step
ARRACK! it goes like a rum
what WAS I thinking?



Simply Vegan, Deborah Wasserman. so far the early puroosing says YES to the garlic bean dip- the beans in this case being tahini’d green beans.
Cooking as fast as I can…. cat cora – I didn’t know she was gay. however the mention of tuna jalepeno melts whilst writing is more intriguing.
once a month cooking mimiwilson, mary beth largerborg – contrary to the notion this is simplistically making every solitary thing ahead, it is NOT – it is a technique to make much of the prep ahead but quite a lot of pull it from the freezer already preped and get after it.
writers in the kitchen compiled by tricia gardella – this is a liteny of children’s authors contributing a recipe they remember from childhood…. my favorite so far is sara jane boyers tirade on most things breakfast and then the sigh of relief her children aren’t annoying like her 😀 heheheheh

what i’m after is less a recipe than i am philosophy. nothing wrong with vegan food! – I however this instant don’t know the difference between tempeh and tofu.. last time i checked tempeh is more than just tofu. I know many would like to know how it is we could pull dinner out and toss it in versus the hassel of all that “cooking” I’m sure i’m less interested in the cat cora of famous food but what they do when they’re not trying to impress more than effectively themselves, and surely the same goes for writers how we express a passion is useful. seriously though i want a bag of wavy sour cream and onion chips and a bowl of that garlic bean dip! it reminds me of green bean casserole with a chip. could. be. good.
I’m also curious of one thing… I always went to Arby’s because they had potato cakes which i like they’re not as good as macdonald’s breakfast hash browns but they’re good. now that macdonald’s offers breakfast all day, why haven’t i strolled in to test that if it’s better their other sandwiches with hashbrowns? I’m thinking i might win with a spicy mcchicken but lose with a big mac… I might win with chicken nuggets but lose with a filet o fish. and i was watching another media source say pastrami on hamburgers was the things so if a regular macdonals hamburger would survive with a packet of pastrami ala carl budding?? i think It wouldn’t, but such is why i’m not cooking this instant… i might make a hash of it.



Oh my word. I picked up a measuring device! Principal reason for this is because the label said 5% sodium per 1/4 teaspoon. but here’s the following things:

holy smokes rub, badia brand. 13 x 1/2 tspn. 130% sodium remember three people should finish the dish but if they do)

chili powder, mccormmick brand 4 x 1/2 tspn. (10% 2300mg daily,mccormick product info)

cayenne ground powder not really measure but 7 x 1/2 tespn ish

badia garlic pwder again really unmeasured but roughly 8 1/2 tspn.

this and a twoand a half pounder pork roast and one and a half liters of water from a tea kettle go into a slow cooker . i never once saw it bubble which distresses me but around8 hours of this it was cut loose of it’s cooking net and shredded.
thie fact it was good, pardona touch of smugness but that wasn’t in doubt, I was curious how good from a measured use of sodium or 47% per person if we ate the whole roast which we didn’t i might have had 2/5 oz and i didn’t because of wine really care what others were consuming and actually went to bed shortly thereafter 😀 but shreded this roast with rolls and a side dish should serve six happily and thus is 23^ rda sodium for the meat bread might add a few percent and sides a few more or i have a normal sodium intake dish i can weild with pride.
fan-smegging- tastic.


Side Show

which SIDE ore you on?
the “home” means Zombie Pig BBQ

his weekend’s only bbq joint is well rate in my Town nevermind for one moment the MEAT it’s good – don’t worry and the sauce has a zesty zip to it – this is about the sides.  I got a round of Collard Greens, in fact the first round something “Southern” in my new “Town” – i live technically on base so in another 😉  but what was better than these grenes was the black beans and rice.

Grilled Brussels Sprouts

Roasted brussels sprouts and red onions drizzled with champagne apple vinaigrette.


yes, humble ol’ coleslaw.  in this case NOT KFCC sugar soup delight but CaptainD’s this time  yes, not even the worst but it could be if you took to it straight – but with their malt vinegar and too much of it? ooo lala!  I’m tellin’ you!  MMmm. 😉

What are those side show details you can remember?

oh, and I did fire up the tea and milk and added the mango nectar.  meaning it lacked only the jalapeno jelly to be complete as the marinade.  it can work but it requires more zing so i will see about incorporating less waters to it meaning i’ll have to utilize a pot to warm the almond milk to make a tea within the milk itself…. if that failes – well then bummer, I’ll not go with that idea… but I think it will work- just perhaps not for shrimp but perhaps chicken.    I will also be doing up another something no, not a potroast prepped with the side of a spatulah!  but a slow cooked pork roast in chili rub.  which is why the point of the sides occurs.  how does this one idea sound?

sweet grilled salad:

grilled veggies  of:

pineapple the odd fruit 😉


yellow neck squash

sweet potato – which might requuire the most attention

sliced ringed chunk and otherwise  dressed in perhaps a submarine type dressing of effectively pesto seasonings in more oil so as to sweetened it more but more so so that it stays somewhat moist. – and some red pepper flake to add pizzazz.

suchis thick onion slices grilled but i haven’t decided how long the sweet potato will require the most care so i’ll probably simply foil it and bake it essentially on the grill and then divide it, pineapple which does well with a quick grill mark! and squash which seem easy but if too thick this isn’t a salad it’s a medley or ages of dicing everything.  I origiinally heard and had this as a pan fried dish but i can still grill and  this sounds more fun grilled.  never bothered to try so hence the ask…worthy?


Silvered Stash! (trash can.)

Here is my throw away pile as I’m getting sick of sifting through 278 drafts for a thought – a page works better.