a spoonful of b.s.

a forkful of b.s. lets the silver linings abound/ a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.


it ain’t a job unless it pays

and in that lies a shame

yes, it is good to toil

and whilst so being joyful


not all tasks seem a pleasure

especially in inclimate weather

yay, whoopie. blankity blank that.


a forkful of b.s. lets silver linings abound

lets silver linings abound

silver linings shine around

a wee forkful of b.s. lets silver linings abound

you excited about why?


your smile is the gold


while you await a silver mine

trading hours for their dimes

surely something will glitter

like a hot new romance

for those jitters so fling!

a forkful of b.s. makes silver linings abound

triple x red light throw down.

right here unh right now unh on the ground

a forkful of b.s. lets silver lining abound

with just the wrong sense of play.


the picture of success


have you ever noticed the best pictures

aren’t of workers but Vacationers at pleasure?

because every day grumblers

and their feet out so you stumble and curse

these are a challenge for you to smile with grace

throwin’ that positive out there in negative’s face


a forkful of b.s. let’s silver linings abound

smile proud as you are profound!

don’t you dare LAUGH or make one sound

why bother with hassle-rs

when we can chase my castle or yours?


Written by Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman • Copyright © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, Walt Disney Music Company — Originally, but ruined by ME.
freedom beckons.
I got the chance to wait on hold 10 minutes after ten days of obviously being forgotten about with today’s doctor try out.  surprise after that short consultation I was informed the doctor isn’t accepting new patients.    I know this seems nice but i was said hello to while on a secluded trail out of base after a haircut.  I was on the phone as someone said hello!  i hoped i wasn’t calling satan in for an aerial assault- just trying to ask a 30 second question 20 minutes on hold after a two hour lunch pause.  smiles.  it’s nice to be said hello to.  never you mind that at very specific rarely changing intervals when i walk that trail someone whizzes by…. it could be coincidental 😉 I doubt it.  I walked as far as my energy allowed which was one street before the last stop of the bus coming closest to an partment of my own in the future worth a look around.  i will have to take a bus to it.  I found out my necessary thirty second starter question failed – they list taking my insurance and probably do for those who go from once serving to a new state of life… or I’m likely not the circle ever.  I enjoyed only one instance i know well what it means- the neighborhood that someone seems to talk to you yet doesn’t respond if you pipe up is not necessarily a friend one – it’s a come on baiting for a gang rumble…avoid the invitation?  the best your next sentences further ever are is some likely promise of being called a name or two. 😉 not here, just a reminder from yesteryear’s incidents.  not that it mattered as I turned one street prior to the buses next on up  and would have had six blocks more to go or 3 stops and thre I had already walked and had a mile to go.  however if on second inspection it’s not sketch without redemption, it’s affordable and on a bus line to the close market during the day and convenient places the city wide.  today just wasn’t the day.  I returned home to some frank wishing to talk to me about a delightful opportunity… i neglected the call.
the evening finished by going out friday night and it was the always packed country’s BBQ and while it was good i especially delighted in the coleslaw, it wasn’t that good i have a different favorite BBQ salvation – beginning, the zombie pig… it’ll be official on next visit lol – i can not afford to eat out every day.
now the fun part of why I even opened this type a blog window..
sounds setting a stage
with a forest leavessymphony
nothing no. thing. seen.
i have heard the armadillos like my house traditionally because of it’s spot by less homes more foresty area.  i haven’t once seen one alive.  It was fun for that brief moment to hear and imagine.
farmer’s market, Sunday something and Monday out all day after two things whether my sketch view home is dangerous or just freer of social expectations .  if it fails it would be sad in that there aren’t many places convenient like this to a grocery via bus  and close enough to manage on daylight days when there is no bus.  I comes also knowing the seemingly perfectly priced place is not perfectly closer to the grocery but empirically closer by all always walking yet is so priced because other roommates will move in or leave and while I get a say in this, you know the obvious about it- it isn’t a say based on preference but cold hard legal reasons to disbar them from the community reasons.    obviously there is a town of other chances to but i don’t know the whole list yet…. why move?  here the actual place matters more in that it’s warm i’m a tad sick of the cold of colorado winters far far far milder than some other climates but too cold.  but i also generaly want my little space.  my little dominion.  selfish as that is.  I avoided it on the counts of health and physical limitation a time or two and i’ve even shunned it as cost prohibitive sometimes but mainly as I’m not horribly social- I can go a long time making shallow inroads of friendships.  knowing that means alas i could fairly state it could look lonely purposefully and in a way harder and harder to disintangle from.  but, lets face it, i can say hello too.  no one gets out of facing fearsome things without the choice never or forever to try…without garuntees.  this atop a doctor being required?..facing a minor snarl of 5 gone through one directly turned down five to go on the next page and 2 other pages almost beyond me to travel to… but wouldn’t it be fun?  i mean I am on bus to the library too, long time from that privilege.  i don’t really own anything  much so unless they read and retain my books they get squat little else.  and you do tend to get what you get BOO in the night going out with the real ghouls. and i’m not on any good upper/down type medications to abuse so solidly protecting myself with the real camoflage of I have ideas however mighty?   see my pen?
do’t make me write naughty on you.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “a spoonful of b.s.”

Hey Stranger… I’m back & hope to start blogging again. Much to write about having been out of touch for almost two years. LOVED your write up, especially since it had to do with Silver_linings, etc. Glad to see you are still active. Hope to see ou around the hallways. Have a great weekend!!!

True dat! (Oh, and I sang the song with the new words…outloud! 😮 Be glad you couldn’t hear me! 😀 ) But, I prefer sugar in the spoon! 😛
Bummer on the doc stuff. :-/
Yay for Zombie Pigs and walking and Farmers Markets, etc! 🙂
On my recent road trip I saw lots of roadkill armadillos. 😦
HUGS and Happy Whee-kend!!! 😀

is reminded of a funny graphic of a boy being sweet in silhoet with flowers behind his back and a gal also in silhoet looking up expectantly with a studded club behind hers 😀 sweetness 😀 😀

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