looking about

i went to the store for smokes and beer…and if i could a bottle of coke zero as it mixes nicely with jim beam fire/cinnamon bourbon whiskey.

i picked up a bag as in grocery sack of trash.  i got three for the return or whatever one does be prepared to do it doubly.  I found a lot of trash sacks one medium shopping bag and a trash liner for kitchen trash.  I fliterally filled the trashliner or did more than double of what i felt needed doing- not having you see nothing but litter entering the base.  this meant walking about 3/4 a mile to the nearest trash can.

I’m sure no moron is going to think me wo  i’m civic minded or something.  I wanted my spot to have my beer and it was so trashy you know a crack down is coming and if a crack down comes i lose freedom.  i do not have free access to come and go on a military base not being married to military personel or serving my own self.  and we all know most places it’s frowned upon to drink beer publically.  so civic mindedness is something i’d say but lets get real and explore truer motivations 😀

so there is now fifteen gallons less trash between bveer one and beer too.  i was visibly filthy for the clean up effort which reminded me that so often appearance is everything and I looked the embodiment of the garbage everywhere along that path til i could wash up at home.  I highly thus also doubt I looked like i was civic minded picking up trash but just the asshole who made the mess wow he’s cleaning his own mess up about time it’s been half a week.  i mean to say I wondered honestly at what things really do look like and was surprised that while i did a decent thing i could have not brought the cheer for it but it could have looked far differently.

however now that i’m looking around the room here, i know somewhere x number of serving men and women with a golf course on base that was trash city now is cleaner and more pleasant to whizz by.  I may not have earned praise for this but i wouldn’t have done it for praise – i like my lil peaceful spot to enjoy cold beer in if not a park a peacefully green spot rurally.  I did my papyment so to speak to keep up my privilages.  that little walk is all I have for freedom not reaquiring others just me and my independance.

hopefully I see that feeling returned.  have you ever wondered what it really looks like looking around?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “looking about”

Yes, I have.
Well, I will praise you! Great, kind, thoughtful job!
Picking up even the littlest bits of trash helps. I wish more people did that in their neighborhoods, etc.
I was wondering the other day if people still litter on highways…and right then the car in front of me had some paper fly out the window! 😮 😦
HUGS!!! 🙂

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