Boomerang or deja vu?

either way things return.

Imagine with me it is late high school, a fun time before it got all changed.  I was working for a magazine fulfillment service company as a validation clerk- circling that the checks matched the subscription card amount.  There are 250 checks an inch and thus is how my performance measured – in…pun…inches.  I got this idea to write my own magazine0 Loser magazine.  Quite literally page one to page done mocking anything and everyone needing a mocking and or blathering out my soul.  I knew it would be more then than I could do to keep up monthly writings like that so figured friends might want in on the fun.  Like anyone, nothing should be assumed free.  I took everyone involved to pizza for lunch.  It is such a true rarity that I would sit down to a pizza in a restaurant now – times were a’changing if you know of that bob Dylan.

I muse on this as it isn’t a large magazine.  I muse on this as I rarely have difficulty with a lot of words or having fun with various forms.  I thus have an interesting late notion of the deja vu or a boomeranging of the old ideas to do as I do now yet fulfill perhaps a dream that was yesterday – make that magazine… no not because its likely to sell in some fabulous billions I’ll be rich and famous.. but it is fun as it is possible.  I would far rather like to buy something of a glossy cool magazine than a traditional overpriced book.  So should I nanowrimo now, I have a different way to present the same thing… a lot of words   hopefully someone wants to read enough of to pay for.  it’s all for naught trying to be an author with  no paper cut of a check… such would be less than as much fun. 😉

This means the “shim cut novel” a funny idea where you have a easy solution to unbalanced furniture where you level it by removing unneeded pages  and voila leveled table.  a magazine perhaps in style but also a book 😀  and some humor here or perhaps there or maybe beauty.

I know this is fun in that it’s a tad cheaper to get a magazine type print job than a book- books interestingly seem to be priced out of the smaller author’s market as there is only so much furniture I want my words to level around my house should i sell fewer than the number of copies to be a star. 😀

I know this means a box with dust and dreams inside

from that time long enough ago

the boxtop flap turned up as if a grave stone

the idea lies here begun when and well here now.

or, as you can utilize best guesses and real quotes – i would guess i can edit down to 120 pages which is more than enough to utilize 50k words of nanowrimo but also possibly include some visual arts or – you know have some fun with this.  share that fun with the joy of other too.

and not necessarily ask more than 13 ish dollars which could be fifteen yet not be some “book” but a novelty .  or possibly i could make my money back seeing my name in print.

it pays to have a clue what you’d want to do with your efforts, but not be afraid of doing for one’s self one’s own dreams of now or then come again.  and by pays i mean others heheheh.   and it’s sure is a LOT easier to understand that you must control your information/copyright too as in print’s nice printo on demand is cooler from a business point of view but traditionally i’ve read nothing nice about how after a time many start selling your stuff for their gain not yours.  magazine print a few have a sales goal thus lol and have fun trying after it  selling about a month’s earning cost or well over  a grand  and thus making  a few hundred?  that’s a check.  that’s something to say yay in cash about.  never mind some pie and skyliike b.s., just simple goals paid for and met

now the many things i’ve seen which is internetery of friends/customers  works but most joyously, it’s more fun to have your local library system pick up a copy thus you’ve no money out of pocket and it’s kept a short time.  i like that idea as it’s fun to hope after a circulated thing we all pay taxes for and thus can utilize a freebie from the gov!  what has you gov done for you lately? 😀

but such is the boomerang of ideas i haven’t had to think on in a bit.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “boomerang”

Cool idea/project!
You are smart, witty, funny, ponderful…so keep writing…in many forms! Keep getting your words out there however you are able!
HUGS!!! 🙂
PS…Love your title and opening lines!
PPS (or is it PSS)…the Gov’t has made me very frustrated lately!
PPPS (0r is it PSSS)…I post-ed a po-em yesterday! 🙂

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