For Intents and Purposes

ever feel that nagging suspicion you neglected some legalese to your words?

I read. not necessarily well but awide array of thing

i write.  not necessarily understandably and yet with a fairly definably seen passion for knowing anything…if in fact i do.


I will share information I am never likely to utilize for anything harmful – even if simply saying the words is sharing the ideas others may find dangerously useful.


be careful

I know of things.  i suggest against guessing dangerously say to utilize plants reputed to be abortives for that purpose…every single one is listed poisonous with spanking good reason and none are garunteed safely to produce the deisred effect without risking one’s life.  I have to hope that you understand that i’m not even pro choice either.  but I would want anyone coming across me to not end in harm.  so, if you would be tempted to find out I’m lying or not, it’s my hope you know there are people who can guide you through your choices and help you make a quality set of them for your safety and the welfare of all.  I may not agree with that choice or set of choices but i darn well wouldn’t wish someone to foolishly assume their only option is to take some internet crank talking hippy flower action up on that and doing themselves in.  we are precious.

playing with dangerous mild altering chemicals – great friday night fun?  not really.  i’m not going to say this instance of hippy flower action has ever been fun for me.  but just because i’m a killjoy doesn’t mean i haven’t had  a sensible reason to be.  nor will i garuntee you’ll have my luck of a bad trip.  but be smart for two whole seconds and understand too what you’ve heard not just here but anywhere- there are consequences sometimes one and done consequences to what you wish to explore and in the interest of the above line of you’re precious.  be blindly clear about risks before you say fuck it and do it anyways.

morality  how you choose to live your color of life as an adult is your business – if you are NOT an adult then i’m sorry, it swiftly becomes Nnot your business.  i wont say i’m without biases or judgement – alas in that i am full of oppinions but hopefully you understand as irritating as this is, it is a sign of giving a crap about ourselves AND others that you will hear about “morals”  and feel their weight of oppinion.


lighting shit on fire.  i have and oo it’s fun.  however, it is risky and i’d have felt sad i had been unfortunate  if any of my fun became somehow out of control.  have i always had full cleanup and or safety  in mind.  don’t be stupid!  of course i was a moron on occasion.  that makes it no more acceptable for you to be.

general disobbedience to the law.  you know you can try and you may also lose, right?  of course down with authority rah rah rah!…wrong-o.  i like authority more often than not even if the reason to wish to fight is for a sense of silly empowerment through rebellion.  so, feel free to spit on that sidewalk and you’ll only look less of that magic of your best.  go ahead and jaywalk thinking you’re saving time-and whatever nothing came of it so what’s the big deal? – uh, I won’t say you’ll win or even live if you try ignoring inconvenient laws… but i sure will laugh when you realize how annoying it is when you follow them and others do not and or worse realize there is only a cop around when you break the law.  wanh how unfair. 😉  but, there was always a shining “good” reason for law. ;0  I suspect you’ll hopefully live long enough to enjoy the humor of that.


opinion versus creitable opinion: i maintain no professional certification in any field  so you may ignore my opinion rudely and freely without mentioning this to anyone else and or me.  if you do wish to disagree, i do ask you be polite about it by choosing how you go about it.  i don’t have to endure b.s. even if i seem to fling enough of it.  knowledge or my lack of it is quite fun sometimes.

general politeness and or conduct –  it is expected you wont be considered impolite.  if this expectation is failed, or i fail my own, i expect grief will result from it – and who needs grief?  so,as an oppinionated person i am free to discuss politics and religion and how you should live exactly like I think you should and call you horrible names if you don’t and unduly and inappropriately denegrate any ideas or behaviou not inaccordiance with how i think they should be? uh, bad plan.  it happens all to commonly but it is a bad plan.

will i try to convert you to the religion of thinking and living like me?  i may!  i grew up  a jesus peddler unwantedly arriving to converse with you.  i still can meet with others finding me a bit much.  however as i attempt to try, so too I expect it with you.

don’t try that at home or elsewhere

do as i say not as i do -it’s easier for us bo

blah blah, be a joy if possible to the soul you are shining out the glory of god or your beliefs.

don’t do stupid things and if you do, try not to get hurt or caught doing stupid things

now to cheer the dog surfin sneekily for an extra dinner.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “For Intents and Purposes”

Yes, it helps to have someone(s) who help to guide us, help us navigate life and it’s choices! YES, we are all precious! 🙂
I found wise advice here! And woven through your thoughts and words of wisdom I find laughter! 🙂
Your mind is wonderfully wonderful, Josh! Will you donate your brain to science? AFTER you are done using it, of course! 😉
HUGS!!! 🙂

I don’t know. to be honest, i had my heart set on those ghoulish thought of simply hoping someone dug up a photo and had some sandwiches after a creation… maybe even made sure I burnt the grass here or there fertilizing it miracle burn style. I have never thought on donating to science as a serious subject or temporarily lucrative goosing up of my finances as such could be. but as to the subject here, legalese lol, I had to scratch my head and try to keep a few hot buttons unpressed while not tapdancing about them landmines. it isn’t easy and there is a lot as usual unsaid that is just as telling 😉 but the declaritives are made – it is one’s general right to conduct their adult lives as they wish and suffer the ire of others opinions of how well we’ve chosen to do so…and if i have to lol and i have – remind them of the lack of same said rights they’ve no longer or not yet rights to exericise – i.e. youngsters have rights sure but not full ones and also those in nursing homes are without the same human rights either but i can be a delightful cuss reminding them they can not leave without accompanyment which i’m not always offering 😀 or like this hot hairy incident of i can not be here where I live as the same as was, however there is NO reason to move but also change in paper form proven must be found and such is dicier. everyone suffers others oppinions as also some are delights. I’ll email ya so you don’t remain confused without a chance to have that confusion deepened. but as jabs go, who said i used my brain? ;0

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