In The Pot

No, i haven’t turned to a life of Marijuana!  although, it still is a damn fine dream of pants even if i don’t LIKE to wear pants as that means i have to meet people… oh nevermind! – on with the paragraph!  I’m tossing in the pot of potential soup – soothing soup – some more chunks of ideas.  Little whimseys that may or may not make a differece.

I lister here a radio script for “The Adventures of Phillip Marlowe” out the summer previous to may father’s birth.    I’m reminded of my time with a friend gone to his rest who wanted to write movies.  I got to read one and of course being inspired rewrote a section in excrible to share with him for a moment of polite lack of comment 😀  however, I know something then as now, some of us fit what is and could be well and others have to be themselves – not unlike that WRONG Captain Morgan commercial – there are 3 hot smoking gorgeous ladies and four of us guys…just be yourself, Josh….  WRONG as commercials go…just plain wrong.but to the point- i was reminded of my past irish pal that there is. form.  I read this elaborate turn mind heat of logic up to melt mine… ew to organization. lash me with linearity.  ug.

to the metaphor of title, I’m watching also “The Frugal Gourmet” soup.  I just noticed all of a sudden he was gone- obviously later I learned EW.  the slime of perhaps why..remember the perhaps is only because of the American technicality of trial did not occur therefore only a charge of impropriety plus eighteen others was leveled. no touchy me please.  ibut as i came to the pots and pans largely enduring because of his show, I revisit and then look up a script as most things ARE scripted – not his show which they also note wasn’t rehearsed either –  that’s not wholly accurate – i remember a blizzard of point outs that the Craig wolfam was always testing recipes.    I know well testing as I had my own smaller version of a project to run a 2nd college public speaking demonstration speech upon which I chose to demonstrate…without actually cooking…how to make zucchini au gratin.  first law of speech is that you could write a speech word for word but not always can we read well word for word so another methodology is to speak in a still prepared manner extemporaneously as in cues/point notes or a sketched outline of a speech.  I had to have a product made then go through how to make it listing what might have been relevant.  that’s about all there was to the frugal gourmet’s as a show, researched and tested but not rehearsed and scripted.  six days to prepare?  shark fin soup?  go Fruge! bubble that pot. but um, unlikely a try on my part.  but here’s a dumb thing about that, while I’m not huge on weird things or a fuller utilization of the gift of supper… does it truly make sense to have age and joint pain and yet refuse connective tissue foodstuffs which we all have to have to build ourselves anew correctly?  shame on me for being a sissy weeny whimp about tripe in the menudo which don’t bother I don’t care for the stuff anyways tripe or no tripe – yet the earlier books i read simply said you want cheese?  you use rennet or the lining of cow’s stomac…tripe…. did they say tripe? to make a fine cheese?


I note also that spoofing programs/ styles is part of what i want to share.  even if this means I must lash myself with linearities even if i’d rather overcome the obsticle of organization.    I would rather sip my coffee and vibe out.  sniffing something cinnamon rememberin that Norwegian lady from earlier in life church – skiing in her 80’s always making the most of life like it wasn’t just coffee but CINNAMON COFFEE and no, she wasn’t anywhere NEAR rich- but you do not have to be rich to be treasured.  i didn’t get a direct invitation to coffee.  or hanging out on the 12th floor was it..anyways it was the top floor and it was a smoking lounge as you had to designate areas in the 2000s before what is more likely now simply no smoking inside unless you’ve a sassy cigar lounge charging twice a pack per puffable and servin’ it up with style and having it all fully enclosed and properly filtered for not circulating directly harmful vibes of poor people or powerfully awful to many scent of sin known as tobacco… I’m a smoker and relish these foul isms.  hopoefully to a long and contrary life but you know that’s not likely – anyways top floor with the rebels hearing how she learned to cook calling his mother and would only teach her methodology learned that way to me that way .  I neglected to call which is a shame- i still haven’t made lentil enchiladas and she’s not about to holler at  or…get on the blower…if you actually listen to that “cool” jargon of radio p.i.’s


I’m struck though about the stocks and will find the episode or give it a shot.  how to make mock stocks.  the reason may not be entirely clear as I largely can find what was unheard of then as a locally available ingredient.  I simply miss the old times some.  before it was scandals about he was mean and horrible in a rotten way, – I know we must care.  there is nothing worse than abuse and bullying even.  it isn’t inclusive and will not move us so far forward save to negativities and more awful.  but let’s be equally clear, i grew up to know what cool was supposed to be andlet’s be fair, it wasn’t always so kind but it was cool and we all wanted to be that…pardon me a well timed puff and I leave you with

classy freddy blassie.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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