CRAP Rap.  such is delicious fun!

hand smacked.  abusing vocabulary like a mutual fund.

chantin’ in rhythm

regarding life’s “ism.”

mindz crack. by  the pen’s might sound.


Pythagoras, what is it with you?  there are problems in life that can’t be solved with triangles. – Fictional Albert Einstein to Fictional Pythagoras in Red Dwarf’s Wax World episode.


In Other news,  The Weather forecasts continued Chance of Diet forever.  This week and for some time this is “Beach Body” and a plethora of products otherwise in a paradigm of health aids towards your desired change from what was to empowered.  I point out that this is like saying chores-time to my lesser aged self.  Dieting largely blows hurricane force a Death or destruction to anything delightful.  wanh.  However, if i wish to improve my chances at healthy…. 😉


one thing going for dietary relateds is I own a set of before and after pictures already.  i left high school weighing 218.5 lbs, once rising to 236.5lbs and just one little nibble of diet means i have an inaccurate correlation possible of I dieted and thus now weigh? 150 lbs. i am a mean machine for burning away weight!    I am obviously amused by this information.  😉

Yes,, one week from today remains until nanowrimo.  I have consumed books on food, philosophic systems of saving time and money, saving one negative impacts of consumption has begun, reading arum show of recipes…. and a little bit of recent success in adjusting trial-some intake restrictions in a really tasty way.  I have also read upon chemical colors as pigments, a touch of mathematics in other applications than caloric intake and even consumed a comic strip  of mental floss by the meter.

poetry exists

what a vignette to behold!

poetry persists.

new experiences punctuation litters the learning landscape too.  I never had zip-lined for instance…but I admit the extra package opportunity of ropes course tortures was rather winding.  Korean BBQ that’s good? – previously unaware of this.  finding a way around being trapped at home too far away from adventures mundane or any old thing?…achieved.  most of all, learning to accept I asked for it to be different as I was sick of the same results from the same old situations, well, a measure of success continues to progress…. shame on me for thinking of using an “uh” in any communication.

have I some magic answer brewed for nanowrimo?  of course, but I could be LYING.  but it isn’t for lack of trying.

I’m just this moment perplexed that I read a funny array of children’s answers to test questions.  one being an earlier than triangulation’s uses but understanding the Pythagorean theorum, central to triangulation’s later applications.  if i know the hypotenuse and the opposite side’s distances what is the adjacent side’s distance?  solve for x…find it!~  here it is, x marks the spot…bwahahaha.  I am perplexed by lesser value of the “answer” in higher math as a vlaue but more of the logical journey towards the answer.  I am struck that it isn’t what i know know but the style of HOW I know it… or mocking along the lines of it isn’t what i know but who.  such is interesting as applied to the hope after words, it isn’t the words but the combinations!  oooo, sexy combinations of consonants and voluptuous vowel!    or the very lack to contrast the noise of so many words.

notions. anyways,

which varietal style

pleases our fancies?

we shall hopefully see whether i remain inspired and obviously a week more of cramming ideas within me remains.  will inspiration unfurl? will it be a repeat of word vomit hurled? who cares so much as for now it’s productive fun.  triangles…snort…what fun thinking below the belt…which also could be productive…in a way.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “Scandal/Vandal”

😉 thanks. hoopefuly i like the majority of them 😉 – which could be useful in helping me sell additional interest!s. now to get moving to town…crap, unlike rap nowadays, this requires pants roughly waistline heighth.

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