The Taming of the Shrew, 1929; mary pickford, douglas fairbanks – to bring a zest of shakespeare to us

Clark Gable became bugs bunny from – “Ithappened one night.

Said movie, It Happened one Night. –  I’m pretty sure there is a doughnut scene in here where we’re treated to the proper philosphy of the dunking of a doughnut.

If anyone remembers the pop song, Rock The Casbah… Algiers with Charles Boyer  is the fiendish charmer pepe le moco wanted internationally but…only a girl’ll get ‘im

and a reminder to listen closely as charles is later mocked as pepe le Pew another in the acme of cartoons bugs bunny.  More interestingly, if you watch Casablanca, it was sold as a movie idea of mad excitement like…algies.

as this is film, lets move to radio?  oh come on, why not?

you can find on the left column search all shows.  in this you can alphetically seekyour history.  i like the Adventures of Philip Marlow – which for some silly reason is in the P’s and Omar the wizzard of persia- which is more of the algierian adventure versus a private eye show… Campbelle’s playhouse with orson wells the green goddess episode predates our entry into world war two whereas algiers also yet you must know such had already begun in Europe…  but the green goddess is a drama for radio  from a film which was from a play and the film ‘s hype had the star up to san francisco where he was served the dressing so named.  you may visit wikipedia now for dressings and learn that the thousand island dressing for the macdonald’s not so secret sauce was originally from new hapshire and marketed first as “Russian”  obviously that would change with russia leaving world war one and going soviet union on everyone.  or you may sort through the instances of stars stars stars that were the icons of our icons…jerry lewis was actually funny?  bet no one thought we’d get a george lucas studying film from jerry lewis?..but jerry did direct his films.  omar lacks two of the last episodes which you have to find from a similar old radio website- you can find it as a youtube but you’ll lose around five episodes left out.  It’s really fun to know when they get to syrah  it’s shiraz or syrah of wine fame?  yep, persia made wine. now they’re only famouse for trouble over there.


other notions fun are old games: pente was hot in the seventies/eighties and now pretty much unknown again.  unlike it’s predecessor, go/maku it is a grid game of stones but you do not seek territory but to have five in a row or capture  pairs of stones… or in a word opposite… of it’s inspirational source.


nine man’s morris is a game of antiquity also out of favor lately i can find free online games of this kongrgate is one i believe.  it’s amazing to know only things like backgammon from sennet survive through the ages…but our takes on say china invents dominoes but plays a rummy like game or matching game with them and we count points and beer it up or make feet. also has some old records like william howard taf a president of ours on the campaign…it’s interesting to hear for yourself the history… or perhaps you’l suffer post punk psychedelic israeli russian music from p.u.h…. heavy kettle or need of ear plugs to you even if i liked it


if one has a mind to it, seeing the old old movies has a bit of fun to it.  netflix for those of you who have acess to it has a history of film

while I’m nowhere near an expert or even a novice or afficianado, I was jazzed i have seen some of the films as you  will too if you pick say, a thief of bagdad with fairbanks, the rope tricks are a bit amusing…and get after your akira kurosawa.  i like a later one of his, madadayo as i like the teacher character- seven samurai is epic but little fortress is a bit like how we got say, star wars a new will feel why even if they look no where similar 😉


but netlix a history of film… yep, gone from their listings  sorry I should have been timely.


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 replies on “Timely”

Excellent! What fun old films! And I do enjoy listening to radio still!
Too young to remember the old radio shows/serials…but they would be fun to discover even now.
When I was in high school, a friend’s mom showed us Gone with the Wind. I was then hooked on the film, read the book, and had a crush on Mr. Gable. Too bad he’d been dead for a l-o-n-g time by then…I coulda’ shown him a damn good time! 😉 😀
HUGS!!! 🙂

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