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Making Time

“how can you make some time
when all you got is One Thin dime
an One thin dime wont even shine your shoes”
George Benson – On Broadway.

Despite the hint that this is all about the heartbreak of a wallet wide empty chasin’ love, it’s just not. I’m still on the Silly Silicone searches about photovoltaic cells – but this time the joy of durability testing – where you make time. you test time. x amount of sunlight, heat, rain, otherweather and impact. it’s just amazing how much one or somethin’ will see – just lying about.

turn up the lights. crank up the heat and shove into a freezer, bb gun or something sandblasting sorta it. mash it. Make that time.

Pressure and time, it’s either petroleum and or diamonds. aren’t you glad your throw away lifestyle is tested for time? Everyone thinks give me a seventy-two or sooner vehicle where all I had do was twiddle or oil it alive so simple. yet tetra ethyl lead…leaded gasoline lubricated the links and what-nots and would foul the fancier air cleaning stuff dead which also robbed every ounce of vroom to our zoom too at 8 mpg. yeah 8. who’d by a car that didn’t get 22 or more nowadays? who’d stand for the loud vroom when smooth as glass with just enough to pass sells em now?.. no not everyone. who wants to whip out a 120K tool to test an engine… whoops forgot the diagnostic station in my garage but i got a SCREWDRIVER! yet we know someone made the time to make our lives perform as we dream…but only so well for a fee for so ever long.

400 psi is the thickest of leather’s ability to withstand puncture. this isn’t enough against a cat’s claws or overgrown nails on big dog’s paws. yet it stands up better than fabric’s fifty? Someone made the time. (I have no easy table of evidence for this thought)

I can’t buy a five hundred dollar espresso machine called a dream thumpin out sixteen BARS…two octaves or Liberace Leaving us stunned as he’s flung his fingers across the keys.
sixteen bar? I know this fat instant the average pressure of atmosphere is at sea level about fourteen pounds…not bars…pounds. what is a bar? so sixteen bars oh god it sounds sexy in print but it it’s sixteen pounds oh golly gee what a ripper of hot water that’d be……it will rise 3 feet up a tube…. woo. (turns out a bar is an atmosphere or nearly, so i look the chump.  4.5  atmospheres is when co2  combines in water for those bubbles…just for a reference, 16 bars?  strong coffee….)

I left to get trash can liners for the kitchen trash only to come home to the other box moved 20 feet elsewhere. it was an hour ish adventure. it takes a few seconds to walk 20 feet. did I make the right time?

of that I’m not so obviously sure. but I did get out. I did engage in making time. I actually had but one thin dime in my change assessment of the pockets…nevermind the fact of a few papers presidential otherwise. an, 706.682.0370 is that all shifts are hiring. you know that only means midnight s and holidays…but I saw the sign too making time. I tried before and didn’t get one foot in the door via the apply at my exchange as i saw NO entries. none for any job anywhere nationwide. now I got a number. can I make the fingers make the time? will I process their military star card? we shall see. turn up the lights, crank up the heat, will i withstand the pressure of choice – will I make my time? as in turn it poof into dimes?

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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 responses to “Making Time

  1. All great questions! And you will find the answers!
    (Now I’m thinking about all the songs that are about time. 🙂 )
    Well, time for some (((HUGS))) 🙂

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