I’m stale back from adventuring to the new town’s file for a doctor. it’s a weird thing to enter the place and be asked why i want a doctor. uh, I get medication this medication’s expiring so i want more?: i suspect you’ll wish to test me before giving me more of the stuff? Am i on Pain medication? no. and then you ask me again. twice? No. No. We’ll be in contact with you in a few days to let you know if your approved or not to see us. NOT what i’d call an uplifting experience- however neutral and guarded isn’t necessarily bad… I didn’t feel unwelcome. i went to the bus home only to be catching a different one as mine right on schedule was going the way i cant go.

As with all days of high adventure and remember this is an hour each way type thing to “adventure” out from my house not including the half hour walk to the bus stop each way. I had to hit up the closest non military grocery store which my network bank is next to so… I did 🙂 I couldn’t find the reason i walked in – curing salt. as this is the third major outting looking all around town for it, I’m going to have to overpay on amazon. what’s curing salt? have i switched from zombies to mummies? no. curing salt has nitrites and nitrates also salts obviously but not in the sodium chloride but chemistry class type- those its ites ate whatever are the pink in a great pastrami corned beef and hot dogs too. they are not really free for alls of consumption but i happen to hope to get trying things like pastrami and other items i’ve never cooked. I again didn’t find it but i did find beer, peach and apricot nectar to make it fruitier- not fancy beer just beer beer, hot sauce of the ordinary stock/house kind as in crystals i could have picked any of the typicals like toatio, texas petes, red hot, franks, louisianna or any basic likely cayenne and vinegar/salt thing I wanted hot sauce mm. what would oh crap forgot them pizza rolls be without hot sauce? I got some sliced ham hocks too odd to see them sliced as i only ever previously got them whole and lawd… they had quite the section of bits i rarely saw in such plenty. I look forward to making a crock of fava beans and a ham hock. hock and beans is good eating…. i hope. ever take someone’s word for things and hope you get a good result?

kinda like politics that. taking someone’s word for it and hoping to get a good result. which is somewhat hillarious in that i expect my government to keep a few secrets too or lie… to trust someone you expect to lie to keep their word…bahahahaha.

how’d I slide into politics? i really didn’t – but dinner is political, it always was… especially if one likes the old now quote we are all of us 3 meals away from revolution.-marx i believe it was, i leave it to you see how wrong i am. why let the facts ruin a good story? not a line to be associated with politics either but part of the food fun too. like i saw one year popeye’s red beans and rice was meat free then i see it’s pork derived. hahaha. kinda kinky christian to pork everything and say it’s meatless.

as i said, dinner is political
so my all beef bologna and salami sandwiches for ruler of my mouth this meal and maybe then another mmm.

I file a page on my information so it can be divined to me who I am lol. I await sandwiches and more beer 😀 I want to know the outcome of clinton trump twenty sixteen. I hope i got a doctor depends on if he can handle that i’m not in the bestest of shape. i look forward to lots of things i know in advance give me gas as you probably didn’t expect me to sum up this with. elections….gas, salami, gas, fava beans oh you know that’s gas, taliking about what’s to come divination or doctors…gas.. what a windbag, I am.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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Finding a new Dr is not fun no matter what. I assume you phoned ahead? Of course you did. But Drs are funny. It the running of a medical office seems to be. I hope it all turns out. I can’t believe Georgia doesn’t have curing salt. What about a farm and ranch supply store? I’m just guessing because curing salt is not something I ever need. Have a great day! Peace

I could be a real ass and ask after speed as a substitute for nicotine 😀 – shh, this means a referal to behavioural specialist for a legit diagnosis of adhd or what it is called nowadays and thus a prescription he only would monitor not have to authorize often if ever- but that’s just amusing considering he’s very interested in avoiding pain pills…so pestering him after amphetamines is just amusing sounding to me. but actually serious too, if I can’t remember regularly enough to take all my meds yet remember otherwise a library such would be nice to have aid in keeping it together… and yes adhd is amphetamines it is a risk to heat and kidneys both are well worth asking after as mine are poorer kidney wise and i’ve shown anomalies in ekgs finally too not often just present with this or that level issue. but would you say i’m just plain bad? 😀 I am curious almost in an obstinant way if doc likes amphetamines over nicotine. i don’t wish to quit smoking persay but iam not ready to caput either.

curing salt is such a HOT seller ain’t it? lol i’ll amazon it up. I just point out the idea that mom and pop choices were made as amazon using isn’t just always mom and popping.

two hours walking or ornearly nine miles – and while not impressive for distances i was about 11 miles from home which is a bit further than I can walk in a timely manner but by no means do i get out of walking.

I don’t think you need speed of any kind. Just saying. Lol. Maybe I do?Walking is good. I need to walk very badly. I walked a tiny half mile on break and thought that was better than nothing.

lol, I posit my writings in hopes you’ll note little details that despite medical and physical challenges i get exercise and quite a LOT of it. I would hope it seems like I tug for some sympathy wannh lazy had to walk a little 😉 but in truth I like the jaunts and otherwise i’d do “nothing” so god bless if you get any at all within your lifestylings. I hope it’s sorta enjoyable too!

here’s a silly little paradox, if you need speed you’ll slow down mentally on it. if you do not you will be awake for days. the last time i had anything of that ilk was a dexedrine which promptly left me having a nice peaceful sit through hours of interminatable waiting for college try number three which died when I had a hold for residency clearance i failed to remove in time to be dropped – then to prove it and the class be full. my friend got mad as he was in the car wondering what was taking so long and i waiting my turn. 😀 he was highly annoyed as i had the best excuses going to expidite life…disabled need help!. i literally could have taken a nap. previous to this ritalin left my cheese anywhere but on my cracker but just like methadone to aid anyone off other stuff, ritalin isn’t good it’s poison by comparison to anything good. this doesn’t mean dexies by inferance aren’t smphetamines with the same inherant risks of health, they are not free and thus controlled. but you’d probably be surprised at how different and calm speed can quote make me – no, i don’t seek out crank case crap and these mentions are two times of the two times I’ve encountered the substances. there is a reason and a patently good one why certain things are controlled. they’re not free or wholly safe or for everyone.

Doctor-shopping is too easy, when one is VA-eligible. All others, have fun choosing a plan. It actually does irritate me to see so many having to prolong their suffering, thanks to the Great Health Care Exchange, through which the insurance industry has driven several trucks.

I am pleased some days we get anything at all. i know each and every less than enthusiastic reception can not fail to remind me that the doctor chooses ME too and even still while surely the general education is or posesses similar traits, some docs are just different than others just as people are so results and experiences of those results obviously vary. just like a pa wanting me back on metformin to TRY anything even the old stuff again to get me a better result than i have going… i mean surely i harp on that once in a while not knowing the tests for some drugs mirror other factors like a drug failing can also point to a sign of significant uptake in alcohol consumption? obviously i hated the feeling of near guilt to have had a beer and hooped i wasn’t lying to them but i knew i was guilty so to speak. somehow some way … lol but other docs are like um, obviously i’d prefer you didn’t do ex but try y here to remediate some of the choices or frankly your choices court suicide and while x here exists to help many given your number in that case chantix for cessation of smoking is truly not advized just go cold turkey. I mean i’ve had good and bad.. the really bad was a simple error of failing to checkbox a diagnosis code thereby making it unwarranted and thus not covered for me to get some bloodwork, this bankrupted me pretty much when i made less than half of what i do now to every visit get another ten percent of my income lost for a bill that i shouldn’t have had to pay. then to cap it with sewage send me to a test without helping me get out of signing in to a hospital for an outpatient ultrasound which was my monthly income – that did it I couldn’t aford them or care and the lack of detailed help when it was to light, was saddening. it wasn’t like I’d get my credit or money back.

A friend of a friend (haha) has a son who is ADHD. When my friend had the son over for a sleep over the mom took a couple of Cokes (as in Coca Cola) and told her at bed time to have him drink a coke and if he needed the other one he would know it and ask for it. The caffeine in the Coke helped calm him down for bed. When I have caffeine I talk really fast and I’m awake. LOL. I keep saying when life is settled (haha again) I’m going to get back in the habit of exercise — and doing art and more writing and reading…. *sigh* … hopefully.

ms pirate pants team lead at one of my jobs was quick with the results of caffeine as an alert aid for me…. good morning sunshine with alll the evil chirp. hmph. 210 then mg’s caffein per twelve oz? four brutal cups of coffee’s equivalent? lol. no such luck. but then as now it’s a nap but for differing reasons. -:) as to you in another time and life? if you didn’t dream a little, what would be the fun of it.?.

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Well I just received my written explanation of why I can’t personally receive my own behavioral/medical file: “Access to the PHI is likely to endanger the life or physical safety of the individual person”

Guess what this letter is likely to cause? (aside from another major rant)

All, I wanted was my records to take to whatever counselors and or psychiatrist I’m going to find that will help me.

Rah Rah Rhee…..kick ’em in the knee
Rah Rah Rhass…kick ’em in the other knee.


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