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there was a fun costume party/pot luck Saturday and Saturday evening i wacross the state At stone Mountain. Today was a lazy bit of look abouting after shopping and then lunch.

I tried my best to put out some first shots at haiku describe only and all for you. I got some thinginking i was bored instead of describing a little fellow’s costume. Isaw no vegetable side that wasn’t camoflouged in starches save a vegetable tray. it was a fun moment. folling is swiped back from Facebook as i had only a dumb phone to tappy numbers to letters that up.

The big potluck fail
nothing colored green touched my plate
so nutrition wails.

a trash bag batman
fighting criminal boredom
just try out that frown.

‘I,’ rubber ducky
swear i’ll make bathtime such fun
thy looketh silly.

== (Picture source

Oh help you… Tour ist of the TRAP! We had time to ride the scenic loop train and be “honorary Stone Mountain park RAMGERS!…smile the enthusiasm for those 2 and below šŸ˜€ it was still fun. You’d think i’d like their laser show as i wanted to see one before leaving denver town but was denied! – however, uh, please understand it’s difficult to see at the best of times and this venue was mostly a wash- a few things i saw or about a fifth of it over some salt lick of masquerading as popcorn and my diet coke – snack and drink included with some tickets. I was almost shocked that they’d get through the show without making me gag at having to suffer charles daniels band’s the devil went down to georgia but it snuck in. the train lopes along about five miles an hour and makes a big noise at the walking path points as it must but what you’ll see intantly is that it’s a wide gauge track and the cars are 12 feet wide or so. it’s silly and i enjoyed it even if again you’d think i’d like it for the scenery but nope fail not my night there for seeing things. I was pleased though i spotted a gumball for a quarter which i thought a better bargain than that of 3.38 a soda pop bottle.

a side note was the first hotel didn’t have the room ready at fourish pm? then walked across the property and street to tell us that the dogs we had didn’t meet their policy limitations that we declared in advance- then said whoever would refund our money- as it was booked online and then promptly refused to refund a room we couldn’t check into – no cancellations issued refunds. sneaky? the booking people issued the refund šŸ˜‰ nice of them. if you’ve hate in your heart, sleep in next to a stay in and an endoscopic center just outside of stone mountain about 13 miles away… and the booking agency. responsive customer service even if they didn’t choose as they did to refund us.and before you think it’s isolated – the new thing is to say pet friendly and then ssay you’re not or more fun that it’s up to the person on the ground to enforce a vague weight limit. šŸ˜‰

we ended up at america’s best value inn. the breakfast was minimal but all were together. I woke at five blasted in the morning – to read how talks are scheduled to cover the legalities on how much a 1.7 billion dollar cost overrun on expanding capacity at a nuclear powerplant can be stuck to the customers…lol obviously all of it just which excuse of law will it be? i liked the funnies more – garfield found the good day under a slice of leftover pizza and b.c. pointed out the proudest dinoaur is soon enough discount gasoline. šŸ˜‰

lunch was Korean bbq about my 2nd go around with korean. beef bulgogi. a soup at the bbq place… anothe5r FAIL? perhaps but I really liked my soup.

this is not the same place but eerily close to how mine loked. the pickled spicy bambbo shoots were about the best thing ever. i wouldn’t claim in two tries to be an expert on tastes but it tasted like rice wine vinegar, rice wine sweetened, jalepeno and bamboo shoots and you might have to gimme a gold star for knowing that much. there were a blizzard of other offerings radish this sirachaed thats and some sesame oil this and etc that. good stuff.

I got a good round of groceries at an H-mart atlanta like rice paper for spring rolls, sai fun noodles two kinds, i couldn’t get sprouts obviously as they’d not survive 3 hours or more to home hot car lol teas, scotch bonnet hot sauce a few cans of bamboo shoots/corn tin fish etc but the hit was a new to me papaya ginger ale. tasty thing…pity i’m diabetic and it’s alll sugar.

or i can make sushi the simpler maki, spring rolls as soon as i get cilantro and been sprouts as i have shrimp and noodles.

I noticed quite the emphasis on pro south lost the civil war south south sentiment in the laser show odd as if i’d forget what “dixie”s lyric’s mean. way down south in the land of cotton where old times there are not forgotten… i mean eek. but ra ra patriotic usa anyway to end. godie. . also holy cow do Atlantan’s drive worse than i can! I can’t even see and they suck. qt’s are big there and my new drink, peach mango unsweetened tea was very good. mmm in fact but tulsa oklahoma? but i suppose haha colorado wouldn’t get any further save for first celestial seasonings then xing tea. i mean why not i liked what i got.

i suppose i missed a question, the big black man asked me after where the ice machine was.. I was literally four feet from it to my right and didn’t see it but i doubt he meant that ice machine šŸ˜‰ skinny and missing a tooth, cuh cuh cuh crack anyone? (if it works, my picture.)


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3 responses to “Weekending

  1. Atlanta is always a fun city for me to visit- then again, I have family there also. Your penchant for Korean food is laudable.

    • it’s weird wondering what it is about authentic versus pandered to can mean. i mean it’s Look was culturally close not exactly surely, but i may try it again – not necessarily soon as it is pricier to manage. discount steakhouse cost. iI’m curious as it as prepared is close to a mongolian beef at the chinese restaurant. yet that would be without the broth…which reminds me of a french dip or more lately an italian beef which again is the same brothed beef just no cup to dip- that’s french apparently lol…and the korean add your own condiments is rather not unlike visiting a taco bar to fix up your own treasure, which is kinda like that subway approach where you make it YOUR way so you can immediately run over to wendy’s and have it dave’s way but dave’s nnot longer around to make sure it’s really his way or not. but from a midwest existance- how would i know that it’s more authentic to see a pickle medley of jalapeno carrot and onion than lettuce cheese and tomato sometimes sour cream and or guacamole? I wonder how much is authentic and what is truly pandering to my pallet. is it reallly french fries? i already know a “Danish” is more austrian than from denmark but the wars of the times surely would have wrecked that authentism as something simple as sauerkraut had to become liberty cabbage when it was the rage to be anti German which is why i suppose it’s good i got it greek or israeli versus somewhere persia, my near east grub… it really is amazing how much we say prejudice is forbotten yet some of that sneaking stuff bathes thetable service or something making good food poison gross to others. I wonder if you’d laugh with me as you were there for more of it, that according to verifiable wikipedia not diddled with wiki, that thousand island dressing essential to the big mac was first sold as russian dressing which is still thousand island, the russian only without the island of veggie bits but a smooth version of thousand. I mean how pinko was mcdonalds? making russian stuff like that alll through the cold war…well the part where mcdonald’s was around with the big mac for anyways. italian beef vs. french dip I mean obviously this a tad sly as obviously the french dip is american really as is the italian beef likely too lol – i might just as well tossin a can of chili and get going on the loose meat sandwich which would also be beef and au jus/substitute broths but add chili and make sure the hamburger is just that not no thin sliced roast! none of that HIGH class stuff šŸ˜‰ but it is amusing how love hate we are with exotic meaning anywhere BUT here but how dangerous that is as a concept as in Mexico ain’t here but while tacos and the like are allowed, the people still get a bit of a bum rap even today… yet what about a banana leaf tamale with fresh mango or something? and onion… it could be like coasta rican and until the 80’s diet is cool thing from my perspective mind you and i seriously read slim fast was originally no diet drink but a weight GAIN formula booster…bahahahaha but until the diet revolutions allowed vegetables, i do not recall a salad being anything more than a rare inclusion to any meal befor the 80’s then whomp wendy’s helped improve ist’s market share by including the salad bar! to their stores… oh lordy salads appeared in droves…even today it’s weird how habits change as do foods and what’s cool and what ain’t- not much difference between a lebanese lentil soup and an iranian one- yet I bet money iran is less popular a name still šŸ˜‰ — poor you, i could have listed this all as a blog – but i’ll still celebrate with some dutch fries with mayonaisse… but then this sorta heritaged german who is mutt norweigian likes fried potato and that spannish condiment.

  2. Sounds like a fun party! Looks like good food!
    Always enjoy your haikuing! šŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! šŸ™‚

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