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Oh my word. I picked up a measuring device! Principal reason for this is because the label said 5% sodium per 1/4 teaspoon. but here’s the following things:

holy smokes rub, badia brand. 13 x 1/2 tspn. 130% sodium remember three people should finish the dish but if they do)

chili powder, mccormmick brand 4 x 1/2 tspn. (10% 2300mg daily,mccormick product info)

cayenne ground powder not really measure but 7 x 1/2 tespn ish

badia garlic pwder again really unmeasured but roughly 8 1/2 tspn.

this and a twoand a half pounder pork roast and one and a half liters of water from a tea kettle go into a slow cooker . i never once saw it bubble which distresses me but around8 hours of this it was cut loose of it’s cooking net and shredded.
thie fact it was good, pardona touch of smugness but that wasn’t in doubt, I was curious how good from a measured use of sodium or 47% per person if we ate the whole roast which we didn’t i might have had 2/5 oz and i didn’t because of wine really care what others were consuming and actually went to bed shortly thereafter 😀 but shreded this roast with rolls and a side dish should serve six happily and thus is 23^ rda sodium for the meat bread might add a few percent and sides a few more or i have a normal sodium intake dish i can weild with pride.
fan-smegging- tastic.


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6 responses to “Measured?

  1. Woo, speecy spicey, hot and tasty! Okay…enough about me. Ha! 😛
    No, not me…THIS POST and THAT RECIPE is woo, speecy spicey, hot and tasty! I would love that meat on a bun with some cold raw slaw or salad and and a glass of iced tea….or a fire extinguisher! Ha! 😛
    “Holy Smokes Rub” makes me laugh! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. Sounds good :-). Are we watching our salt? Never a bad idea really. peace and smiles

    • yep, watching salt. after the light poisoning of the house hostess whilst my sister’s dog was whelping the 11 great dane puppies, I was looking for a bit of redemption – okay it isn’t one pot roast solves all the world’s issues, but 😉 it is a nice feeling I have something more in an arsenal. otherwise for years I’ve watched it and cooled it on the sodium..not just eating less or utilizing low sodium products only but flat out moving where possible to not cooking with any sodium added. – obviously certain things you can not add salt to after cooking so well and thus this careful approach to using it… in this case because it was diet friendly this roast. much of the weight we’d gain from it would be water weight from sodium and i got lucky with making that far less than typical. whee!

  3. mcbery ⋅

    I like spicy. I think I should start cooking supper. I have jalepenos and cream cheese and bacon. I forgot how to spell Jalepenos! That spell checker gives me grief today. 😛

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