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Simply Vegan, Deborah Wasserman. so far the early puroosing says YES to the garlic bean dip- the beans in this case being tahini’d green beans.
Cooking as fast as I can…. cat cora – I didn’t know she was gay. however the mention of tuna jalepeno melts whilst writing is more intriguing.
once a month cooking mimiwilson, mary beth largerborg – contrary to the notion this is simplistically making every solitary thing ahead, it is NOT – it is a technique to make much of the prep ahead but quite a lot of pull it from the freezer already preped and get after it.
writers in the kitchen compiled by tricia gardella – this is a liteny of children’s authors contributing a recipe they remember from childhood…. my favorite so far is sara jane boyers tirade on most things breakfast and then the sigh of relief her children aren’t annoying like her 😀 heheheheh

what i’m after is less a recipe than i am philosophy. nothing wrong with vegan food! – I however this instant don’t know the difference between tempeh and tofu.. last time i checked tempeh is more than just tofu. I know many would like to know how it is we could pull dinner out and toss it in versus the hassel of all that “cooking” I’m sure i’m less interested in the cat cora of famous food but what they do when they’re not trying to impress more than effectively themselves, and surely the same goes for writers how we express a passion is useful. seriously though i want a bag of wavy sour cream and onion chips and a bowl of that garlic bean dip! it reminds me of green bean casserole with a chip. could. be. good.
I’m also curious of one thing… I always went to Arby’s because they had potato cakes which i like they’re not as good as macdonald’s breakfast hash browns but they’re good. now that macdonald’s offers breakfast all day, why haven’t i strolled in to test that if it’s better their other sandwiches with hashbrowns? I’m thinking i might win with a spicy mcchicken but lose with a big mac… I might win with chicken nuggets but lose with a filet o fish. and i was watching another media source say pastrami on hamburgers was the things so if a regular macdonals hamburger would survive with a packet of pastrami ala carl budding?? i think It wouldn’t, but such is why i’m not cooking this instant… i might make a hash of it.


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