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Side Show

which SIDE ore you on?
the “home” means Zombie Pig BBQ


his weekend’s only bbq joint is well rate in my Town nevermind for one moment the MEAT it’s good – don’t worry and the sauce has a zesty zip to it – this is about the sides.  I got a round of Collard Greens, in fact the first round something “Southern” in my new “Town” – i live technically on base so in another 😉  but what was better than these grenes was the black beans and rice.

Grilled Brussels Sprouts

Roasted brussels sprouts and red onions drizzled with champagne apple vinaigrette.


yes, humble ol’ coleslaw.  in this case NOT KFCC sugar soup delight but CaptainD’s this time  yes, not even the worst but it could be if you took to it straight – but with their malt vinegar and too much of it? ooo lala!  I’m tellin’ you!  MMmm. 😉

What are those side show details you can remember?

oh, and I did fire up the tea and milk and added the mango nectar.  meaning it lacked only the jalapeno jelly to be complete as the marinade.  it can work but it requires more zing so i will see about incorporating less waters to it meaning i’ll have to utilize a pot to warm the almond milk to make a tea within the milk itself…. if that failes – well then bummer, I’ll not go with that idea… but I think it will work- just perhaps not for shrimp but perhaps chicken.    I will also be doing up another something no, not a potroast prepped with the side of a spatulah!  but a slow cooked pork roast in chili rub.  which is why the point of the sides occurs.  how does this one idea sound?

sweet grilled salad:

grilled veggies  of:

pineapple the odd fruit 😉


yellow neck squash

sweet potato – which might requuire the most attention

sliced ringed chunk and otherwise  dressed in perhaps a submarine type dressing of effectively pesto seasonings in more oil so as to sweetened it more but more so so that it stays somewhat moist. – and some red pepper flake to add pizzazz.

suchis thick onion slices grilled but i haven’t decided how long the sweet potato will require the most care so i’ll probably simply foil it and bake it essentially on the grill and then divide it, pineapple which does well with a quick grill mark! and squash which seem easy but if too thick this isn’t a salad it’s a medley or ages of dicing everything.  I origiinally heard and had this as a pan fried dish but i can still grill and  this sounds more fun grilled.  never bothered to try so hence the ask…worthy?

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One response to “Side Show

  1. YUMMY! This all sounds SO delicious! I love everything you named!
    Any place named Zombie Pig gets my vote! 😀
    Yes, “the sides” are always fun!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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