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Picture It.. P.I. want a slice of π


pictured are an offering of foot warmers from Sears, and an independence extender for eliminating embarrassment in adults…. depends.


warm depends.  I’m laughing as that was my advertsing as they’d wish to sell me and stuff i have actually searched for… go ahead, figure out which one i was interested in 😉  it’s far too much fun not to wink you eye and say you hope I’m adjustable and comfortable 😉

I still have to try my marinade idea… previous blog…

I looked at groupon.  I bought a zip line thing for ONE to tagalong with the house this weekend.  I’m less interested in zipping through adventure far away from the ground…. I of course will endure.. the last part of the sales pitch of the house people was, boat ride back.  uh, I’ve a lil huck finn in me left! 😀

that’s that blog said i was informed we’d unasked for company whilst gone either of us on adventures.  this is in keeping with reports of the same on the spouses site for this area.  I was making mention about the “gates’ again as i misheard something mentioning change and my gate….so was asked if I’d midnight walk and check…lol obviously from home  on the inside I have no earthly reason to be out at midnight noodling around an army base entrance…heh, however it’s obvious they either wish i wouldn’t worry or shut up orboth.  but it occurred to me twice that dust!! you have to prove everything this life independant of your word alone.  take my word for it usually means…don’t.  so dust.  controllable dust. poof you step in you walk through dust.  dust is normally not a clean person’s friend@  but it’s a bit of physical evidence  providing it is distinctive dust ;0 one has to be distinctive 😀  and  even snapping a picture of the unwanteds isn’t enough it’s the proof they were that person IN the picture… dust… distinctive dust. 😉  and now sci fi with me how the dust is controllable to become rewriting and glowing graffiti at their place later…I was here too.  one can optionally include “asshole” or not 😀  angel dust of an idea?  i thought you’d agree.

(or, writing is about ideas sure, but phrases twists anything, how can I hope to write if i don’t….write?.. try to get ideas, say them, say them hopefully “better” …. so, boring as my advertising may be or upcoming plans, lingerings  over the recent past and other whack unique to me hopefully… such is this silliness for the moment)


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 responses to “Picture It.. P.I. want a slice of π

  1. The top photo actually looks like some type of sci-fi devise. I can’t imagine you need either item (where you currently live and at your age) so maybe you’ve been shopping for someone else? …. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes… That’s what I think of with all the dust in the air – but do stay away from angel dust! Peace and smiles

  2. In Georgia, no – No I do not need feet warmers 😉 however, at least those i looked up – how that jmeant i needed depends?? 😀 nay on angel dust interest. I do not need to traq livestock.

  3. What zippy fun! 😀
    I’d like a slice of peach PIe…where food and Math meet! 😛
    I do hope you’re adjustable and comfortable! 😉 😀
    HUGS and Happy Whee-kend!!! :mrgreen:

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