if you’re sick of Egg-Coddlers, be warned  – it’s Carly Simon Time… it’s coming around again.

nah, not really,  associations of a slightly more obtuse meaning.

Click to access Egg-coddler-patterns.pdf

this is a pattern list from an egg coddler museum –  collecting egg coddlers is like p schmonthing yada pottery/egg combined in latin which I never took.

I was looking up things that define to a time.  elysium was a pattern discontinued as I came into being or nineteen seventy four – okay, oops that was the harvest ring pattern.  which on this page is NOT displayed and I just cant pop around to the museum and check.   this had me look up other cdiscontinued patterns as it is always amusing to know without doubt you have something definably x years old because it is no longer produced- this is dangerous because we all see something valuable in it’s x period but not in it’s other periods like a fifty seven chey is way cool and wow pricey but what’s a fifty eight worth?  plenty nowadays to be sure but not  nearly as much as a fifty seven.  or the stingray corvettes are cool but wis the sixty two worth less or the sixty eight?  I’m not sure I hate the point’s valid.

so now we’re to here as I want to bloody see what’s what.   but do note what i did, you can find patterns specific to a time but at this time not every detail is longged  but i found it fun this site has more listed withphotos  and more info of a hey this might be valuable due to dating/authenticity  nature than the museum.

however i wasn’t on that point long

I’m onto years. –  obviously finding a nineteen sixten example of an egg coddler  is going to prove difficult as what would be the difference of the two years?  the year I want and the other years? 😉  but then again there is also the end years of things and thats more fun as you know it just wasn’t about any longers so what about  say a twenty three?  well not finding that extant exampe so 83  why?  duh this was a gift intended to one and it is no longer  being duplicated after  83 so? that means two is?

Rhapsody Rhapsody Rhapsody Backstamp
Rhapsody Pattern – Standard Size

now as this can be a standard or king or hint different products altogether, prices vary widely – so ebay! whee  why not the same in a matching cup and saucer?   the coddler was 20 or fifty or veries widely and the cup saucer is 10 each as in for sets each  and thus a pattern with a dated meaning that in the case of the coddler atleast just isn’t made any longer seems to add fun to the notions of association  but now the point of all of this is obvious-  I’ve spent days on this days.  look above and remember something unfair in life- spend all the cash or time on something and note the associations I have aren’t yours… you might hate the color and patter!


symetry is consideredyes even to pie plate and casserole with lid. service for four possible you know why so a single soul can break one and still have a couple over. 😉  always include breakage into sets. a set of four means three if three you can enjoy enjoy if you need five buy seven. etc  always include breakage because symetry is instantly noted…INSTAntly.

but thus the fun of it- a set of two not for everyday   I know i meant one person but  have mentioned two others  who rate the date or are the date – and so come to the end of my interest in this thread they’d prefer cash. the pattern isn’t their either of thems’ taste yet this is about it’s not made any longer not whether I like the pattern … 😉 such is how my mind works – I think think think and end up talking myself out of it if i think enough 😉


but associatives before i go not made after sixty one i believe the princess of monoco  grace kelly leaves that year  – or some of my fair er friends came about as  that would be a discount.. sorry to them but har har. they’re irreplaceable. 😀

twenty three specifically  was the same year my favorite piano was made an h.g. bay upright player piano minus the player mechanism but it was obviously there speckles of machine oil made it hard not to notice even inside but the controle areas were a flip down panel un front of the keys –  breakfast elegance and my favorite memory of something from a year ever is 23.  blah blah


seeing the coffee cup and saucer made me cringe as I dislike that look somehow now i admit to being picky. 😀


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “Weedkiller?” now no one can fault me wholly for not knowing all of England as I live far away and never have visited… however, I have heard of worcestershire sauce! I know laugh how silly to get jazzed up to even word vomit about silly outmoded porcelain and a condiment! but never fear – morgan cars are there – reference it’s early success not in luxury cars or racers but the morgan runabout that was a mass market offering of some popularity of which motoring may have not caught on so well without. and the haha of the reddich needle museum. i mean if I can’t find a needle in that …worcershire…county of high ag, haystacks.. ug the pun.. oh boy. yes, the pattern choice burns me for the moment on coddlers for the even more hellish thing of the symetry test – how things fit is INSTANTLY seen and of HUGE of like yes gigantic importance and to see something slightly not my style as I aimed to delve a deeper association… oi be in love with yourself! we all know this feeling / experience when all of a sudden it just ain’t on any longer. but worcestershire? odds are i can count upon being close to cheese in glousteshire. a lil bit of civil unrest in history as it begins and ends the english civil war there and has the world’s oldest continuously produced newspaper from sixteen nintety. tad before this seventeen seventy six join I’m in 😉 not all that shabby that I can get bilbo baggins there too as tolkien loved that area and it’s CLAIMED that while not new zealand of the movies it is the inspiration of the story’s setting. you better believe your boots and scratch your head that from a simple offhand line you’ve just gotten fourty pages out of me. but of thee most insterest is that it links to hop production. that’s rather a buch of beer talk. I like beer. and through all this the reason for all of this is to see if one last weedy detail exists- the town is rife with the porcelain of royal worcester – it has a museum but not necessarily. football was more to the top of that list 😉 then some history crap of blah blah who cares about someone i never heard of stealing church land in sixty five…as in twelve sixty five. 😉 — I have zilch idea where ideas come and go and obviously i share this because I’m in a learning mode- nanowrimo I want discovery in my life even if it’s not really new things persay…egg coddlers are new to me. to understand and link this even to tsarist russia which royal worcester made a nineteen hundred even as in queen victoria had not yet left us nor in the wester her “age” we had this elegance then new still to the masses. and yet traditions are started sometime and such is a thought .. and this thought relates to food which ultimately i’m most liable to weave such a theme in.. and if it ain’t clear by now I’ll end up all over the map with associative ideas – please understand most pottery and cheap publication is by lithography which made a LOT of maps and due to later parts of that evolution of process is still part of this here now not as a newspaper of england or anywhere but the heart of why i can type at all here for you to read – lithography in one form or another is your printing of integrated circuits on a microchip running yours or my appliance of internetting. connecting in a weird way is fun yes, i liked mr james burke.

I won’t bore you with any more egg puns! 😀
I love thrift stores and antique store shopping and browsing, and I’ve never seen an egg-coddler in any of them.
I killed and or pulled all of my weeds weeks ago. 😛 After MUCH rain, they were sprouting up in the weirdest places! 😮
Maybe Carly Simon was singing to an eggotistical, vain egghead?! Ha! 😛 I crack myself up! 😀 Ha! “crack”… 😀
Yolk-y HUGS!!! 🙂

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