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off into the weeds

egg coddlers.  simple things for a dash of elegance to the ordinary.

ye ahhh!! a picture to illustrate size! 😀  SCORE!  pretty eexample too – note, show with lids off,  and page is no longer available meaning this gem set likely sold.

what on earth would i do?  i mean asside from a soft boiled egg to bust into  dip toast in non-compliance to food safety guidelines to have such things fully cooked to death, what for??

add to the misery, the initial soul responsible for continuing to think on these would go ACK! at the vast majority of uses/recipes specify cream which as an avowed non-drinker of moo juice/milk, um is not likely to inspire yays here.


but a poached/coddled egg….  and?  contrary to the common phrase,  no one listens to me, I heard another mention that leaves the idea worth at least fleshing out.  broccoli soufle.


sb eggs with simple toast and such

omelette in a cup versions of a bit of onion peppers and mushrooms…bust in that egg for option two to ten zillion


ridiculous visions as I am still reading that book…. of mini samon croquettes with an egg atop because I’m sure you just always need to utilize that leftover salmon on hand like using that left over wine we all have laying around… or hint, from my socio-economic standpoint such is outright  silliness as  leftover treats when does that ever occur?


nope, cheese souffle

omg, what’s that!  I can’t recognize what it is nor what it ruins.

Mini Broccoli Soufflé

while not picturing the end result, it seems workable and VEGETARIAN

that with the salad super fast

pear walnut blue cheese or something like that

last picture courtesy  of internet borrow but tennesse wine grower association.

or you’re catching on hopefully fast i hijacked breakfast long ago and called it lunch 😀   but, as you see, you could  go back to breakfast with  the next three

this versus the next image being presented differently

this here is the hopefully now easily seen point – two pictures of poached/coddled eggs and toast.  neither would go unappreciated by my belly but ONCE in a while it is delightful to attempt ellegance…no?

so lets ruin it right wrongly right now with the breakfast drink,h_461,c_fit/v1/img/recipes/27/71/52/SuIRIROQTgeQIzTc2rk5_beer%20tini.JPG

now, that’s likely an elegant looking combination and perhaps a disgusting one to some but 😉  vegetables are covers as is a snarkly smile from me to you.  class it up now, 😉


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10 responses to “off into the weeds

  1. looks like you enjoyed your breakfast?

  2. the last picture has me looking at it twice – it’s simply pick a pretty tomato beer picture first so it’s there that’s why but the garnish, I’m wondering if that’s a squash blossom and the green beans…. flash pickled gb’s are rather snappy. or eff it’ three/four bean salad in a squash blossom? hmn. I honestly don’t know. the idea is only here because i have only so much manual dexterity and energy and thus kitchen skill – this is my shot at knowing i have less oomph as in I used to cook and still largely dont- but should return to doing it to show i did it and eat good. i can utilize a light hour to make coffee blind half done in and hope no asshat changed the settings on my toaster and robotically make a belt of coffee- I can do this! I look at this or save for when i realize how many it’s for which makes up the ultimate decision…cost. it this is for four it’s out of my budget if it’s one or two it’s a delight. as it is? a breakfast in bed tray and or book table 😉 plus for the one floorers, so as to serve 2 and relay clean up. I mean the wise-acre parent wishing to flog the lesson of thoughtfulness to other/ service without attude… ooo the tortures possible here! TORTURE! edible revenge within a spirit of love…yeah yeah… little shits. piss me off and it’s breakfast in bed for me every sunday for a MONTH!

  3. because I’ll be shucks if I didn’t try to find out… the yellow garnish in the above picture appears to be a mangled carnation . obviously it’s up to you to see if this makes any sense at all. – why is nutmeg/clove type taste which with a spiced wheat beer orange rind/coriander typical spicings or even without in a regular lighter lager to spice the oncoming tomato concoction… and a vegetable… grean beans again as tomato associates as a vegetable rather than a fruit culinarily. you have MY offerings of “evidence” I might be right. – or, this is how my trying to be succinct and research not too disregaurdingly flippant goes. now for loud 80’s music as i have no actual taste… so we’re clear about that 😉

  4. hmm…. I’ve never tried coddled eggs or poached eggs. When I think of egg cups I think of the British. I admit I don’t know why – except maybe I saw someone eating eggs this way in a British show. I’ve never heard of tomato beer. Interesting. peace & smiles

    • 🙂 I know i wrote a book of poosts lately 😉 but I said where MY mention came from – brittish book. wiki, which settles all bets, says while eggs cops not coddlers have existed in prehistory, an egg coddler specific to the use is from roughly late late victorian times royal worcester… wocestershire is a sauce to us but still a place. or 1890 i believe my dator page said 1892
      ‘ four hundred years since columbus sailed the ocean blue it’s collectable kitch of some cheap jezelebelled earth that all the rage… and don’t tell me now that you cant change some folks oppinions with a meal 😉 and thus all that remains is a safety warning that one in thirty thousand eggs if undercooked can run us a risk of samonella exposure – as modern companies can withdrawl their entire offerings from shelves if they or other testing bodies show a danger- I am glad to say thatwhile risky, it is a personal choice food. I always liked a sunny side up egg. i can’t order them nor have for a good 20 years because I mean a fully set white which nowadays only comes cooke pretty much over medium. obviously too tastes change so i just might like my stuff more cooked than i used to as well. 😉 – as to tomato beer. I guess i’ve known much if not all my adulthoold that even before a bloody mary was a drink to me, I knew what a van gogh was and thought it sounded revolting. tomato beer with an egg…raw… plopped in then there was clamato but I admit I only started seeing 8oz cans x years back and someone gave me the how can you know not this silly boy, use your noodle! this is odd because even then i knew what a schooner was. the smallest glass of beer… an oz beer. and while the purposes of this size weren’t for mixing beer but not getting tittled, I still didn’t put two and two together…which means if bearly’s reading I didn’t get the four s thing i guess i do now.. I’m not always that bright.

      • You are very good about posting. I’m rather hit and miss about posting and about reading. I’m funny about eggs so wouldn’t much care for one but I watched a YouTube video of a lady showing her egg coddle collection and then showing how to cook one so it’s all educational! I did not look up tomato beer as I rarely drink a beer of any kind but I do have a “not your dad’s root beer” in my fridge now. It was given to me some months ago. I suppose I should drink it. 🙂

      • only if you feeel like it 🙂

  5. This is egg-cellent and egg-straordinary! 😀
    What pretty egg-presenters!
    Quiche! YUM! Do real men eat quiche yet?! 😉 😛
    And omelettes! YUM! I love veggie omelettes! 🙂
    Happy breakfasting!
    Do you enjoy breakfasting at night?
    Egg-y HUGS!!! 😀

    • I haven’t procured these lil treasures. I thought of them as a gift and talk myself in and out over and uh unh over again and again and again…pfew. smoke break.. into getting them. I actually am a tad fickle about breakfast. I prefer dinner for breakfast. I can be charmed with the egg ception of breakfast burritos. tortilla hugs anyways though 😀

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