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Nnotes 2

The Breakfast Book – David St john Thomas  mentions  somewhat offhandedly as if i should know of the things, Egg Coddlers  – which while NOT REQUIRED to make a “poached” egg or hb sb eggs – are far prettier with them.,PieceOrder-a&query=egg%20coddlers

oddly enough a surprising array of oldies exist – i don’t mean valuable antiques by any means, i mean affordable pretty chinaware of a “vintage” nature – I remember this site’s name as i investigated the value by replacement of my grandmother’s array of tea cups  – they are toothy for cost – but if you’ll note that while obviously microwave safe-use is highly unlikely thus a waterbathed process in the oven for what may be upwards of an hour wow – remember ovens do not all magically preheat in 12 minutes and at altitude additional cooking time is always required – yes i live far lower now but this is an idea for one who doesn’t get lowdown- but prefers being up in the air. – I mean wow.  – but putting a pan preprepared in the fidge and transfering it to an oven is a nice way to make others feel special or treat yourself to breakfast in bed – after the dog’s are cared after- type of lazy day yay.

here is another and you can look up amazon’s offerings on your own!

I laugh a bit with the next point of what goes in – recipes abound but the laughter isn’t having a recipe but a well know supplier having a recipe but not selling the tool?  uh, guys, that’s a tad silly.

other intrigues are a more English breakfast.

cumberland sausage looks rather whimsical and sausage-y 😀


egg cups i’ve heard of thanks to “Harry’s mad” Dick King Smith   and a what?  fish anything for breakfast?  It’s might occur for dinner but breakfast?  intriguing.


salmon patties  that was.

If i said i wanted a Buck for breakfast – would you think I was swearing?  a ;buck’ to mean similar to welsh rarebit but with a poached egg atop it. not that f bomb.


oddly enough, you might be surprised that we really do have different things to try out there a whole world not yet mcdonald’s over.  I never was huge on creme brulee so i failed so far to buy me a ramican set to make you all custards.  and

I might burn in Alton Brown hell for considering purchase of a UNI tasker or a device that while obviously open for abuse in ways it wasn’t meant for- is really only for one thing…like a garlic press is a uni tasker and  such.  but i plead that oh television food gods or whatever powers at least, I  have to note that simplicity and elegance can combine and while some things are a hassle, who wouldn’t mind a specialty joy of breakfast and perhaps a coffee all like pretty.  I’m rather sure that did not go out of vogue ever so long as someone else is making it. 😉

oh and actual sacriligiousness now.  i’m not and never really have been keen on breakfast.  so according to that book starting us off, i lack character imediatly  hahahahaha the raspberry to your opinion there pal.


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2 responses to “Nnotes 2

  1. HA! That sausage makes me laugh…and think of stuff. 😀
    Don’t eggs always want to be coddled? (as in pampered, fussed over)! Ha! 😀 I prefer my eggs over easy or hard boiled or scrambled! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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