before i leap into my pile of them in my selected books, it was a few surprisingly not beers but tasty tall icy drinks…diet mt. dew folks one el car oh and one al fresco after the pig out oh.

mango fried right rice

hold my hand as the day leaves

such was the spicing.


at the bar standing,

restroom, i can’t see help me?


r’was a robbery

the sushi was the hold up

we were skipped in line.

the poker face glow

seeing twenty magic away

will i windinner’s prize?


the air is its breath

swallowed by shadows gaping

I walk to my cell.

imagine starlight

it’s not easy to read by

but dreams live so lit.

the moment you just know

walk to that one more bill surprise

or we’re were out just thenQ

okay that’s now paid

dang it – baby shower shit

and still it was pop.


animal crackers

..and rabbits go loopdy loop

the drive -an old song.

a dangerous time

adoption day gauntlet

cute lil pet bastards.

day twenty-seven

they don’t check the river path

I’m finally free?

such is an assortment of words to share the feel mostly of what my day here was.  I left to go out obviously for a big huge party weekend yet it was lunch at sushi for them I gort what now?  I then was at target…family friends finally had a baby girl….hence that trip there.  next door was pet smart and it was oh holy hell what day of uber cuteness?  fleeQ    lots of cloverleaf to different roads so the old shirley temple for those too new to have remembered what evil we purpetrate on you at two in the cute dance classes.  I’m a tad sick to my stomac… I don’t suspect the loaded carbohydrate bomb lunch was likely the best choice.  however, i enjoyed trying something wholly new versus the same old same old…the table arriving after us nearly was paying their bill before our selections arrived…obviously the tip was levied accordingly.  I can’t think of anything that made me feel anything seeing a rusted out 80 gal hot water heater on it’s side behind the uilding next to a rusted steel shelf…not they’re usually chromed so if it had rusted it has been there a LONG time…but again i have no instant feeling hence while i saw it I haven’t a word to express a nrutral feeling.  and soon I have to look over this to find a way to remember how it presents is a picture and picture and so on and thus   I need some practice at this before nano comes.  i have difficulty with linearity/points … and description upon endless description versus me about feelings who cares! let another feel what they want to describe describe describe!… we’ll work on me leaving the words and odd things of seemingly no value emotionally.

words… what more words? – general murray at lawrence of arabia’s installation into the war musuem. lawrence of arabia sixty two, peter o’toole and a host of other heavyweights…. including quinn the eskimo 😀

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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