Pigments: an introduction to their physical chemistry – Elsevier p 22 manganese Manganese compound.  cross referencing to:

wikipedia: manganese dioxide, pigments – as this it is  both useful for making hydrogen peroxide turn into steam and such. or is a brownish black pigment from way way way back in history orthe precursor for other manganese things like batteries and purpled glass.

useful as such was old is stil new and future possible new again. – offshoots to this are a listing of the pigments by their chemical formula and other rainbowy thing-  which if combines obviously skittles make…doo doo brown  .. which might not seem like cool shit but hahahaha, it’s the colors man.


Please understand the graduate level course in colors is and will remain largely beyond me- i have only so much math.  but, links.  words mean things…and you should know I will bend them 😉  this is how i popcorn to seemingly obtuse places. – brown is steam is cave painting and batteries so we moderns might see the light.  cave painting can lead one to all manner of sex and other games. counting and counting on it – illusions of mean as a man of two cows might seem rich but a cow can eat weeds and become sickly and useless or run away…in an instant.  temporal.  purple to temporal is a bad rhyme but you get the idea i might rehyme sometimes….badly.

manganese also seems to be what makes things glow in the weirdest of ways under black lighting

black light ink is course usefull in modery silliness for what is holloween  okay halloween.  a mystic fun time of being different. – things not exactly what they seem.  offers flourescent inks that are largely invisible in daylight and glow under lights.

I believe i ran across the manganese mention in this or a similar steam turbine vw  beatle vid.  it’s been years and i haven’t energy to rewatch this this moment but i am trying diligently to share closely actual sorces so i don’t forget later how to note them 😉

but yes, an hour of my day from ONE word. – so it goes.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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