Whoomp. There it is.

This new phase of adventure sees me up at four am Sunday, September 11th.  Most of the firsts are becoming seconds.

The most notable food intakes are:

Krystal’s 59 cent sliders between 2~5PM. They are like the dream White Castle sliders that taste good yet are real.

Lakefront charcoal grilled tri tip silken perfection.


By contrast, I microwaved a couple of fifty cent frozen meals.

Yes, I had the ubiquitous boiled peanuts.  Aka the goober.  Tastey in small doses.

Hot road trip notes:

It’s a blizzard of curving one laners here.

Wines can be had for $4. Versus $6 ish old areas.  However the “going rate” is still $12 -$15 for home vinted. Or still 3x ish more for small scale.

Taxes seem higher yet there are little to no hidden fees or built in surcharges so in that respect it instantly is about 12% cheaper.

Thus on your toes!  People’ll cheat ya to your face.  There are deals but not really.  For Instance, I buy one snack stick and beer.  Beer is maybe 25 % cheaper but only one quarter of the offerings.  but $1.79 Busch 24-OZ. Vs. On base here $1.25. Snack sstick !1.69 BEER not checked total?  $4.20 hmm. Seems I bought a round.

Getting about:

Isolated.  I maybe can buy non tag items but can be carded anytime and denied as I.m not military.  I can not reenter base by myself.  Its over a mile to the equivalent of a gas station.  If I update my I.d. losing my Colorado one -I literally have to move and thus I can not vote if I do not.   Easily solved if I am on serving souls orders yet such was the first thing I was told twenty three years ago – I can Not. Be. Anyone’s. Dependant or my income is lost.  Now this is subject to error but seemingly the scoop.  Barring stupidity – I’ll be here till at least january.  As I am on base heh I may go carry groceries at commissary for tips only.  I am not without options and well capable of that walking.

Oh most of all.  It is pretty here.  I missed catching the ice cream truck.  My directional hearing was exactly dead wrong. Yes. And it is still pretty.