I have the following needs to know.

viability of reheating pastrami in a rice cooker which i own /access to versus buying more crap i don’t need.   – alton brown on UNI-taskers machines for one purpose only …BAD!  result, absultely possible with no instructions so it amounts to the same fuck off, I’ll make the first batch in a stove with 3 cleanable versus two thanks alot for the o ppinion but not the usable advice!  bastard opinions on food network 😛


the approximate distance from one degree to another in latitude and longitude coordinates…and again we’ve a bust as i can’t do fuck hard maths- i know wikipedia is accurate enough usually hell it’s easily fact checked…still wouldn’t advise one colleging their life on it… we’ve snob standard in this life… obey them or be laughed out of town.


I discovered i’ma mean jerk as in i have and relished it burnt books for the high to me crime of i paid money and it’d cost me more to donate it than burn it for it’s sin of not being MY book as in enjoyable.  oops, darkside.


and nothing pisses me off more than going somewhere to click again to the information I want .  fuck your intermediate click advertise to me twice shit to not even give me what i want.  liars.


that about covers it. save for sorted links


Use Rice Cooker to Heat Up Leftovers

for the notions in preparing fom scratch GOOD pastrami.  nevermind that “i’m a chef part” in this six part series.  I’m a cchef i don’t need a recipe? uh, that’s your job to MAAKE THEM! there are more links to travel too so ug, bookending.

2.6 hours steaming? oi.  glad i watch these things so you don’t have to.  just to steam stovetop back to use a pastrami.. oi.  okay rice cookery might come close but i’m not sure it allows that time point… have to check….  and another of whap whap in the face with the truth but not enough math to make use of it.  oi.

I have a link to the afl grand final tonight beginning at butt crack of midnight … I can’t attend a many years gathering for this.  i must drink beer all by myself.  boo.  but that’s covered too so is the sleepy sleepy spot if I get one beer ahead of the festivities. 😀


I chose the following books so you can wonder at me weirdness:

pigments, and their physical chemistry

breakfast by some englishman nineteen 80


unruly places which has floating islands…hot damn!…yes, that’s a cinnamon flavored spirit for silly teens….


so know armed with this you have my thoughts outlined and the beer is foster’s because I didn’t know i’d look so tacky wanting an australian beer for an australian game…ooo tacky.


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “bookending”

I didn’t finish looking that up – whether the modern rice cooker “sensed” liquid remaining and therefore within the physical limits of how much liquid I could add to steam thus controlling sorta the time I could utilize it to steam… they are fun. I buggered one good making spanish rice in it…acid of the tomotoes ate the lining…but not before i had made peach rice which scented beautifully.

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