how to get lost withought moving

I cant quite quite understand my mind’s idea of where i live and what the map says of where i live.  it confuses me.  however it’s as i suspected, fairly annoyingly far to get anywhere and nearly duece difficult to achieve “on my own”   I get lost trying to see a city so seemingly close nowhere near close on the map.  we all inow this means I’m thinking it’s a tad sad to hope I’m somehow RIGHT in my thinking.  aww.


okay, I have a cabbable greyhound station which does go places where seeing.  the details of returns aren’t impossible to suss out.  for those of you not sure what that means, I have to have someone escourt me onto base… ah the hope of a ride. – also because of the map it is clear finally why it was always so so convuluted to get a few midwest places.  you will see for yourself the only way they go x directions is if passenger traffic is attractive.

Click to access farefinder_express1_20140919_160731_routemappdf.pdf

you may reference that routemap.

so, with that in mind, can see as i do that looming knowledge I might have to include plane travel into some further away spots as it’s just plane not the expense of days, but that greyhound wont admit it actually goes there officially.  where?  okay, it’s worth a cab fare to columbus to travel for about 80 smacks more to biloxi mississippi ticking off mississippi as a state.  however old notions of a garunteed stop in auxillary places no longer is plannable as I can’t garuntee timing past the silly whoops! you can pay 20 and wait 12 hours to catch the next bus.   so, mobile to listen to steely dan which takes 20 minutes at best might be difficult past sneaking liquor shots and a music device into the restroom and then vehemently brushing denial onto my  mouth to say I didn’t just do that..what?  hopefully they buy that, you know they have the legal right to deny drunken travelers passage.


now take that notion and realize it’s far far easier to get a bus 3 hours ish to atlanta and hop a plane not to biloxi but to jackson and tick off the state in a bigger way or realize that  something like texarkansas arkansas and shreveport louisianna  are really not a mix like atlanta to dallas and bus over to shreveport on a proper jag and then over to arkansas or just little rock it and or new orleans it stop hoping it’s “a quick road trip” it just isn’t anymore.

same thing with a bus over to north dakota to winnepeg canada.  it’s more like a limo/cab at  oh god a rate  tween the two.  the connections aren’t any longer the same.


well, I want beer so it’s time for a soda…diet non alcoholic soda. 😉


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “how to get lost withought moving”

Great title!
You will find your way around…in da new city, da new state, etc! 🙂
Planes, Trains and Automobiles…buses, Ubers, taxis, bikes, skates 😀 …so many ways to travel these days! 😛 Oh, and horses!!! 😀
HUGS!!! 🙂

horses and me mean curses after trees… I reevaluated the scene after a trip out it is accurate as i neglected how far it is 30 some houses/ duplex thing before MY start to the next type and then another part all moderhn new age styles ala cookie cutter.. I do not infact live close but more ‘nestled” as to travel I’m gearing up that in light of some impressive discoveries – it would seem i get cranky pissy fast fused, no surprise i am a child of my parents as in some of their temperments of their pasts. well the point is i yammered with a friend annoyingly loud late at night for which i was hollered at – but the point is all the many times i remember trips to visit as in they were friends going close to and me thus assuming they’d meet up never really did nor when living close to each other show up particularly often just like i lived nine months in the same town with the one friend and not really so much as a phone call. this is of course not ideal lol but the point was it seemed they had a fiery decency of warmth and it bugged me as i worked for whatever i tried after socially — it would turn out that I having worked the call centers and had one too many ldr phone relationships hated the phone as in I ain’t paying x a month for this crap – so still am mr unstable having a phone long… but that asside from a call or two more, there wasn’t this conspiratorial ease i was denied. it’s nice and appropriate to make assume jokes now ;0 and giggle as that’s a decade in waiting reveal. just as it was a frightening wait to hear how the date went you know i like someone and hearing them DATE others is annoying lol so i waited and it would seem as nothing’s mentioned yet but the current duties that without inflating my ego i might just have been right all along on a number of front if i didn’t get up to assuming 😉 this is a bad rhyme but asulfame potassium assume asulfame hmn. it’s sweet without calories but too much of the ssumption or assulfame only leads to extreme bitterness. 😉

I like the title! … I’ve been lost many times without moving. So you are planning a trip? But you just moved! Isn’t that kind of like a trip? What you have to do is hire a driver – a driver that comes with a car of course. A reliable car is best. A reliable driver even better 😉 peace & smiles

ah lottery or bingo winnings bloopers, i neglected to have cash for that, but I can think of a traveler or two who could be the right or wrong depending.. choice :D. if you want my modus operundi, sure who wouldn’t like to trip! i did however spend a bundle to get here and to tidy that up some and move forward the extent of my plannings and personal executions is? not right this minute! gee guess why? but wishlisting which is a far different creature, is fun! and by wishlisting i mean it’s surely possible “,” even right for many of the reasons important i somehow attract out there to the world to have it come true. it’s very easy to think key largo florida largo hotel by greyhound as i don’t think trailways is always on it, and to understand in the reality of now what was it like way back when key largo the movie with humphry bogart was made and something as simple- go classic and catch it- to step off a bus with drum brakes and how way back when with less! there was some elegance and performance unlike hey everyone lets have disc brakes and everyone on their phones ddriving like laughables about ready to stall any standard tranny vehicle even if far more nowadays are automatics….this is far more likely to be a simpler trip to visit family in middle upper florida. skipping wild trips say to in season groves bouncing with citrus bliss and naught more than a few silly meals at places I may have barely heard of if i’m even that lucky! – but shh, wishlisting is fun! so too is reality. ;0 or with a call a simple wad of wherewithall where too is a cab off this place to the ‘town” and voila here i go pell melling about lower alabama to don’t that beat all biloxi – why? outside of a crime drama, i’ve largely never heard of the place… but, it’s smack dab wouldn’t ya know it? in mississippi. – in a bit more of reality i would take that trip but it would be to see if hattiesburg further inland mississippi was indeed “the place” to cozily be..somewhat far enough away from the hurricanes i can’t hop in a car for to hit the parkinglot of escape but still affordable too. as such is one bigger but not too big town I know has better get around than what I at this sharp instant here i do not have. don’t worry soon enough it’s time to walmart up something to do about that – i can’t see any better or am not blessed with much more stamina here voila olympian heman of the universe as there’s a tad more air here… but I suspect i could solve the i can’t even get to the convenience store in a reasonable effort/timeframe – ain’t a dang thing wrong with some daylight bikin’ it is however six point two five miles to the “town” and about 2 miles one way to the grocery and about a bit over a mile from here to the closer “gas station” x express here. or a sturdy jaunt. why? why not? you probably know me well enough that i can expend som effort to get an ice cream or something just to smile. and as for onlining I need after that too as it’s just time to careen about the world this time actually please ship to’ing i have need of affordable patio furniture of a desirable nature – this likely means a collective barnstorming of cushions first that are comfy and cleanable and thus of a specific dimension- then the frame… hmn how to get trash into the shape of that now new treasure? far cheaper than 3k in patio bliss via what? overstock of discount sites? oi. hint – despite not knowing how, it is possible and reasonably laughable that i’d be much of any good at it but a 30 rack of beer or a 12er of something far better supposedly is usually enough to have a small array of things tacked toether … you know some rectangles? bit spendy to find a chromer but surely there is one and if not it’s easy enough to package ship and pay return and process to get something shinier. 0 0 0 or as you can plainly see, i can enjoy “trips” anywhere and nowhere all at once. I’m not for sure on where I’m actually at but on a gentler day I can bike some sooner or not – but the biggest thing reallly is to take out a detail which is to make sure i’m preparing to make my move onward on my lownsome. the idea is to feel i’m moving. if you remember, I literally can say it felt i’d wake up ‘there” ten years later and be nowhere closer to anything just ten years tireder….hence it really did suck when the one showed up attache the other put in to move and being snappy every time a word left my mouth hello…but took my boss before she left out… I didn’t get to really replace her. trust me in retrospect it isn’t like I never could but in reality the one thing they needed i could not demonstrate- i can’t say much without question, you mmight want to say stuff and not be questioned as a head of anything. political deflection…not a skill in measures then large enough that instant it’s entirely fine nor did i know 350 people on a whim to be professional aid or volunteer mining… another drawback but not as big of one. but once it was obvious i wasn’t getting anywhere and wouldn’t quickly – no love to look forward to even if love in that case was just a carrot taunting just out of reach. or hint movement. same thing quickly occured true but on paper it went well, I got work but walmart andas it and later limited day labor, it’s back to square one on that front shh but walmart i loved the carrot of another there but just as it was close the carrot was pulled and the time was up for any real non bar fantasy of a few beers and six months of a place to crash has been found–because outside of finding a relationship with move in I was not long for those hills. then i was destined here even if it took months. but slow as it is, i can say i got here and life in different ways moves. finally again. some of it, I’m not 19 and i still can’t see so lol little things are more challenging or flat out not happening…. just like anyone else 🙂

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