anyone old enough and so booked or bube-tubed remembers jack nicholson in the shining with that weird kiddo saying redrum or murder!  I’m refering to red the color. so aww boo for your horror hopes.

every now and again I like to hope I’ll hit upon a flavourful new use of lentils or any cookery food.  I foodie.  I don’t much care I’ll never be perpetually mythic with it either.  I want you all to chase a lentil recipe.  your choices are cooked drained or some kind of pureed perhaps into soup thing voila. whomp.  I love near eastern lentil soup!  I like the boiled to death mush made with a variety of non middle or near east approved porcine products.  I made the error of psychedilic lentils for christmas chasing me to my mothers for holy help me please! *I suggest against utilizing allspice and pink peppercorns due to elevatedeugenol content which is….elevating.)  I have heard but didn’t take the lass up on learning how she was taught before sshe bought it how to make her special lentejas enchiladas.  boo, shameful of me!  I haven’t yet come close enough to a lentil recipe for enchiladas.


now a picture.

Lentil Display at The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)

lentils. whee.    they are sucky whole….even just bearable boiled to absolute mush… they require the flavor or to be like wild rice sparingly used in a pilaf.  im h o.  I can’t think of anytime past a soup where i liked them outside of murdered by porcine bliss.  so.  I’m thinking of that hmn now.  I can obviously utilize chicken which the soups do.  I can go indian in spicerspreeing them.  I think though i shall leave the thought alone again awaiting a better epiphany.


thanks now to mushrooms which are laden with vitamin b content i woke to a wicked death dream of all’s fine then nows “that time”  as if to say are you bitching the grim reeper let you off a few moments scotch free?  oi.   obviously no pictures as I rarely dream in picture…figures i can be pretty good remembering them haha.  those i can see anyways.  I was later pleased I could sleep again and forget  now the far nicer dream.  such is today trying to remember or bring to reality the notions lentils enchilada.  now i think sopes more not sopa.  rare time i looked a sentence over for spelling!  sopa soup. sopes street food mmm.   lentils  a ladel of sauciness onion and other garnish mmm. when will it be?  which dream will get me? dark or light?  obviously i dunno, i turned down a tour of the commissary to lentil it sooner than later just now.  I guess i’ll putz about hoping to pounch on some other sucker  caught social networking rather than getting that life on.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “redrum!”

😀 perhaps when wine pairing. D you know, with pizza. and don’t think you get to skip out either since you might not do the wine thing, plenty of carbonate juice out there to play along.

I’ve about six weeks of whoops there’s a diet on about the place so was thinking what to do about that. hmn…. back to thinking about … 😀 have a hug.dangerous as they can be with cabbage on the brain.

Sometimes I dream in vivid color and sound frightening my soul from the sleep world and my pounding heart wakes me up! 😛 I like lentils. I have some in the pantry. I really should use them up. Wishes for nice fall days for you!

and as is continuing, i thank you and wish from weirdland of course blessing and good tidings to you. oddly after a few moves i do not believe i have a lot of dried items like beans or the mentioned lentils anymore. this is okay, i haven’t the same set of people to punish with what i want to explore eitherQ

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